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Chapter 9


y Authoress Promise




You did what ” Leonardo yelled. He gave a very wicked laughter.

Yeah, boys, I killed your dad, after collecting all this wealth ” he saidquickly.


boys grab them all, let no one escape. I’ll kill them myself ” he order his thugs. They were gettingcloser.


Oscar nudge me and I look up to him with a frighten face. ” Run ” he whispered.

No I can’t live you both” Iprotest.


Run Ivan, run ” he whisper, nudging me themore


Na na, no one is going nowhere ” Mr Albert said, obvious noticingOscar nudging me to go.


Guys hurry ” he yell at the thugs that was approaching, they now were moving with full speed.


Run Ivan ” Oscar yelled at this time, pushing me.


I made for a run, I was a fast runner in school, so you can imagine my speed.



Get him ” he yelled at thethugs.


They ran after me, I look back still running, I saw that they had already captured my two brothers, a tear left my eye.




I hope Ivan will get away, if anything happens to the three of us, it will be the end of the Mario’s. We’re gonna fight this thugs, but Ivan can’t so that why I ask him to run.


I gaze at Leonardo, he nodded his head. We are gonna make this man pay. ” Shoot him, he’s getting away ” he yelled at his men.

No don’t ” I and Leo shouted the sametime.


They start shooting at Ivan and my heart was beating fast. we struggled effortlessly to release ourselves from the clutches of the thugs holding us. I don’t know if the bullet hit Ivan coz he had already disappear into the woods surrounding the garden. But I could still hear them shooting. I pray he escape from them.


You’ll pay for this, you beast ” I sneer, looking at himenraged.


How dare you killed our father and then boost about it ” I yelled with rage, my face was red and I struggle to free myself from the three thugs holdingme.


Leonardo, manage to to get loose and roared like a lion why running to Mr Albert. He caught him by the neck. Trying to squeeze his neck. Mr Albert wince as he struggle effortlessly to yank himself from my brother painful grip.


One of the thugs rushed at him with a knife on his hand. But before I could alert him , the thug as already ran by brother through with his knife.


No, ooo ” I yelled inagony.


My brother back was gushing with blood, but in that state, he still try fighting the thug that stab him. But it was of no use, I watch as they brutally rush at my brother and stab him continuously.


He fell to the floor immediately and groan before he went out of breath. With more rage in me I was able to release myself from the thugs that held me and ran to Albert, I punch him by the face.






I hide beneath a big root of tree, they was were I hide when I was nine when my older brothers were search for me. They could find me for almost an hour. I hope this thugs don’t too.


But they couldn’t find me, I had mere escape their bullet. They were close to where I hided.

Let go over there, he must have gone over there ” I heard onesay.


I just hope they ain’t talking about the place I hided myself. My heart pounded as I saw them approaching the direction. I thought they had caught me, but they ran pass me without looking at my direction.


I waited till they are out of sight before running towards a direction that I know very where it will lead me out of the woods to the street.


I ran off without been chase. I reach the end of the woods and I felt dizziness, the place I ran to was a lonely road. I fell to the ground and pass out.


I woke and everywhere was bright. What came to my mind was my brothers first


I went back to the garden coz I also no my way in. I didn’t see my brothers their just blood everywhere on the floor. I wonder who’s blood it was and who else


expect my brothers and their body must have be taken away by the vile Albert and his thugs.


I felt pain, just then I saw four men approaching from afar. I saw it was among the thugs that had chase me. I made for a fun again. They chase after me and I ran towards a very new direction absentmindedly. I didn’t no that part, I ran and reached a cliff.


I turn and saw them smirking at me. One of them came closer to me with a knife and trying rushing at me, when a older man emerging from nowhere and hit his hand making the knife fall from his hand. He start smashing him, I wonder if he knew kungful


He beat them all as they rushed at him The man was talented. They ran off.


He came to me and ask me a lot of question, like who am I and why was I been chased.


I told him my name and the reason I was been chase. He pitted me and told me that he was Luis Carlos. I went with him, he took me to his home far very deep inside the woods, at first I was afraid that he light do something bad to me, but he ensured me that all his well. That I should trust him, of course he saved my life, trusting him is all I can do.


He took me to a mansion and I found other men there. I suspected them to be thugs too coz of the way they dressed. I was scared but Luis assured me that nothing is gonna happen to me.


I trusted him, but still i was feeling scared.


I tried to be comfortable around him for three days he took me to his home. He didn’t disclose anything to me. But then I found him holding a pistol when i went to his room. I was afraid but he assured me not to.


He told me to come in, I was shaking like a leaf, when I went to him. Luis told me to sit down. I did still afraid.


Then he disclose who he was and I almost screamed.


He told me to join him, so I can take revenge from my father and my brothers. I refuse and ran out. He followed me. I didn’t ran downstairs. But to the room he gave me and lock myself in. If I ran out they we catch me downstairs and wonder what they will do to me.


I pounded on the offer and I felt a sudden rage, when I remember all the ordeal and opened the door. He was at the door already.


I look at him with vengeance in my eyes. ” I’ll join you ”

He smiled.


Good one, my boy ” he said patting me in myshoulder.




Present day


I told her everything her father did and she was just staring at me with unbelievable eye balls.


M..my father will do no such thing ” she defended, and Isneered.


Your father is the real vile here, he ruined my life, my whole family was wipe out my your father. I won’t rest on the I getmyrevenge. ” I yelled, slowing my voice quaked.


I felt pain and realase and turn to live, when I met the rest of my gang standing at the doorway. Everyone was looking at me with pityful eyes.


Gosh, did they heard me, I hate to be pittied.


I went to the door, I was almost gonna breakdown.



They didn’t say anything to me, but gave way for me to pass.


I walk away to my room and shut the door. I sat on my bed and ruffed my hair.


I’m not weak, I should control myself coz I can’t lead my gang with such soft heart.




I can’t believe my dad will do such a pathetic wicked act, yes of course he might love money. But he can’t kill. But in the look of thing. He did.


No, no it all a lie, my dad can never kill. He just using that as an excuse to justify is criminal act. My dad is no murder.


My stomach rumbled, I was feeling hungry and sleepy at the same time. But the hunger couldn’t make me sleep.



I woke up and guess what came into my mind. It was Adrianne. I stood up, the urge to go check on her was on resistable.

I got up and went to use the washroom and easemyself . I brushed my teeth. I went to the door and found Marina at thedoorway.

I roll my eyes off irritatedly.


I was knocking yesterday, you didn’t open up ” she said, wrapping her hands around my neck.


Now that only have Adrianne in my mind, Marina seductive tactics as started to irritate me .


Let me give you, what we make you forget your sorrows. I promise you’llforget all your troubles you had in the pass ” she saidseductively.


I have no time for this now, Marina maybe later, not now. It too early for this “I said.


Morning goodies taste more good than the rest, baby come to me ” she said bring her lips closer. I turn my head to anotherdirection.


Baby why are you doing this to me, you know I love you ” she said, hervoice quaked.


That is because, you flirt around with some many men and expect me to loveyou back ” I blurted out, starting to feelangry.


But you never worried about this thing before. You always look to hook upwith me ” she almostyell.


I didn’t reply her, I just remove her hands and went straight to the room where i kept Adrianne.


I open the door and met her curled in her bed.


She looks so weak. I will ask Aimee to get her food. I went in search of Aimee and found Aimee coming outta of her room.


I told her to get Adrianne some food and she told me that she refuse to eat the meal she gave her the previous day.


I told her to prepare the food, that I will give it to her myself. She nodded and went to prepare it.

I went back to Adrianne and found her lying instead. In a very weird position. I lean closer to her and felt her breath she wasn’t breathing either.


I gasped frightfully.




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