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Chapter 6


by Authoress promise




what sort of nonsense is this ” Iyelled.


The content of the parcel contains the document transfer of property ownership. This luntanic of God knows who he’s want to claim my property.


My wife took the document from me and was looking at it.


Transfer for ownership to Ivan Mario ” she said total dumbfounded. She’s confuse have not inform her about the senerio going on. Though I don’t know if this is a setup.


Sweetheart what wrong ” I heard my wifeask


Our daughter as be kidnapped ” I inform without looking at her. ” What ” sheexclaimed.



What ” I exclaimed, followed by the document falling from myhand.


Lizbeth was kidnapped , I couldn’t believe it. My daughter can’t be kidnap. I hope he was joking, but his tense face shows a different story all together.


H… how ” I said sobbingly. ” Don’t know…..

He was cut short his phone beep, he click on it and his phone fell from his hands. He sat on the chair and bow his head.



I kneel down to meet with his face.


Honey, what going on, please tell me it’s a prank” I said hopefully. ” It not ” he almost yelled, bring his head to faceme.

I let out a anguish cry. He stood up immediately.


He wants my property as his bargain. That is the ransom he needs beforehe release Adrianne. If not he we have her eliminated ” He saidplainly.


I arched a surprised brow. Wondering who on earth, we ask someone property as ransom. That’s evil, can someone be this evil. It so uncalled for a human, doing this to is fellow human, but am less worry for that now.

I want my daughter, she’s worth more than any material things. Not until I heard my husband saying.

I’m starting to think this is a conspiracy” hesaid.


I stood up to my feet, wondering what he meant by that. “Meaning ”

He turn to me with a less shown sad face expression.


This is a set up, am sure Adrianne plan this with her boyfriend or she might have pay someone to do this. With the story I heard about some children doing that in other to obtain money from their parents. But Adrianne as gone to far ” hesaid.


I couldn’t believe it, yeah I know he loves money, but not to this extended when his own child life his involve. This is his own daughter’s life.


I can’t believe all this you just spill, our daughter is out the mercy of a hoodlum and you just here assuming that it was planned by her and her boyfriend.Adrianne never had any boyfriend ” I blurtedout.



How’ll you know what running in your daughters mind. It all runs in their vain, Fernando isn’t an exempt, he’s the main evidence to what am saying and y’all know that,and am starting to think you’re their master mind behind all this. Maybe planning to make me a poor man ” he saidplainly.


This are all your assumption and nothing more ” Ifired.


I will call the cops, the cops will investigate on this better am not stupid togive my property out to some sort of stranger, claiming to keep my daughter in a so called hostage, when this might be a conspiracy. Not letting my success go down the drain ” Ibarked.




I texted him back and told him that if he doesn’t give me the ownership of his wealth. Then his daughter will be eliminate, I told him not to involve the cops. Am sure he won’t bother to involve the cops. But all this wealthy men knows how tackle the cops. I will call him back tomorrow. But I have to make a suitable plan on how to get my hands on that document, without involving the cops. I want that’s man wealth. This is risky for sure. I have never abduct before.


I got home and alighted. Immediately I step in my mind race back to Adrianne, her beautiful face clutch my mind again, I was once again consume in her beauty. But I fear his more than beauty, is it becoming lust. I have the desire to go to her room.

The urge to check on her was on resistable . Everyone might be somewhere in the house or maybe somewhere in the town, wherever they are doesn’t concern me, if they’re around they will ask unending question.


I made my way towards the stairs with and met Marina descending the stairs with her seductive smile.


I roll my eyes off and intend to sway pass her, but she caught just in time, she wrap her hands on my neck, biting her lips.


Hello baby ” shemoan.


I yank her hands and gentle with my palms. I sneer irritatedly.


I thought you said, I won’t get anything this week ” Ireminded.


The fact that she hindering me for going to the attic to see Adrianne was making me infuriate.


I..I decided to change my mind already, it as been four days now, am hungry and I want us to feed each other ” She stuttered licking herlips.


She brought her mouth closer, but I pushed her away. She was about falling, I caught by the arms and made her balance. I made for a move, but she held my hand and swing me around to face her. She had a sobbing expression hiding behind her sly face.


Baby, why are you doing this to me, am I not your queen anymore, ain’t i theone you love ” She whimper.


Queen, who told her I regard her as my queen, and she thinks I even have any feelings for her. She just the woman I always hook up with.


Or don’t you love me ” she ask, obviously reading my expressionlessface.


I don’t care about how I’ll make her feel, she flirt with different men, if she loves me, she will stick only to me.


I don’t feel anything for you” I blurted outplainly.


“So what am I too you, your sΒ£x toy, how dare you use me ” She yelled, this time her whimper face as turn into tantrum.


Can you please let go of my hands, got no time for this” I protest yanking my hand from hers.


I hate you now, if I wasn’t in love with you, I would’ve blast you brain with my gun, how dare you treat me like a trash ” Sheyelled.


Is she not oblivious a trash, she gos around seducing men and claim to love me.


Don’t forget am your boss, I can kick you out of this gang if I like to ” I retorted angrily.


She scoffed folding her hands and later made a sly grin.


You can’t kick me out, you and the rest know that am a better aimer, you need me, because of me, you’ve accomplish many difficult mission” She reminded, still putting on her sly grin.


Get it to your skull asshole ” Sheadded.


I couldn’t take it anymore, I drag her by the hair and brought her to my face. She didn’t not wince, but lick her lips.


I ignore her.


Don’t you ever call me and asshole, am still your boss, I have better ways to punish you and have found one ” I warned, my last statement was register with a mocking tune. She knew what I mean, I was punishing her by not gettingintimate with her. She frown thistime.


I release her and move, daring her to have the gut to hold my hand again and she will see the other side of me.


You cold hearted man, I will teach you a lesson, lets see how you will resistme for long ” I hear her say as I walk towards theattic.




I got to the attic and open the door, my heart pounded, what is it about her facethat is drawing me to her, Marina is more beautiful, but I found myself drawing to her. I almost smile looking at her, when she brought her eyes towards me, her beautiful face as become sour coz her eyes were swollen, obviously she had cried her eyes out.


The sight of seeing her in that condition is making me weak. I can’t help it.


Maybe, her hands her arching coz I handcuff her hand to her back. I should release her from this discomfort.


The keys of the handcuff was with Aimee, so I went in search of Aimee. I went to her room, but she wasn’t there, so I went to Marco room and was about knocking, when I heard moaning sounds. Like seriously now. I knock on the door anyway.


Go away whoever is at the door ” I heard Marco yelling. I rolled my eyes away.

I need Aimee to give me the keys of the handcuff ” Isaid.


Jeez ” I heard Marco said. It took him a minute to open the door. He was with a singlet and ashort.


I will get it from her room” he said frowning that I interrupt him. He went to Aimee’s room and took the keys out of herdrawer.

Here take it ” He said handling it fast to me and scurriedaway. ” Take it easy on her ” I said nowlaughing.

I’ll have that in mind ” i heard him say through thehallway.


I went to her room. I release her and release her from the handcuffed. At least the chain on her legs is okay and the door to her room will be properly locked, so she wouldn’t escape, I will have Aimee changing her clothes regularly, after having a proper bath here in the attic.


She wince a little. Somehow, I was tempted to brush her hair behind her ear.


She gaze at me with those swollen eyes that are begging me to realease. I couldn’t take the sight anymore. I look away.



Please realease me, I don’t deserve to be in your hostage ” Shebegged.


I can’t, your dad is yet to fufil the other side of our bargain ” I infrom without looking at her, I fear that if I stare into her eyes I will do as shesays.


Please ” she heldme.


When she did that, I felt a bolt of electric running through my spine. I face her and stare at her lips. But before I could do anything stupid, I got up and she lost grip of me.


I avoid looking at her now.


What have I done, keeping me in hostage, know human as the right to hinder is other human form moving. How dare you steal my right as a citizen” she yelled thistime.


If she knew why am doing this, why I’m demanding her dad’s entire wealth, she wouldn’t dare beg for my mercy.




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