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Chapter 3


by Authoress promise





“The plans is this, it be a one day mission. But will try tomorrow, Juan you will go to her office and spy on her. When she comes out, they is a normal routine she takes when she wanna go to her house….


“It sound, you’ve already knew more about this woman, how then do you know the place she always pass to her home” Juan enquired.


He so inquisitive.


Yeah, I know about it coz am I have monitor her movement from now and sheas been taking a particular routine to her home ” I answered the inquisitiveJuan.


Meaning, you have had this mission in your head for a time now, and you just let the cat out of the bag after keeping to yourself ” Marinapored.


yeah ” I replied hernonchalantly.


Aimee, you will have to lay down on the road pretend to be conscious and she’ll come out and take a good look at you. I will be in a corner and when she is about picking you up, I will attack her from her back, suffocate her with anhandkerchief that as a chemical on it and she will fell conscious. We take her to the car park in the bushes and bring herhere”


Well the plan is good, but what of if, she don’t even stop to help Aimee or people take that part when we’re about to do that ” Juansaid.


That why I said it might not be a one day thing, when the whole scene hisnot clear we’re gonna come take our plans to another day”


What about her not stopping when she see Aimee ” Juansaid.


She’ll, I browse about her online, the details of her state, she nice,and caring to people” I saidfirmly.


you know not all the things in the internet are real, so are fake to again attention and fame ” Ricardo shrug.



I see ” I said, considering what Ricardo said, he might be right. ” Even still, it what a try ” Iamended.

If it fails we plan another one ” I assured. #Nighttime

I slept on my bed, my mind went back to when i just started this gang.


I have struggled to maintain this gang. I wasn’t the leader at first. It all started when I was fifteen I joined a group of armed robber, when my dad died,my mum got an heart attack as soon as she heard my father was dead. My two brothers was died also. I was the last and I was the only one fending for myself. Life was hard on me, i remember that that day, I was been chase by some group of thugs, a man emerge from no where and beat them with is bare hands. He told me his name, Luis Carlos, and took me along with him coz I explain that I have no where to go.


He introduce me to his illegal business, of selling drugs, cocaine and other stuff, he also told me he rubs banks and other shoes, so that is how I became a one time criminal. But I have not regret,I enjoy the life I choose.


But Luis Carlos was shut dead by the cops, but i and most of his gangs escapedthe trace of the cops. It all happen a night, I was already nineteen, back then. We attack a jewelry shop and the cops came immediately in a way we were taking off guard. I, Luis my boss and four others went for the operation. We ran to the car, but my boss was shut on his back as he was about hopping into the car, we managed to roll him into the car and the cops kept firing at us. Somehow, we got away from the cops and drive to our secret hideout back then. But boss was closely dying, we offer to take him to the hospital, since no one can recognize us coz we’re always wearing a face max and cover from head to toe with black dress, for every operation. But he said we shouldn’t bother coz he will diesoon.


He announce the next head of the gang, and to my surprise he made me the head, according to him, I was the most trustworthy and could handle, it was a honour,


but I thought I was too young coz and for the fact men were far more other than me. He died after the declaration of the new head.


Our gang was made up of Six, our boss was gone now making it five. But me being the head made the gang angry and it was like a war. I was young and they have much experience, they didn’t care if our boss was the one who pronouncethis. They threatened to have me killed and said I should go away from the gang, that it was an insult to their face that a younger lad will lead the gang. Only Juan who was a year older than me, was on my side, when they send me away from that gang, Juan was the gang already, before I was found, he told me, that boss found him almost died in the street when he was beating by a group of gang, like me Juan have no family. Juan and i, struggle in the street, nowhere else to go. We sleep in the street,with my experience in robbing we still rob, small shops with our mask on. We are afraid to rob bigger shops because of the tight securities and cameras everywhere.


We rented a house in the small town, but we knew it wont be save for us there, what of if somehow find us, u know that way of fishing out criminals.


Juan and I take a time out and went to explore the woods, we both went deep and found a abandon house there. It was a gigantic Mansion with many rooms. You can tell for centuries it as be there coz of cobwebs and other creep insect.


We decided to take it as our home, we don’t need to pay rent, that a huge bounding. We continue our robbing and that is when I started making our gang.

It was Diego, who came our way first three years after. He happens to be a boxer in local town, but he was poor back then and lives alone in a very small house in the street. Juan and I were strolling in the street, and we found him beating Five men single handed. He smash them all, without getting a scratch.


I decided I need him, but how are we gonna get him to join us. What of if, we propose to him to become one of us, and then he call the cops on us. I doubt that coz the street was corrupt and anyone won’t have the mind of calling the cops. But still we have to extremely careful. Juan and I decided to monitor him for days. He smokes and gamble and finally we saw him with a pistol. So we weren’t afraid to


approach him. I approach him when he was gambling and played with him. I won. This is when I decided to let the bull by the horn. I told him and he was rebuke.

However I gave him my number in case he needs me, he should come to me and left.


Two days later, he called me to meet and told me he has decided to join us. He came with a friend Ricardo after some days, and told me, he also wanna join us. That how he have Ricardo.


The four of us stole from a bar, a month ago and went home. When we got to our hide out, i was gonna discharge the things we stole, from the car boot. There was a man in the boot, and I never notice him, when I was putting the things there, maybe coz I was in ahurry.


I thought probably, he might be a secret agent in the polices. So I threaten to blow of his brain if he doesn’t tell me, who he is.


He told us his name which is Marco, and that he was running away from the cops and end up hiding under our car. Of course we’re not stupid to believe him at first and now our hide out as been disclose.


He try convincing us he wasn’t any spy that he was just a small time robber like us. I believed him afterwards coz I notice tattoos design on his arm. I raised his shirt hand up and saw he had all his arm tattooed. A cop can’t tattoo himself the way he did. So I offer if he can join us, so he agreed immediately. It take time the other could trust, they kept reminding me the danger I was getting us into for accepting him . But later wards, we learnt to trust him coz he prove himself trustworthy.

That how Marco.


Sooner came Marina, it was tow years later, she was a bar dancer, a whore. I caught aiming a pistol at a man in lonely place. , threatening him to pay her complete if not she will shot him. The way she threaten caught my interest. I never thinking a woman in my gang, but I will have one. It take time to lure her to join me, coz she kept rebuking me by telling me to get lost. The women thing. She accept my offer when I save her from a man who was trying to rape her, when she was not alarm. I shot the man dead. She joined and that how Marina came to our gang making it six. I was done, having more gang.



But later Marco came with another woman name Aimee. He claimed he saved her from a street men who was after her to rape her. She said her step mum always maltreat her and she could bear so she ran away and got into trouble by street men. I decided to let her join the team, but Aimee said never we she become a criminal. She ran away before we could knew it. We didn’t catch her it like she disappear to the woods.


I was afraid that she is gonna expose us. Two hours later, I told the gangs we’re gonna move to our second hide out that I find month ago. But Aimee came back, with bruises all over. She claim she was raped and accepted to join us.


This all happened four years ago.


The door creak open and it was no other than Marina. I let out a sigh. But she came here with a gloomy face. I sat up and ask what was wrong with her.


After what you did to me, no more those night goodies for a week” Marina snapped.


She stood there with her hands on her waist, probably wanting me to tell her sorry. ” Like who cares” I replied.

I hate you ” She cried and went away . I shook myheads.


She seriously think that we let any effect on me, am thinking of better things. #The_next_day



I was home alone, baking some snacks. I enjoy doing that.


After preparing the snacks, I went to the parlour and the tray of snack fell from my hands, when I caught who was standing before me.


I was in total shock.





Love Conquers

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