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Chapter 7


by Authoress promise




I ignore her and work at of the room. I sighed softly as I locked the door.


What happening to me. Is this lost. I felt awkward whenever am in her presence, what’re this sensation, hope isn’t what am thinking, that thing they call love, it better be just lust, lust might go away, but that thing they call love can’t..


I don’t wanna experience such feelings, it makes one weak, and certain not with this one, not her, NEVER!!!.


I went downstairs, heading to the kitchen. I met Juan in the kitchen. He was snuggling through the cold drink he had in his hand. He raised his eyelid and saw me.


Hey men ” he cheered. ” Hey ” Ireturn.

Juan lean closer and he was now putting on a questioning face.


Can we chat in the your room, coz I got a lot to ask you” herequested.


Oh Jeez, he certain gonna ask me, I guess I have no choice to tell him, why am doing this and want it to be my mission alone. He’s my best friend and it wrong for me to keep anything stuff away for him.


First I need some food men, i need some cold blueberry juice to tackle mythroat and I need to eat some boil eggs ” I said with agrin.


Yuck!!!! ” He said making a grimace expression. ” what wrong ” I inquired with startledlook.

Honestly buddy, that a weird combination, seriously boil eggs with blueberry juice, who eat does? . So gross ” he pointed out, still with his grimaceexpression.


I grin


That what I feel like eating buddy” I concluded and went to where the gaswas.


I light up the gas and put a pot on the heating gas. I went to the fridge and brought five eggs. I held them carefully and place them in the heating water. I cover the pot.


I turn and Juan was gone. My mind race to what am about to disclose to him a burden I had carry for years on my own. It better I tell him, so when I run out of ideas, he can bail me out.






I guess I have to be stuck here like a cage animal until dad pays him and his gang the ransom. How wish I got the chance to tea h this guys a lesson. Who do they think they’re, keeping here against my will.


I was infuriated for awhile and it later dawn on me that they had early plan to kill or make me loose my memory, fear took me instantly.


I felt like crying, but the tears on my eyes were not coming anymore, so I just curled myself and pray I make it out here alive, even if it cost my memory.


I felt hunger growling angry, I haven’t eating anything. I refuse the food one of that gang gave me, what of if it contain the drugs they wanna me loose my memory.




Eduardo’s home.



I sat at my office in my house, it was nighttime already, I didn’t wanna go into my room, don’t wanna face my wife sobbing face.


I had inform the cops about everything, even when that so called kidnapper threaten to kill my daughter if I call on the cops.


I can’t afford to be naive in this,Demanding my entire wealth as ransom, something fishy.


what of if this is her Adrianne plan with her boyfriend, her brother wasn’t an exempt, he stole my millions and almost cause my downfall. That idiot, if he ever shows his ugly ass in my home, I will remove his ugly ass for good.


The cops are into this, I told them the details. They’re working to this and ensure that they will try tracking him , if for sure, what I assume is true, then Adrianne will pay by spending time behind bars as much as I want. It Fernando fortune, I had only kick him out, I would’ve call the cops on him. Nonsense, wonder if this useless children are my kids or is my wife a cheater. I doubt if this children her mine, but they’re, I had done a DNA test on both of them and they were mine. But human are more cunning, they will find how to tackle things and make you believe them, by destroying all the evidence. Maybe she tampered with the real result.


I had gone through the list of men that bear the name ‘ Ivan Mario’ in the internet. But it of no use, so many men got the name.


Who’s this Ivan Mario? ” I wondered, asking myselfrhetorically.


Just then I spot my wife approaching through the door with her sober expression. I roll my eyes off. Women are lot emotional.


She came to me and I scene is about to be display and I don’t need it.




What on his mind?

Why no sigh of fatherly emotion?

Is daughter as be kidnap, but yet his expression is blank, it dim the ability to read.


Is he really concern about our daughter, I know he loves money, but when it come to his children they suppose to be is number one, but the look of things he’s ego and money are coming first. What a father.


I went to his office, I know is avoiding me.


So what are you doing about about our daughter abduction case ” Iinquired.


Is that how you approach your hubby, that was not a question, but rather a rude approach ” he sneer, standing up from hisseat.


What sort for a man the I got married to, you’re nothing, but money monger. You’re just concern about your fame and nothing more ” I spat out. I was in a tantrummode.


How dare you” he lean closer to slap me, but restricted his hand and clenched them back together, forming afist.


In your life, don’t you ever disrespect me, I don’t tolerate a mere woman disrespecting me ” he blurted out sarcastically.


You ain’t a man, if don’t know, know this. A real man will put his wife and children first before fame and ego. A real man will find away to get is daughter back at all cost, even if it means giving away your money. sorry to say Fernando inherited your bad behaviour, like father, like son ” I found myselfyelling.


He gave me a sound slap. But I don’t care. I just walk out of him.




Bad behavior ” I mutter on that particularword. ” How dare she ” Icussed.

I have become a billionaire, I was about celebrating my success, organizing a very grand party, before all this nonsense start. That probably is Adrianne boyfriend and they want to take what I had work of. No where, after becoming a billionaire. I’ll find Adrianne and no what the truth is, she better be sorry, if I found out this is her plot.





Back in the gang’s mansion.




I told Juan everything, why I was doing this. Juan almost cry. He was at the same time mad at him for not telling him this. I never told anyone. I carried everything for years alone.


After revealing this to him, he just walk out of me. I understand is anger, it was justified. My pain renew once more, the burning pain.


I got up angrily to meet Adrianne, I should just kill her that should put me at ease.


I got to her room and she arched a weak brow, was again I was render helpless by her mere look. The anger vanish and was replace with my heart pounding staring at her.


I felt weak, I want badly to release her. But I shouldn’t. I went to her. ” Ain’t you sleepy yet ” I ask.

They was no reply. I ask again and still no reply. She had her face down.


I ask again for the third time, and no responds. That made me infuriate. I rushed to her and sat at her front and drag her by the hair to face me, this time she has no face of whining, but was angry too.


She spat on my face and I release her and stood up. I clean the spit and look at her with fierce. I raised my hands to slap her, but something prevented me fromdoing that, those lovely eyes of here. I just stare at her with my hands on theair.


I hate you, what do you guys enjoy by being a criminal. Free money, it a cowardice act, a real human will make is money legally and not illegally. You just a coward nothing much than a coward, including your followers” shegibe.


Gosh, I felt enrage and nothing we stop me from doing what I want to do to her, not even those so called eyes of hers.


I drag her by the hair and she gritted her teeth with a sternlylook. ” How dare you call me a coward and my team ” I spatout.

Your life is pathetic, you can’t even come out in public to boost that you make a clean money, you only do everything hiding, and that is not but cowardice, boost about it if you got gut ” Shefired.


Do you think I choose this life am living, this pathetic life am living, never fate gave it to me, no nor fate. Your father is the cause of my pathetic life, I won’t stop at getting my revenge” I said, breaking the bombshell. She arched a delicate startledbrow.


Yeah, and do you want to hear thestory….


I gave a sly grin as she look so startled.


I’ll tell you everything ” I promise withanticipation.



So now that the revelation is out, What history did Ivan Mario and Adrianne Lizbeth Eduardo’s father had. Can anyone guess?





Love Conquers

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