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Chapter 4


by Authoress promise




It was Fernando, he is here. I was in total shock. He scurried to me and draw me to his embrace. I could hearing him crying on my shoulder.


“Sister, please forgive me, am sorry for all that I have done ” he lament sobbingly, tighten the embrace.


My heart melt with the way he sob. I could deny that I still love my brother, no matter what he did. Tears roll than my cheeks and wept.


I pull him away from his grip gentle and cupped his face with my palms with uncontrollable.


Where have you been all this time ” I inquired sniffing. He could speak, he just sniffed.

I look at him, he looks all tattered, he was in a serious mess.


I have been in jail in the united state for two years now, Three month ago, I was release from jail and I was sent back to Mexico here, I couldn’t master the courage to come home, so I went to meet a friend of mine here. I explain to him, he advice me to come see my family and explain to them, he tried convincing me that they we forgive me, but I doubt that. I beg him that he shouldn’t inform my family thatI


was back in the state. He accept , two days ago he throw me out of his home, don’t no why. He just said he is uncomfortable having me in his home. I moved to a hotel and I was out of money, i thought of coming home, no matter the consequences I face in the hands of you guys” he explained.


Jail ” I exclaimed aloud with shock and bewilderment. ” What made you end up in jail ” I inquired,wailing.

Coz I was into drugs smuggling and was busted by the cops unalarmed. I feltthat is the way to make more money. But now I have regretted all my actions ” he said and arched a brow, it obviously waiting for myreply.


I sighed and more tears came to my eyes.


Fernando you should’ve run away with dad’s money, I have forgiven you. But am not sure if dad we forgive you. I hope he does ” I saidplainly.


But I can see it not his fault in some way, he just inherited dad’s money behaviour. Dad loves money too and his son as well.


Just then car horns was heard. My heart was beating. It surely my dad and mum, they went to a conference party and I’m sure they are back. I could sense Fernando uneasiness.


Albert Eduardo


I alighted from the car with my wife Maureen. i rang the door bell. One of the servant came to open the door. She bow and left. I arched a brow and was shock beyond bones. There was my son who stole millions from me, almost causing my downfall. He’s here.


I felt anger I use to felt two years ago rekindling in my heart and this time it as turn in to rage.


my wife ran to embrace me. I could hear her cry. How could she wept over this thief of a son, a disgrace. I clenched my jaw and my fist at this time.





I knew dad we never forgive me. I don’t expect him to. I was shaking like a leaf when I caught the ardent he was shooting at me from his eyes. Mum still had me on her embrace.


Mum disengage and started kissing my cheeks repeatedly. I wonder why a mother find it difficult to be angry at her child, no what her child mind do to them. I have cause havoc to this family, I should be getting less sympathy.


My son, were have you been ” mumsniffed.


I was about replying, when I received unaware blow from my left cheek.


I fell to the ground. I raise my face and saw it was dad. He was really enraged.


Mum and Adrianne tried to subdue him by holding him, but he yank them all roughly at of his arms and they both fell to the ground.


He dash at me and kick me. He took me by the collar.


Shameless bot, you dare to show your face ” he spat at mefiercely.


please honey, let him be, please!!! be he looks sicken and he’s in a great mess and for the fact he’s your son. ” mum cried out. Begging him to stop, but dad is not the type to stop at something, he is already angryat.


I have no son, shut you trash . My son died a long time ago, after stealingmoney, a thief doesn’t deserve to be call my son ” dadfired.


“Well, he just like you. You love money as well, that why he inherited your bad behavior ” Adrianne fired at dad.


Dad release me from his grip, and I fear he was about attacking Adrianne. He gave Adrianne a resounding slap.


How dare you. You good for nothing. ” dad yelled at her. ” The truth is always bitter ” Adrianne stood herground.

Dad was about slapping her again, when I intervene. I came in the middle of them both.


Dad don’t, it all my fault ” Isobbed.


“Now am throwing you out of my house for good “he yelled at me.


He took by the collar and drag me out , mum tried to stop him, but he push her down. He flung me away and I landed on my butt.


Don’t let me see your ugly ass here ever again” he yelled at me and slammedthe door.


I got up and was thinking of where I we go next. The door of the house creak open and I turn to see it was mum and Adrianne, dad must have probably went upstairs.


They came to embrace me.






Mum gave Fernando, the key to one of his house deep in the city. Dad have many houses as a millionaire. He had entitled to min to take care of his house. He we stay them for the main time.




I woke at the alarm clock buzzing noise. It was a Thursday morning. I got into the washroom and freshen up.


I wore my working suit and I was going to the office to crack a deal with an Indian man, Mr Karen Rajput. I wasn’t In the office for four days, I decided to dedicate that time to spend with my brother.


After that, I didn’t take breakfast, I feared that will make me run late and that means trouble. So I just scurried to my car, I was gonna be home early today.


I got to my office, just in time before Mr Karen Rajput arrived. Gosh, this Indian is kinda of punctual.


We sat at the meeting table to discuss business.






Today, is the day, we’re gonna execute our plan. Juan was on the spy.


He gave me details, I hide in the bushes surrounding the normal routine ms Adrianne Lizbeth Eduardo use to take. AndAimee laid on the edge of the road, thank goodness the sun wasn’t hot, how will Aimee manage lying down their with a burning road. We are unable to proceed on our plan for four days now. She didn’t come to work for four days now Coz I never saw her taking this road, I always hide behind the bushes. The road wasn’t a busy road. It was quiet and lonelyroad.


I got my mask on with my Bluetooth on my ear that I we communicate with Juan. All our teams have Bluetooth, so we can be able to reach other, wherever we’re.


I was waiting for Juan to give a positive reply, I so much badly want the man to go on successfully.


I was waiting for hours before Juan called.


Hello, it positive now, she as left the office and about getting into her car ” he inform and a grin curve the edge of mymouth.


“Okay, Juan is time for action ” I said.





I was done cracking the deal with him. So I left for my home, I was going visit Fernando afterwards. I switch on my ignition and drove.


I was driving through my normal routine. I stop my car and poke my head at of the window. I saw something lying on the road and it looks like a human.


Oh my God ” Igasped.


I alighted immediately and scurried to the person. When I got there I lower to the person and turn her over she has mask on. I stood up in shock, why is she on mask.


Just then someone use some handkerchief from behind to cover my nose. The substance coming out of the handkerchief made me weak. I felt the world spinning beneath my feet, my vision was starting to fade. In the dim of an eye, I caught the person lying on the floor getting up and I wasn’t able to scream.


Next everything went blank.



Who wanna know, what happen next.




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