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A wife for the king – Episode 31




Alexander Maxwell Adegbade jnr, was born.


Alexander and Pamilerin welcome their Son amidst joy and happiness, and of course Adebayo was named the godfather. Maxwell was a splitting image of his father, and Alexander could not help but show him off. His free time is spent with his son and wife . Any thought of his nephew becoming the King was squashed now that he has a heir to the throne.

Pamilerin watch the two most important men in her life bond, Alexander spends his free time with their son in his play room. The boy is growing fast at three months he is strong and already asserting his dominance. She smiles as he wrinkle his face, its food time. “I think we are hungry” she said from the door way,walking into theroom.

“Sweetheart we didn’t see you” Alexander said, smiling at her, placing Maxwell in her arms to feed.

“I know and I enjoy watching the two of you together” getting comfortable on her rocking chair to br**st feed him.

Alexander watch as she fed their son happiness radiating over him. “I love you” he said.

“Awwn baby I love you too” offering him a smile.

“I bless the day Adebayo practically forced me to take you as my secretary


he said with a devilish grin.

“You know you have not told me the full detail, I think I’m the only one that didn’t know I’m being matchmaked, everybody seems to be involved including my parents.” She mutters with feigned irritation. “I think its only right for me to pay Adebayo back for his matchmaking skills, he did a good job finding a wife for his


King, its time to get the matchmaker settled, and I have a good candidate in mind for him” she declares with mischief.

“Adebayo is in trouble, I can only imagine what you are planning for him, without mischievous smile on your face, don’t worry I will tell you if you are good to me tonight.” Chuckling beneath his breath, as he lowers his head to kiss her.

“Hnmm so you want me to bribe you uh? I think I can do that my King.” Returning his kisses.




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