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Chapter 11


By Authoress Promise




I know longer need your wealth, am gonna keep your daughter with me. You’ll be away from your daughter and yearn for her ” Istated.


wait, what do youme….


I ended the call before he could complete his statement. I gave a sly grin.

This will be the best punishment ever to be away from your child ” I said inwardly. In one hand I’m satisfy, but in the other I was thinking that thismight


have effect on Adrianne. But what my business, I don’t understand why am so concern about her welfare. It awkward and strange.


I turn on the ignition and start the car. I was heading to a supermarket to get some supply. Food stuff was becoming short in the house. I need to get more.




I got to the office and alighted, I was flutter about everything. I can’t make out of anything.


First I have to meet Alexis Markus and the board member for the merging of the Alexis’s telemarketing agency and my company

, that if I win this contract. I will crack this contract deal, am not a failure. I really needs the agency. They’re among the best.






I went to a mini_supermarket and brought some food stuff. I paid off and left from my car. I place the supplies in the car boot and got into the car, I switch on the ignition, starting the car and drove home.


I wanted badly to see Adrienne face. I park the in the garage. Diego was in the garage repairing is scooter. He was a mechanic.


I alighted.


hey men ” he wave atme.


Hey Diego ” I wave him back as I retrieve the supplies from thecar. ” Need some help over there ” Heinquired.

Yeah buddy, but you’re busy. I will handle this ” I repliedsmilngly.


Nope am not that busy to help you” he said firmly, cleaning his palms with a rag, and steppingforward.


I gave away and he help me offload the rest supplies.





It seem all my husband care about his is business is not giving the cops any useful information.


We need more than the cops to find Lizbeth.


Fernando decided to print so many pic of Lizbeth in papers and place it in every corner of the city and the internet. I join him to do that and with some servant in my home. The pic contain some Adrianne biography.


Name ~ Adrianne Lizbeth Eduardo. Sex ~ Female

Age ~ 23


If you have any news about her, just contact the this number +52 09325467, she’s the daughter of the Eduardo’s. I didn’t forget to tell Fernando to indicate the prize, of course in this case if you want people to take it seriously, you need to put a costly prize.


Any one who finds her, will be rewarded with 10million mex$.






I arrived home, Alexis Markus decided to send is P A instead, what an insult. But anyway I have to be humble so I can win this contract, and the two companies can


merge. That will make my business more bountiful. I won’t forget to celebrate become a billionaire, am no more a millionaire, but a billionaire. I want a party, but my daughter is missing. I might look so bad to people , if I celebrate it despite my daughter’s disappearance. I have to think straight, pore on this kidnapper or something coz he looks strange.


I step into the house. I called for my wife. But a servant came instead. He told me that my wife as gone out with some of the servant. I wonder where she went with some of the servant.


I was in my room, I took a shower and dress up in my homely wears. There was a knock on my door and I went to open it. It was Gerald. ” Sir the cops are here ” heinform.

Okay tell them, I’ll be downstairs in no short time ” I said. He bow beforeliving.

I took my phone and headed downstairs. Three cops was standing there. ” Hello Mr Albert Eduardo ” he cheer, shaking my hands.

I smile a little and I told them to seat down.


We come to ask if the Kidnapper had perhap called you ” the inspector among themenquired.


Yeah, he called me on my way to the office with another number ” I told them. ” what did he say ” he enquiredcuriously.

I’d found it strange for someone to first demand for my entire wealth and thenhe said he doesn’t want my wealth anymore, that he wanna keep my daughter. How weird is that? ” Ifluttered.


He sighed.


You mean, he no longer needs your wealth and now he want to keep her with himself. This really sound weird and uncalled” he marveled, and kept quiet. He look as if he was poring on his mind. He joltedback.


This is really strange, I think he might be an old foe (enemy) seeking revenge.So he might be using your daughter to get back at you. But the fact he as decided not to take your wealth means that he had other plans in mind ” hepore.


Think back, if you had any bitter foe and you said is name is Ivan Mario. So are you familiar with that name” headded.


My mind race back to when I had plan to kill the brothers of Salvador Mario eleven years ago. I had kill Leonardo and Osacr, but Ivan escape. My men reported that the stab him and he fell of the cliff. My heart pounded with fear, total realization dawn on me right this moment that it might be Ivan, it not coincidental because the surname her the same with my old boss back then. The Kidnapper indicate his name in that transfer document.’ Ivan Mario’. Could it be him the son ofMario.


No it can’t, it certainly can’t be. My men shot him, but what of if he manage to escape death. I won’t want to disclose this person to the cops coz my old secret will surface. I try convincing myself that this is just a coincidence, but my mind wasn’t convince one bit.


Sir, are you okay ” he ask, surely he notices myuneasiness.


A…. am A… am A.. am okay ” I said incoherently coz of the suddenshrink.


But you look frighten. If you know jima and he had threatened you before. Don’t be scared sir coz we’re gonna do our best to protect you sir ” hesaid.


Absolutely I don’t have anyone in mind. I only act like that coz you’d put a sudden shrink in me, asking if I had foe” I lied, hiding the uneasiness I felt within.


If you get another call, remember to inform us and make sure to record hisvoice. It might be useful to us, since we can’t track his cell phone coz he always call unexpectedly. That criminal is smart. But we will sure to apprehend this case ” he said and they all stand. I shake the inspector and he left with the resttwo.


I rub my jaw in a tense manner. I pace back and fro, scratching my head. I was uneasy.


What of if is Ivan? the son of my old son. Salvador Mario’s.


I heard tyre screech and sure it my Maureen. She came having some file in her hands, and some servant troop in.


She didn’t even care to notice me and move towards the stairs.


What insolence, Where on earth are you coming from ” I fired at her. She stop and turn with asmile.

I went to do the best, I can do to find my daughter. I place her pic all over with the help of Fernando and the servant you see walking in. Tomorrow I’ll continue ” she said with a boardsmile.


So what prize did you set up ” I ask.


10million ” she exclaimed , and my eyes nearly bulge out of his socket. I clenched my fist withanger.

Do you want to make someone rich with my money ” I spatout.


Can you hear yourself, you daughter is in the mercy of a hoodlum. Here you’re, only concern about your money and ego. And by the way it my money not yours, am working too ” she blurtedout.


I’d scowl.


That money you own still belongs to me ” I yelled, she choose to ignore me and walkupstairs.


“Woman come back here ” he roared and followed her.






Eddie came to my office and report how the contract deal all went.


Sir am not sure this man is capable of contract all he does he to talk about the money, he might cheat you and collect all his profit ” he saidplainly.


No matter what he said, I’ll make sure he got the contract ” I said and face the walls with a smirk on myface.


Okay sir, if you say so ” hesaid.


You can live ” he dismiss him and he exited myoffice.


It will not be too long, I bring you down Mr Albert Eduardo. You’ll soon be on my mercy.


I gave a wicked laughter.


Albert Eduardo, you will be finish soon.





Now, who’s this one. Albert your hand have full, another one is after you. Sorry is already your name.




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