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Chapter 10


By Authoress Promise




I shook her to wake up, she didn’t respond. She just lay there unconscious. My heart trembled as fear engulf me. I was afraid of loosing her, and why I don’tknow, that my less concernnow.


Holy shit, wake up please ” I blurted outtensely.


My voice was heard by my gang they came trooping him from the door. ” What wrong ” I heard Juan ask.

She fainted ” I announce frightfully. I sat at the bed and cuddle her to mychest took the her palms and rub them. I obvious don’t know what todo.


Just then I saw Marina approaching closer with a blank expression on her face and a bucket in her hand.


Step at side Ivan ” shesaid.


I stood up, about to ask her what she intend to do, she bathed Adrianne with whole water that was inside the bucket.


What was that for ” I bark at her with a furious£xpression.



I was about dragging her hair, when I heard Adrainne couching. ” See ” Marina said and wink.

I scurried to Adrianne sat at the bed side, take her into my arms. I was unaware of what I was doing, my sense as be lost to her weak state.




I flick my eyes open and close it back coz I was damn exhausted. I felt hunger, I felt a arm wrap around me. I slowly raise my head and saw it was him.


Are you alright ” he enquired, with concern lacing his tone. What happening is my captivate sudden been a nice caringman.

“Marco can you tell your girlfriend to be fast with the food ” I shouted at Marco. ” Okay men relax ” he said and existed the room.



What the f**k is going on with Ivan. He look extremely concern about this lady. He hadn’t be long since he kidnapped her and he’s already showing so much concern to her.


But wait when did the cold IVAN MARIO become a caring man. He never does this to me before. I felt not jealous but paranoid. But wait why does he care fora girl that her father killed his family, it make nosense.


Marco came with a tray of milk and some cookies and handled it over to Ivan.


Aimee is yet to prepare a better breakfast. But I guess the milk will help give her a little bit of strength ” Marcosaid.


Ivan didn’t mind, he took the tray of food and place it on the table. He grab the glass of milk. I was more stunned with what he was about to do.


Wait, what, do he wanna feed her. Hey he had never done this for me once ” I murmured inwardly andscowled.


Ivan what are you doing ” I sneer with my hands folded resting on mystomach.


He only glance at me with the ‘ I don’t care ‘ look and place the glass in her mouth. But she refuse to open her mouth.


Dismiss everyone please ” he ordered.


No one say anything the rest dismissed. I stood there with the scowl on my face.


Didn’t you heard me, get your ass outta of here ” he fired at me, when I refuse to move.


first tell me why you are feeding her, it much clearly that she has two hands “I retorted.


Can’t you see she’s weak, just live ” he said firmly. I sighed with annoyance before existing theroom.



I saw how he dismiss every one of them, that look strange to me. But the most surprising thing ever is that he’s here trying to feed me. Who does that to his hostage.


Take it ” he said, his voice sounds calm. I glance at him with my weak eyebrow.


I wonder if I should eat, i need to be healthy anyway. Food will make me strong, what of if I have a way to escape and my stomach is empty, how’ll be able to run. So this are the reason I should eat the food.


I didn’t say anything or refuse him to feed me. I open my mouth and he pour the glass of milk into my mouth. I gulped them down. He place the glass down on the tray in the table, it glass still had some milk.


He sprung up to his feet.


well, you can now feed yourself, ” hesaid.


” You don’t expect me to continue doing that, the you ” he said. I didn’t say anything. I eat the cookies like a hungry wolf.

When you done with that, I will ask Aimee to get you another meal “he said, glance at me with his emerald green eyesballs.


He existed the room and I wanted him to stay. What was wrong with me?


Some minute later, Aimee came with some food to my room. It was pancakes ,with a glass of water.


She place in the table.


Eat up ” she said andleft.


But this gang her strange they are suppose to be brutal and don’t care if something had happen to me. But they seem nice.


I munch on the pancakes. I pause and started recalling what Ivan had told me.


Is Ivan telling the truth, did my dad really commit such and hideous crime ” I said, hoping it a cook up story. He might just be telling a lie, I don’t know. Butmy dad can’t be amurder.


Or is he?








My wife went to the cops since to ask for further information about Adrianne. I didn’t accompanying her, I was on a contract deal. That will come first before nay other thing, but it not as if I don’t care about Adrianne. I just don’t want my business, not to crumble, because of this suddenly kidnapping.


But I bare think this is a kidnap case, how can a criminal demand for an entire wealth. That is absurd, totally ridiculous.


I was on my way to my office. When I got a call from an unknown number. Maybe it the hoodlum.


I answered it and I was right.


Hello, Mr Albert ” hecheered.


I roll my eyes irritatedly. I have been too familiar with this game to be frighten.


How am I even sure that this whole thing was planned by you and my daughter. Demanding my entire wealth, thatabsurd.


He laugh wickedly.


wealth indeed , Am sorry to tell you, I kidnapped her. I will send you a video of her later ” hesaid.


But I got a change of plan and you won’t like it ” he said over thephone.


“What change of plan are you talking about ” I enquired plainly. Hoping he doesn’t have anything bigger that we be able to destroy me.




I drove to far away from the mansion. I did that in order not be traced. If I was trace to the house. we all might be busted by the cops and that will be the end.


I called Albert and told home. I got another plans. The one that we make him suffer the most, for now I don’t need the wealth.


I smirked as I was about telling him what I intend to do.


I will make sure he pays, if it cost my last breath, i don’t mind. The devil advocate should be destroy. Time up, Albert Eduardo, time to pay for all your sins. Revenge is all I yearn for.




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