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Chapter 21


by Authoress promise






Finally dad was arrested. Ivan and I were in the midst of medias at the police station and my dad was been taking away by the cops. My dad deserve this, how could he tried to kill me too despite been his daughter. Dad is really evil.




“No, oooooo ” I yelled and ran out to meet Ivan. I came in front of them.

“Please dad, don’t kill him ” I begged with tears in my eyes. Ivan wince he was shot on his left arm. His gun fell from his hand and he held the injured arm.


You useless daughter of mine. You conspired against him to ruined me. How could you do that to your own father. Have you falling for this criminal, are you in love with him, is that why you did this. You’re nothing but a useless child of mine,along with your brother. I doubt if both of you’re my blood. One is a thiefand the other is useless as a fool. Oh curse the day I gave birth to both of you” my dad yelled at mesarcastically.


You’re are the only one useless here. You’re demon Albert Eduardo for cryingout loud. You deceitful bastard, the wealth you have belongs to my family and you killed them all” Ivan roared athim.


What i use was my intelligence, your father and the rest of you were fools.Fools I say. Why blaming me for been so smart ” he gloat and Ivan clenched hisfist.


Bastard, am gonna kill you ” Ivan yelled ardently.


How can you do that huh, first you are wounded and secondly your gun is on the floor, I bet you if you squat to pick that gun am gonna shoot you immediately” dad smirked.


You won’t dare to kill him, why am here ” I fired, feelingangry.


Oh dear, if you really wanna die along with him, no big deal for me. After all, you are his accompany and I will kill anyone that tries to get in my way. Don’t worry I can still produce more children, well not from your mum, some other woman ” dad said, alI was shock and i stare at him with totalbewilderment.


Dad you’re evil and I curse the day you gave birth to me ” I spat out. ” I’ll kill you Mr Albert, if it’s the last thing, I do ” Ivansworn.

Am done with all this f**king speech. It time for both of you to die ” dadsaid.


Dad was about firing is trigger at me first since I was blocking him from killing Ivan , when we heard the cops saying.


Put the guns down, your hands at the back of your head ” the copssaid.


Dad was taking aback. He had no choice to drop the gun, follow by his thugs, and they all place their hands at the back of their head. Serves him right.




I watch as they handcuff the son of a bitch and his men. I felt some huge burden been lifted from my shoulder. I spend the last eleven years waiting for the day he will pay. I do pray he won’t get out of that prison.


They pick the guns along with mine, and cops urge me and Adrianne to come with them. We’d follow them. But Adrianne rushed to the bushes she held the camera and retrieve it and her bag , phone lying on the ground. She handle the camera to the inspector.




I don’t know how the media was informed, they waited for us there at the station and was pushing one another in trying to get statement from me and Adrianne.


A lady came to hug Adrianne. She had tears in her eyes, guess maybe she was her friend or someone close to her.



I turn as i saw two cops bring the bastard out of the cop’s van . He throw a dreadful glance at me, before they took him. So the bastard thinks am afraid of those eyes.


Who called the medias ” Adrianneask.


I did, I wanted to come along, but the cops wanted me to stay for my ownsafety ” she said, the medias rushed to us trying to get statement from each ofus.


I will tell you everything ” Adriannesaid.


She told them little details, excluding the part of how I abducted her and deliberately hiding the part that I was a criminal.


End of flashback, back to the present.







Albert was gonna face trials in court in two days time. I can’t help but feel that I will be behind bars because am a criminal also. I’m sure very soon they will come to interrogate me coz my gun was among the guns they collected and the video will show them how I pointed the gun at him. I’m prepared for anything now. If i go to jail, no big deal coz I have finally make that bastard pay for his vile deeds with the help of Adrianne.


Adrianne insist I should stay in her home, since the house and everything belongs to me and my family. I agreed to stay coz I knew the cops will soon come for me. I won’t go back to where I’ll expose the rest of my gang. I want to face the trials alone. The gang should be free with their lifes. Is time for me to pay from my own bad deeds. I inform Juan sadly, telling him the reason why I wanna go to jail alone. Juan was unhappy about my decision.


I was in the dinning eating with Adrianne and her mother, who looks like shegot no appetite. Who will eat when they learn their partner was involve in some kind of crime in thepast.


Just then a maid came to the dinning hall, and announce that the cops were here. My instinct told me they were here for me.


I, Adrianne and her mum went to welcome the cops.


We’re here for further interrogation” the announce calmly. ” Ivan Mario, can you please come with us ” they said tome.

No, no ” Adrianne cried and hugged me., am sure she understand what they meant


Adrianne is okay” I pat her on herback.


I’ll confess to anything, you ask me. Am ready. You can take me ” I said soberly and Adrianne sheik.






Sir, what do you want for lunch ” Sully ask. She was a maid in myhome ” Prepare my favorite, bacon and tomatoes soup ” Ireplied.

Okay sir ” she said and went into thekitchen.


I smiled when I remember my wife, who use to prepare this for me. I like it when she cooks it, no one can cook the meal the way she does. She is the best cook and a best wife despite being a English woman. I love her and her amazing cooking. I can’t wait to be back with her and my children in England, that’s only when I’m done with the son of a bitch.


I decided to watch the day news. I pick up the remote and turn on the TV. A cooking show appear on the screen. I screw through the channels and finally came across the news.





I stop to watch the news. My jaw drop when the headline reads


Mr Albert Eduardo was arrested when caught trying to kill a man and hisown daughteryesterday.


What ” I exclaim in shock. He can even try to kill his own blood. Now I see he is really the devil incarnate. What amadman.


Well at least the whole world as come to know who he’s and am happy he’s will be behind bars, but who was he trying to kill in question. The news headline didn’t reveal his name. But they will , as the girl reading the news will unmask the person.


I waited curiously to see the person and the whole invent.


It happens that the person name Ivan Mario was shot on the arm and hisdaughter came to the rescue, but he attempted to kill his own daughter to keep the secret, it happens that Albert Eduardo had something in the past with Ivan Mario. As it got uncovered it was said that Ivan Mario and Adrianne Lizbeth Eduardo have conspire together to expose Albert Eduardo deeds in the past. But more are to be reveal later ” the girl in the TVspoke.


Ivan Mario, is it my brother or a coincident. I stood up they, were about to show the video.


I saw the police with Albert Eduardo, he was handcuffed and then I saw him, my brother have not seen for eleven years, and i recognizehim.


Ivan my dear brother, so you’re alive all this time. ” I mutter with a broadsmile on mylips.


I’ve to go to my brother, oh Ivan, am coming”

I said with a tear streaming down towards my cheek.


The police might give me information on how to find him. I’ve to go to the station now.


Josh ” I called out for my driver. He came in a minutes time.


Prepare the car, we’re going to the station. Hurry. I will be back, I wanna change my clothes ” Isaid.


I went to change my clothes and head downstairs, I blunder on the way down the stairs, but I’d maintain my balance.


Ivan, am coming ” I mutteredexcitedly.


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