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Chapter 15


By Authoress Promise






I knew he we come looking for me after what I did to his secret lover. And yeah, am prepared for him. He’d came in the perfect, yeah Ivan baby perfect timing.


Let see if he can resist my s£xy, hot yummy body. My body will tame the stubborn cold man within him. He’ll beg me to give him and I’ll do just the same.


I’d grin in satisfaction as I saw him running his desired eye balls all over my body.


I walk closer to him in a very slow and seductive manner. I was wet making it more seductive. Whom can resist me, no men can, not even Ivan.




My leg was glue to the floor, I couldn’t move a itch. I felt my s£xual arouse coming through me. I swallow hard.


She came closer and hug me instead. She whisper sweet nothing in my ears.


I’d have to get out of her clutch, she’s using her body to get me. I really wanna show her that I will not fall for her dirty tactics. I’m done with her. But how can I resist the urge. I feel like jumping into her right now.



She turn around slowly wanting me to have a proper glance at her nudity. I was slowly falling into her dirty games, leaning closer, when a force, I don’t know, it stop me.


The lust eyeballs turn into a fierce one. What she did to Adrianne jarred me up. I tool her by the hair and held it tight.


She wince I don’t care, the fact that she want to use her body to trick me is making me more infuriate.


I push her to the floor and she fell down, landing her butt to the floor. I quickly twirled to the door, to avoid be tempted by her nudity.

I’d opened the door and went out. I slammed the door hard. What a blast escapade. I ignore the bulge that was obviously bulging out of my trousers.

I met Marco in the hallway while heading back to Adrianne. ” What wrong with you ” he ask.

Is nothing ” Ireplied.


I don’t wanna discuss anything with anyone right now, only Adrianne is in my mind right now.


Sure of that coz you do got a situation right there ” he said, pointing to my trouser.


I’ve no time for this Marco ” I said and sway passhim.


I’d went to Adrianne, she wasn’t in the bed. I trace the dog chain and find her curled in a corner.


She just arched a eyebrow at me. The look on her face make my heart sank.



I turn and saw Marco. I scurry out with Marco trailing behind me.


I was gonna get a first aid box. I reached for my ward rope and open it. I took the first aid box and place in the bed.


I took some eyesalve, a clean rag and some bandage.


I took them to the room and place them in the floor close to her. I squat down coz she was in the floor. I place the eyesalve on the rag and applied it on her bruises.I tend to her wounds gentle. I place a little bandage just right above hereyes.


I was done doing that, she only stare at me with blank expression without sayinga words.


I can’t deny it anymore, I have falling in love with her. I don’t know if I can see her in pain much longer. I took my things out, Marco was still following me. I came and he did the same. I lock the door and was about moving when he came in front of me with questionable looks.


Do you love her ” heask.


Yes, I think I do, but I won’t want to say it.


No, I don’t ” I lied, but am sure Marco can’t be fooled. He just grinned atme.

I know you do, I knew from the day she fainted, how you took care of her, the worried eyes, you still had those worried eyes now. It love Ivan and you can’t keep deceiving yourself, you love her and it obvious ” Marcoshrug.


I don’t okay ” I saidplainly.


Yes you do. I’m also into this love game. When Aimee is in pain or some kind of trouble I can’t but worry about her that is because of the love I have for her “he said.



I’m only concern of not killing her, he she dies, then everything is over. Idon’t her to die that all ” Ishrug.


ugh, Ivan caught you in this one. You said it yourself that if is time for her release you might kill her or make her loose her memory. Why are you worried about her dying now, accept it Ivan, you love her ” hegrin.


I didn’t say anything, I just sway pass him and went to our planning room. I need my head to cool off right now.


“Marco am afraid you’re right, I do love her ” i said inwardly to myself, hitting the table. Mad at myself for falling in love with the man’s daughter I sort for revenge.


Gosh could my days become worse ” I lamented, scratching myhair.








I sat at a restaurant table with Paul. I sip my wine and stare at it as I speak to Paul.


Albert Eduardo get ready you’ll mourn your lost very soon” I grinwithout diverting my eyes from the glass of wine that I was staringat.

Sir, you haven’t tell me the reason why you hate him so much” Paul inquired. ” Albert Eduardo ruined me, my life and he killed my family. He killed mealso,

but I escape death narrowly. I just can’t forget the day, that I was rescue, thanks to

that dog” I said, removing my eyes from the glass of wine and gazing them at flutter Paul.


Where shall I start oh Paul, this man is the real devil here. He killed myfather Salvador Mario and my brother Leonardo. My other brother Ivan escaped, butI


don’t know if he’s alive or not. I don’t how to start searching for him” i lamented, I felt pain and anger rekindling as my brain stumbled on my past experience.


I narrated how he came to the garden that day and spill out all he did to my father because he wants his wealth and fame. And how his thugs stab my brother Leonardo and me too, but just twice.


I pass out immediately, I woke up and found myself in a hospital. A nurse that stood beside me went to inform the doctor.


He told me a man brought me to the hospital, after finding me in the sea shore. He said i was in a coma for a month now. He told me that the man whom name was Mark always come visit me.


I was waiting forward to see him and thank him. He’d came after some hours and told me that he that it was is dog who had found me not him. According to him, he was going to his farm which was close to a sea with his dog when the dog just got loose from him and ran, he ran and ran trying to follow the dog, eventually the dog ran out of sight, he find the dog’s claws on the floor, he followed it and he knew it was leading to the sea.


When he came to the sea side, he saw the dog stand close to the seashore. Trying to get into the water, but seem the dog was scared of the water.


He lean closer to the dog as the dog started barking. He poke his head out to see what the dog was barking out and that how he found me and then took me to the hospital.


I was grateful to him.


When I recover, i went with him to his house. His house was small, but accommodating. He had is family.


I contact one of my rich friends that were living in England. I told them I wanna live in England. They send some money for me to be able to come to England.


I’d went to England. I start life from them with the help of my friends and that how I inquired all my own wealth after eleven years, am now a billionaire. But I came back to Mexico a year ago and start thinking of a way to make Albert Eduardo pay for all evil deed.


Why did it take you long to come back for revenge ” Paul ask. I sighed deeply.

My new family is my first priority then, I have a son ,a daughter and my wife to think off. And that was what delayed me. But I’m here now to bring the Almighty evil Albert Eduardo down that thinks he can ruined people life and go free, I need to remind him that the wealth he seat on belongs to the Mario’s and I also need to remind him how he rub me from my dear family ” I scowl, squeezing the wine glass in myhand.


Paul took the wine glass from me, preventing me from inflicting injure on myself . ” So where are your family now ” he inquired.

They’re in England, they British and not from mexico ” Isaid.


oh, I see, now I know how evil this Albert Eduardo is, he deserve all whatis coming for him. Sure need to be behind bars. ” he shook hishead.


Yeah Paul, he’ll pay definitely and be under my mercy ” Igrinned.






I’m gonna take Adrianne to see the outside, she as spend so many days behind those walls.


I went to her room and unlock the dog chain from her leg, not after binding her eyes and mouth with a dog tape, in case she scream and attract sympathizes ears.



I took her to see the sun set the place was a lonely one and I usually come here when I want to be alone.


I park the car in a corner and alighted. I hopped down and went to were the other side of the car and open it.


I took her out and remove the dog tape from her mouth and eyes.


Don’t bother screaming coz no one will here you from here” I said. ” Why do you bring me here ” sheenquired.

Coz you haven’t seen the opening for days that why I brought you here atleast you can see the sun from here ” Isaid.


I don’t like to see the sun, I just wanna walk like every free human” sheretorted with a yellingtone.


Not after my revenge is over ” I fired back. She kept quiet afterthat.

Don’t try running or else you’ll see the other side of me ” Iwarned.

Before I could notice her, she pull the pistol I tuck in my trouser and aim out me. ” I’ll shoot you now ” she yelled.




Adrianne pls don’t ooo.





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