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Chapter 13


By Authoress Promise




How dare he, how could he kiss her. So this is the reason why he keeps her. I clenched my fist and went back to my room unnoticed.


I slammed the door hard. Anger and hatred boil in me at the sametime.Wait am

beautiful and hot, sΒ£xy. What do Ivan see in her, but my beauty can’t be compare to hers. And beside her face look like that of a miserable dog. She is ugly and Ivan is kissing her. What a wrench.


I pace back and fro.


I click my fingers repeatedly, I do that when am thinking of make someone pay.


That bitch, how dare she took my man under her claws.I will surely make her life miserable. Thank goodness, she will be staying here ” I mutter with a gritted teeth and a clenchfist.


I was mad and determine to make that bitch life miserable, she’ll be forlorn.




I breath heavily as I unplug my mouth from hers. I stood up immediately and turn away from her gaze.


Gosh, am going nut. I’m kissing whom I suppose to hate. She’s my enemy’s daughter. I can’t be this way with her


Somehow, I was tempted to had a glimpse of her face once more.


I’d twirled my head to face her and saw she had a stunning look, gazing those beauty grayish eye at me.


I made to move. But she held my hand, her touch send shiver through my spine.


I turn and face her with desire in my eyes. I need to have a grip of myself. Am loosing control.


She still had a grip of my hand. ” Why do you do that ” she ask.

I really don’t have anything to say to her as I myself can’t make anything of what just happen.


I just state motionleesly.


Why do you kiss me ” she askcuriously.


I don’t know. Guess is you beauty ” I said, not too sure of what Isaid.


Beauty, am not that beautiful, and am sure my cries had made my swollen and my sad face make me look ugly ” shesaid.


I don’t know why Ididthat but it won’t happen again ” Iassured.


I really don’t understand why you did that either, but am more concernedabout my release” she said plainly.




Yes he’d do that to me. Whatever I don’t care. I’m just concern about my release. But do really don’t care of what he did to me quite awhile back.


“I really don’t understand why you did that either, but am more concerned about my release ” I said to him.


Are you gonna kill me or make me loose my memory as you’d plan to do ” I said as my heart beatfaster.


I really don’t have a answer to that” he mutter, without looking at me, but I held his hand.


And as for getting out ofmyclutch. am sorry to announce to you that you’llbe

with me as long as I want. For now I don’t want your dads money ” Hearing that made my heart flinch. What does he mean.

Meaning? ”


You’d get me. I really am not planning to realease you, not yet. You will be with me until I have able to take my revenge on your wicked father ” he blurted out ina high tone.


My eyes became watery again. I remove my had gentle from him feeling dejected. What does he mean by keeping me here.

He’d left the room.


I’d have to really plan on escaping from this room. I don’t know why he did that just now, but I don’t care, I wanna get outta of this walls.




I lock the door to her room and going to mine. I’d stop when I sense someone sneaking behind me. I turn and saw no one. I let out a sigh and went into my room. I plump down to my bed. The thought of what I did back there erupt my mind and my body, making my body anticipated for more.


Holy shit, am going bunker. Am I somehow attracted to her, it can be, never. Not with her. She’s the enemy’s daughter and I can’t feel attracted to her.


I try to convince myself that what happen there was a just slight lost that will become more obvious if I can’t control myself. But I when it comes to Marina, I don’t think about her, I only remember her when she comes to me.


But in this case, it reserve, I can’t think straight , the only morning thought is about her. I just get the irresistible urge to go see her at night to just watch her as she sleep. I can deny it, I so much enjoy doing that, not me but my body and whenever she touches me, I feel a sensation running through my spine making me shiver with anticipation.


I swallow hard as I turn to the other side of my bed. What of if am, am falling in love with her.





I woke up and it always the same thought as usual, her face keep tackling in my mind.


I got to the bathroom. I take a look at the bathroom mirror.


“Ivan what’s happen to you nowadays. After abducting this lady, you became so engross with her” I mutter to myself becoming angry, at myself entirely.


Don’t fall in love ” I yelled , slapping myself with eachpalms.



I splash water on my face repeatedly, I cussed when her face came into my mind and the urge to go see her.


Ivan just stop, don’t……. all you want is revenge for your family, nothingmore….

definitely not her she’s suppose to be your foe. Why can’t you hate her ” I mutter with gritted teeth.




I brushed my teeth and took a shower. I went to my wardrobe, took some simple wear. A jeans trousers and a black top.


I don’t wanna go into her room. I just went downstairs. I saw Marina just descending the stairs.


She turn and saw me , she throw me a glare and roll her eyes off. She didn’t say anything but headed to the kitchen.


I shook my head. She must probably be angry coz I don’t allow come to me this days. Well she should get use to it.


I went to the kitchen. Aimee was already preparing breakfast.


It the breakfast ready yet ” I ask Aimee, am not worried about my stomach, but that of Adrianne I can’t help it to feel concern abouther.


No not yet ” shereplied.


Marina was going through the fridge, checking for some junk food maybe. I sigh deeply.

If only you had someone to help you, but some people bothers moreabout flirting, than to cook” I said, referring toMarina.


She twirled and glare more hard on me.





Ivan as really get on my nerve this time. I will make sure to punish him. I turn to the fridge back and try as much as possible to suppress my anger. When I succeeded, I turn back with a smile, I saw the look of surprise when he saw me smiling, normally I’ll start leaching out my sharp tongue at him for saying that. I turn back to the fridge and make a smirk instead.


Just wait Ivan how, I will make your miserable secret lover, more miserable then she’s.


I took a cranberry juice and a slice of strawberry muffin cake. I took them to the dining and sat than to munch on them.


*** #A_day_later

Ivan went away, maybe to some sort of place. I was in the garage chit chatting with Diego when Ivan left.


I smirk wickedly and went inside. I met Ricardo and Juan at the hallway. “Whoa, where off to ” Ricardo ask with a scoffing tone as always.

“Don’t have time to waste on an imbecile, so get your f**king toad tongue out of my way ” I said, lacing foul language on him.


I didn’t wait for his reply, I totally sway pass him.


I went to her room and it was lock, when that is not to get worried about. Ivan had bunch of keys that are using this attic room key. So I took one of them, when Ivan wasn’t in in his room.


The door open and I smirk evilly.


I’d walk majestically to her room. She had her disgusting dark circle eyes balls staring at me. She looks in a mess and Ivan kiss her. She must be a witch and had bewitch my love.


Hola (hello ) ” I said inSpanish.


She didn’t reply me. She turn her head to side ways. I gave her a jot slap, am not done yet. She’ll get a taste of me, how dare she.





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