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Chapter 2


by Authoress promise




I know they will be all shock, they gave each other a surprised glance.


I sighed deeply. Sure they will be surprised coz this is probably the first time, i was planning to abduct.


We only rob shoppes, banks, supermarket and so on, will gamble, and deal in drugs too, will sell drugs, cigarettes. This is the first time am planning to kidnap.The money we get from I share it among us, I take the bigger share.


You want to abduct her, but will don’t do kidnapping ” Juanreminded.



I sighed deeply again.


This one is risky and can lead the cops to us” Marco said. ” why kidnapping ” Ricardoenquired.

She the daughter of Albert Eduardo, a rich business tycoon, is money follows in millions” Istated.


Is that not making it more risky, we all are gonna be busted by cops, and this time I swear that will be our downfall ” Diego pointed outfirmly.


Yeah sweety they are right, we’re gonna be busted this time ” Marinasaid.


I scowl when she call me sweety. I hate it when she calls me that, she is just a sΒ£x monger to me and nothing more.


“First don’t call me sweety in front of everyone ” I warned Marina harshly and turn to the rest I caught Ricardo scoffing.


She felt bad, but I don’t care about those things. None of my business.




It was so embarrassing, why did he say that in front of everyone. He so cold hearted, and what am I to him. When we hook up, he will call me sweety names, even moan out my name. But am a different person to him, when he his with the rest, he don’t even stare at me for a minute. Am mad, I won’t come to him this night.


As for the good for nothing Ricardo, he will soon have a taste of my wrath, idiot. ” So what the plan ” Diego enquired.

Diego was handsome,even more than Ivan, but Ivan wasn’t good at bed, I had hook up with Diego secretly before, he’s less a man when he comes to putting a lady into


moaning ecstasy. So I forget him . But Marco is the most handsome of all, his flawless, beat Ivan and Diego in cuteness, but I can’t get him to myself, he is so committed to Aimee, I tried getting him to bed me, but he rebuke me saying he loves only Aimee, like who cares. But at of all this three men am attracted to, am comfortable with just Ivan, he’s good at bed and thank goodness, he didn’t rebuke me . I also hook up with men in the club and bar.


I glance at Ivan reluctantly, am mad at him. But he notice am mad, so he rolled his eyes away.


Am gonna select the one’s for this new mission, I need a woman in this” hesaid.


of course, Ivan will surely choose me am good at anything. But was shock when he announce the woman he need for this job.


Aimee is selected”


What the f**k, I baffled, inwardly almost aloud. ” I’ll go along with her ” Marco chipped in.

Ivan scowl.


Stop this shit, I know for sure she’s your love or whatever, she won’t die okay,we will be there ” Ivan bark, his voice lace withfierce.


Ricardo make a mocking sound loud enough to be heard , he caught my shocking face.


Why not me ” Iprotest.


Because you’re not suitable for this task, you have become a bad aimer,probably because you waste time in just seducing men. Wonder what disease you carry ” Ricardo spat out.


Okay, that is it ” I flared up from my sit and brought at my pistol from the corner of my trouser, i kept them there coz of if emergency occur. I aim it out Ricardo’s head fiercely.


He got up from his seat and gaze mockingly, making me more angry the more.


“Stupid, I will show you that am not a bad aimer, I will use you’re as an example, probably blast your brain out of your thick skull, asshole” I spat out with afurious brow.


Enough of this madness ” Ivan ordered, hitting the table,but am not gonna stop until I blast thisidiot.




Ricardo and Marina act more like cat and rat, am deadly tried of their mad act they always display. They are sicken to the ass.


I know what Ricardo said about Marina is absolutely the truth, Marina is just a whore and nothing more than that. That why I am always alarmed when she always comes around me , am always with a prophylactic ( prevention). She might give me disease, that if she hasone.


But still, am more annoyed with Ricardo since, he is the one who always make Marina mad.


Put the pistol down ” I order Marina with air ofauthority.


Only when have blast this asshole brain from his damn skull ” Sheyelled.


You guys should stop this childishness and let Ivan plan the next mission,you guys are so annoying ” Juanprotest.


I got angry my pistol was at the corner of my trouser, I brought it out and pointed it at Marina and diverted the aim to Ricardo.


I will blast both of you brains instead ” Ithreaten.



It work she put down her pistol and sat down, Ricardo make a very low mocking sound, before sitting down, while Marina glare at him serious.


They won’t come along with me in this mission, I took them yesterday and they did the same, I can’t risk this new mission.


I sat down.


As a mater of fact am not bring you both with me a, you can both stay here with your unending troublesome attitude.


Ignore them, ” Aimee, she spoke after a long silence fromher.


Marina throw Aimee a mocking glance, don’t know why she is always paranoid. I took her yesterday


So what did new mission that you need Aimee” Marco enquiredtensely.


There he goes, loverboy. I won’t make this two both come along with me, their love can be their weakness, and my gang downfall.


Aimee, me and Juan, will be the ones for this mission any objection ” I said, look at them if they have objection. I avoid Marina angry gaze she throw atme.


No, boss ” the all echo.


Marco wasn’t buying the idea, his facial expression shows it all.


Don’t worry baby, I will be fine ” Aimee said and pecked him on the cheek, I rolled my eyesaway.


I love you Aimee, I don’t want anything bad to happen to you ” Marco said, he was almostwhimpering.


I love you baby, don’t worry ” She squeeze hishands.


I cleared my thoart to gain attention.


Am gonna say the plan, I need no distraction” ” Okay go on ” Diego said.

I sigh as I was about to speak. #Adrinne’s_home



Take it easy girlie ” Lorna said with amouthful.


I was in a restaurant with my best friend Lorna. We were eating carbonara.


My dad don’t care if I die, like seriously, he only wanna hear I make money, and if I fail to crack a deal, he will surely taunt me with his never scolding words ” I lamented. She stop eating and gaze atme.


Don’t rush into that conclusion dear, he might just want you to be responsible,not that am saying you ain’t, but he might just wanna build you into a betterwoman.

You might just be viewing it in a wrong perspective” Lorna said and shrug.


Gosh, girl, you don’t know my dad. Probably if you know my dad, he always wanna make money, more money. he doesn’t care about anything else, that whyhe always scold me of been a failure” Isaid.


Think carefully girl, your brother Fernando left after lavishing his money andran away two years ago, he’s bound to be like that ” Lornareminded.


I tuck my spoon in the food and much on them. That might not be the reason. I doubt that coz dad only talk about money, how much do you make but if I said I didn’t make any money coz I wasn’t able to get the deal, he will say am useless.


Fernando disappear after taking deceiving my dad and extract millions from my dad, two years ago. The money he took was so huge, that it brought great lost to


the company, but my dad work hard, to put the company in a good shape. How he manage to come out from this financial pandemic was a mystery to everyone.

Anyway, Fernando disappearance didn’t affect me that much coz he was always a spoil brat, getting into trouble with the cops, he always drink, smoke and lavish the money on girls. He was a drunkard at a very early stage, he was only nineteen back then, when he disappear to God knows where. His disappearance only affected my mum, she was woefully sad about it. My dad I can’t read his emotion, he didn’t show any sigh of a father’s only son was missing. Maybe, his emotion his hiding behind those money face, but I doubt that.


We ate our meal and pay the bills. She suggest we go to watch a celebrity show. I agreed need time away from see my father’s money face.


We got to the place after two hours of driving.




Now y’all listen carefully to the plan goes likethis…………



So, who wanna learn about Ivan’s plan. Find out in the next chapter.


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