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Chapter 8


By Authoress Promise





We’re a family of five, my dad,my mum and three son. I was the last, my older brothers are much more older than me. Leonardo and Oscar, Leo the first, followed by Oscar. Leo was twenty four, Oscar was twenty_one and i was just fifteen.


My dad Salvador Mario was among the top ten millionaire in the whole of mexico. My mum Melinda owns the most expensive mall in the town. Leonardo was a basketball player, and he also help my dad in business after he graduate from oxford university in England. Oscar was still schooling, he was in redbrick university, he’s dream was to become a doctor and I was just in high school at mexico here, my dreams was to become a actor.


Albert Eduardo was my dad personal assistant and was most trusted. Dad trusted him very much coz he prove himself trustworthy. They were more like friends.

*** #Flashback





It was a Saturday evening. I decided to have some fun in a clubhouse, only my fellow men are there, it a men club. We play games and other sport stuff. I owned the clubhouse.


I and Albert went to the clubhouse, there was a party going on there. Albert was more like a friend to me even if I was much other than him, I don’t consider as my PA, he’s like a friend more like a family to me,coz he prove himself trustworthyto me.


I was chatting with one of the men, when Albert brought a glass full with wine to me.


oh, men!! you don’t have to this here. Enjoy yourself, when you’re here with me, you act like my friend and when it business time you can treat me like your boss “I said frowning.



You know sir, I will forever be at service to you” he repliedfirmly.


I gave a impressive smile, Albert is such a good man. But I regret the drink. ” Take it sir, please for my sake ” he insist.

Okay, but you don’t have to be so former again ” I replied and took it fromhim.


I gulped down a little, smile at him and place it back on the tray. He took the tray away.


It was already 8’00 in the evening, when I felt a felt dizziness coming over me, what was wrong with me,was I feeling sleepy, maybe probably that I drank much alcoholic wine, am getting cracking. It seem Albert notice me, he came to me.


What wrong sir ” he inquiredalarmed.


I’m feeling some kind of dizziness, maybe coz of the wine” I explainweakly. ” You’ve much to drink, let go home now, it late anyway ” hesaid.

Okay, let go ” I agreed, trying to get up, but I sat back because the dizzinesswas starting to envelope, I feared i was about to faint. So before anything happens,I have to behome.


What wrong Mario ” Dennis one of my friend in the club came tome. “nothing, just feeling sleepy, I need to be home ” Ireplied.

Sure is just that, coz you’re wailing ” he pored more. ” I had too much of wine ” I saidweakly.

I’ll carry him home ” said Albert. “That fine, take care Mario ” hereplied.



Albert took me to the car and roll me into the back seat. He went to the front seat to drive. But that weird I recall coming here with a driver.


Where is my driver ” Iask.


He told me he was having a stomach issue, I told him to go home, that I’ll drive ” he replied, and sigh in relief and relax my head. I close my eyes about to fall at sleep.




I put a sedative drug in his wine, when no one was watching.


It time to execute my plan, I had plan all this for a long time now. It time to get his finger print on the property transfer papers and kill him in the spot. I trick the driver to go away, by telling him that is boss want him to go home and I will take care of him.


I look over the car mirror, I saw him already sleeping. I smiled sinisterly. Thank God it just his fingerprint needed, so it will be easy. I would’ve collect his wealth a long time ago, but I just have to find the right spot to kill him.


All I need to do is to drive to the right spot to apprehend my plan. I drove to a lonely road and stop I turn to look at the sleepy foolish so called boss of mine and giggled.


The document needed was in the back seat, I came with a bag. I went to the back and scanned through the bag in search of the file. I saw it and sly. I also brought out a ink pad.


I turn to the sleepy idiot. What a fool.


I place his hand in the ink pad and place it in the document. “Thanks for trusting me so much ” I whisper mockingly to his ear.


I gave a satisfy smirk. Salvador was about waking, he was slowly opening uphis eyes, it seems the sedative drug was starting to wearyoff.


That good, it seems he’ll witness how was gonna killhim.


I remove my pistol from the trouser, where I had tuck it all this time.


I pointed it at his head. He woke up fully and divert his eyes to my direction. I smirk at his frighten face.

Albert what’re you doing ” hegasped.


I have succeeded in taking all your money, everything from you and you can now go to hell ” Igiggle.


But I trusted you…. You devil in disguise, you’ll….


I didn’t allowed him to finish before I fired the trigger on his forehead. He fell dead immediately.


I thought of what next to do, I can’t think of what to do next.


If I live him here the cops will investigate and somehow they I will be busted by them.


A idea struck me and I smiled at the idea.


I’ll shoot myself in the arm, first after I bury this document somewhere and the gun somewhere coz I afford the cops finding this evidence. The reason of burying the document, it just temporary, I don’t want the cops getting this, they will see the transfer of ownership and I will be their first suspect. When everything is clear, I will come back here and get the document.


I went in to the bushes surrounding the place. I went with my phone touch and went a little deep in the bush, the owls sounds made me creep out a little. But I convince myself it nothing. I bury the the bag containing the document in the soil.



I take a look at the gun and was about shooting my arm. When I stopped. Not that I was scared, I can’t afford to do anything even if it by hurting myself to achieve something. If I shoot myself my drip of blood will be dripping and they will find out that I bury a pistol here, they will run some DNA test on the pistol and I will be in jail.


I had another idea, i went back to the car inside the bushes. When I deep inside the bushes, I shoot my left arm. I groan at the pain and fling the pistol away. To God knows were he got into.


I manage to drive to back out of the bushes. I had a glance at my already dead boss, he died with his eyes open. I scoffed.


I drove to a location, where I knew people will have a view of us. I drove carefully and stopped.


I yelled and ask for help as I alighted from the car, holding my arms that blood gush out.


People start coming.


They ask me what happened. I told them I was shoot and my boss in my car was also shoot by some hoodlums, I lied.




I told the cops that we were attacked by hoodlums . when they requested for money, we told them we don’t have cash at hand. They become mad and shoot my boss by the head and i ran off, but they shoot me by the arm. I ran off to the bushes, thinking they was chasing after me. After some minute of waiting to see if they’re coming. I’d told them I saw none coming after me. So I went to were the attack scene was and met my boss lying dead in the floor. The road was lonely and I took my boss back into the car and drove to where I could get help. That was the cook up story I told them and his family as well. I went back to where I had bury the document and retrieve it.






We were in the hospital, mum had a panic heart attack. I, Leonardo and Oscar took her to the hospital. She had a panic heart attack, when she receive the news of dad’s death yesterday.


We mourn the death of our father. I was woefully sad and had cried, my older brothers were in pain too.


We waited with fear for the doc to arrive, only for him to come out and announce this most unwanted news ever. That my mum was dead. How can I bear the lost of my dad and my mum as well. Leonardo push the doc aside and ran in, Oscar and I followed behind.


We’d found our mother already covered. I let out a anguished cry and Leonardo cuddled me, he was hiding his emotion. No tears in his eyes, just a sad face. Oscar was no emotional hider, he was just like me. He wept too uncontrollable.




After both our parents funeral. Leonardo took us to the garden were we’d always come for family picnic when I was just nine. We just went there in the remembrance of our parents.


Just then, we turn our back to see Albert Eduardo our dad’s PA approaching. He’d had a unreadable expression on his face.


“hola a los tres hermanos especiales ” he said In Spanish. Meaning, hello to the three special brothers.


He smiled at us. I wonder why he was here. How did he find us here. I sure my brothers were wondering too, coz this garden wasn’t disclose to anybody just our family. He sound somehow rude using Spanish to speak to us, he never did that when my dad was alive.


It was just the fours of us.


How do you find us here ” Leonardo inquiredcuriously. He onlysmiled.

I ask a question, which required a answer, how do you find us here” Leonardo halfyelled.


Fácil Fácil,Yall conocerá ” he replied in Spanish again, meaning easy easy, you’ll get toknow.


“What the hell, last time I check you speak English quite well ” Oscar yelled. He giggle out and later and scoffed.

Yo fui quien mató a tu padre, ¿cómo se dice?” he release the bombshell and my face went white. Meaning I was the one who killed your father. My older brothers don’t understand Spanish, I was the only one who understandSpanish.


“What ” I exclaimed woefully.


What wrong, what did he say ” Leonardo inquired. I couldn’t speak, I wasshivering.

Let me help you both. It seem it’s only Ivan here that understand this ” he said. ” I said I killed your father”

He snapped his fingers, some men who wear black all through troop out from a hiding place.


I gasped. Leonardo and Oscar was taking aback.





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