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Chapter 28



By Authoress Promise




G͎r͎a͎n͎d ͎ F͎i͎n͎a͎l͎e͎


Adrianne was shot close to her waist. Blood ooze at from the area. ” Noo, Adrianne ” I cried out in with gritted teeth.

Well, since she’s dead, is your turn now Ivan Mario ” I heard Albertsay.


I got up from the floor, and dash at Albert, I was struggling to take the gun from his hand. I really wanna kill him. He was struggling to release the gun.




I felt drowsily, I also felt death beaconing me, my vision was about to fade away. But I still struggle to keep my eyes open. The wounds really hurt. I lifted my weak brow and saw Ivan beating dad. One of them wanted to shoot at Ivan.


Iv… Ivan Watch out ” I called out weakly andfrightfully.


I become more weak, my eyes were slowly shutting down. I close my eyes surrendering to the weakness beaconing, I know it was death calling me. My eyes were shutting down slowly, I heard the first gun shot, I was too weak to open my eyes now, then the second and the third and everything went blank.






Wake up Adrianne, my love come back to me please, I can’t live without you” Ivan cried at tome.


How can he be telling me to awake, am already awake can’t he see. The fresh hot tears of my love drop in my face.


Please open your eyes, don’t live me. I can’t bear this pain ” I heard himsay. ” But sweet heart am alive” I said with asmile.

But still he was begging me to wake up. What was happening, I don’t get it.

Ivan am awake can’t you see ” I said, totallydumbfounded.


Please Adrianne love, come back, lovecomeback. ” Ivan went oncrying



I just stare at his face confused, I try touching his face, but I realize I can’t move my hands.


What is really going on? what has happen to me? why can’t I touch is face?





No, Adrianne can’t die. The doctor came out to announce that Adrianne is dead. It not possible, Adrianne can’t live me in times I suppose to rejoice. Albert is dead finally, but my love can’t be taking away from me after is death, no it can’t be. I can’t loose Adrianne just as I lost dad, mum and Leonardo.


I remove the white cloth roughly,the cloth they use in covering Adrianne. I pick her in my arms and wept on her face. Begging her to come back to me. This was the first time, I have ever cried. I wasn’t a man of tears, but at hearing the death of the woman I love, I couldn’t help the tears. Love as really tamedme.


I want to tell her, that the evil man is gone from our lives completely.



🇱 🇦 🇸 🇭 -🇧 🇦 🇨 🇰


I was struggling to take the gun from him. We struggle for some moment.


While struggling to collect the gun, the gun fired and there was a moment of silent. It was Albert who was shot. I saw one of them trying to shoot me, I toss Albert to cover me, the bullet hit Albert again.


I threw him to the floor, afterwards a gun was heard coming from outside, follow by footsteps. The cops emerging and the thugs of ran, even Albert’s accomplise. They ran and was chase by some of the cops. Six of the cops remain behind


I gaze at Albert with disgust, he lay on the floor unconscious. ” You better die bastard ” I spat out as the cops pick him up.

It dawn on me that Adrianne was shot, I turn and saw my Adrianne lying there unconscious


I rushed to her and pick her in my laps.


Adrianne please don’t go away from me ” I cried out. ” We’ve to hurry and take her to the hospital ” hesaid.

I pick her up in a bridal style and rushed her outside. I place her in the van.




Few minutes after arriving at the hospital. Everyone came, Adrianne’s mum,brother, her friend and then Oscar.


How’re you Ivan ” he said and hugged me.


Am fine, but Adrianne is not fine, she was shot and am waiting for the damn doc to come out and tell me she’s alive ” I said Flippantly, scratching myhead.



Adrianne’s mum flung to the floor . She gave a screech cry as her son and Lorna soothing her.




When I was inform about the abducting of Adrianne, and Ivan going for her rescue. I rush to Adrianne’s home. I’d found the cops there already taking statement.


They’d say, they had communicate with the cops near that station of that area where Ivan is and the cops in that area have gone there. I just pray Ivan and Adrianne are unharmed.


The doc who was taking care of Albert came to announce he was dead. That was a victorious news, finally no more Albert. That devil will rot in hell.


Now Ivan was unharmed, but Adrianne was shot. I pray she survived coz her life is connected to Ivan’s. If she dies, there is no telling what Ivan might do to himself. I do know the power of love.


But the doc came and announce bad news. Adrianne was dead. How will he take it, I watch him as he screamed like a child, rushed to her and pick her in his arm. He cried, begging her to wake. The whole atmosphere was filled with shrill cries. One from her mum, brother, friend and lastly Ivan.


End of flashback, to the present.






He was still begging me to wake up. I can’t bear to see him in tears. ” Ivan am coming to you, I won’t live you ” I cried out.


I felt as if my eyes reopened. No I just woke coz I saw him smiling now, his cries as ceased.


He gave me a tight embrace.


You came back, sweet heart, you came ” He whispered excitedly in my ear like a child.


Yes, I’ll never live you ” I promise with her own tears gushing from myeyes.


He disengage from me and lock my lips in his. I could feel the fear in had that was slowly ebbing away in his kiss.


He unplug and mum, everyone rushed to me.




You mean my dad is dead ” I said excitedly, no I wasn’t that excited. I felt pain he was my dad even after all the bad things he as done. He was still mydad.


Ivan was alone with me in the hospital, they doc told them I was still weak to go home, he was telling me how my dad died.


Yeah , but why are you sad” Ivan inquiredworriedly.


Ivan I know, it’s good moment for you, but it still a bit bad for me. He was my dad after all ” Isaid.


He brush my lips with a slight kiss.


It’s okay, I understand. I once had a dad too, I felt hurt when his deathwas announce to me, so your pain is justified ” hesoothing.


It would’ve been worst, if I had lost you ” Isaid.


I should be saying that, you were the one living me. I almost lost you my love ” he said.



I guess your love brought me back ” Ismiled. ” Our love ” hecorrected.

Yes, our love ” I giggled and he claimed anotherkiss.



The End




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