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Chapter 26


By Authoress Promise






Oh gosh, I don’t know why I got the feeling that something is not right. I’vethe unspecified feeling that I shouldn’t have let Adrianne left or maybe I should’ve come along with her.


This thread of sensation will not wear off soon, it means I will only be at ease if I give Adrianne acall.


I pick my phone from my working table and gave Adrianne a call.


The called again and again, but she didn’t answer. The line got cut each time, this gave more lit to my feeling that something bad might have happen.


Since she isn’t picking up the calls, I’ve to go to her friend’s home. I arrange the files i was going through, for the past week I’ve be trying to work hard to know how a business works, since I got no experience in business, neither am I fully educated, am half educated, thanks to the man who ruined my entire life and as finally escaped. Am too old for school. But Oscar and Adrianne see to it, that I’ll be able to Learn how business work.


. Adrianne


The four thugs took both me alone coz I was their only target. They use Lorna’s mum to capture me. Lorna as no choice than to give me that deceitful call. And am sure it was my dad.


My phone rang through my pocket, it rang aloud. I couldn’t even reach for it coz the bind my hands and my eyes, so it will be difficult. I felt one if their hand going through my trousers pocket, they pick it up and cut it, it rang again and again, each time it got cut.


Let go of me, I know it’s my dad who send y’all to abduct me ” Iscreamed.


fool cover her mouth, before her feminine scream reach sympathize ears ” oneof the yelled. My mouth was covered afterward.


I try to struggle, but it was of no use, all my effort was in vein coz no matter how I struggled i won’t free myself.






I got to Lorna’s place . I park the car in an available spot and alighted.


I’d went inside and knock on the door, but they was no respond , I repeated it again, still the same. I decided to open the door myself, and thank goodnessit wasn’tlocked.


When the door creak open, i was so shock and stare in bewilderment. Lorna and her mum was tied down. Their eyes, mouth, hands and legs were bind together.


I’d rushed to them and untied them.


Hey Lorna, what happened here ” I inquiredtensely.


I could see the fear reeling over her.


Adrianne was taking away ” she announced tearfully. ” What, by who ” I askedicily.

She didn’t reply, but was whimpering .


I felt anger rushing through my vein and I was going to transfer the aggression to her.


By who Lorna, by who ” i yelledhuskily.


We don’t know, four thugs came to our home. We weren’t alert, if were alert we would’ve had our security tighten. They came and use me to frighten my daughter, so that she’ll make that call to Adrianne. Seeing a knife around my throat mademy daughter helpless, she as to call Adrianne here. And when she came they took her away ” her mum explainedwarily.


I clenched my fists and my jaw. I knew it was her dad who abducted her. How could a father abduct his own blood because of his selfish game. What a crooked demon. Albert Eduardo this will surely be your last, I promised you this.






They haven’t arrived yet ” I said, while I keep looking at thedoor.


You should give Ivan a call, he might’ve realize that Adrianne as been abducted. Give him a call before he thinks of informing the cops ” Pablothought.


You’re right, but the sad thing here is that I don’t have his number ” Isaid.


give me your phone let me type his number out in your phone ” he demanded, bring out his phone.


Whoa, Pablo how did you’ve his cell phone number ” I inquired surprisedly. ” You can say I’ve my way of doing things ” heshrugged.

I stare at him still surprised and he roll his eyes off.


Okay, okay, if you’re curious to know, I got it why going through him in social media coz I knew you’ll need it ” hesaid.


You’re a genius ” I remarked inawe.


First, you’ve to give the damn son a call” hereminded.


Well, I should tell him, I have eyes in the station and am I also watching is movement ” I said andchuckled.





I was about informing the cops, when a unknown number called. My Bluetooth was in my ear already . I was heading to the cop station with Lorna, her stay behind. The inspector line was unreachable.


” hello Ivan”


” Who’s this ” Iinquired.


” It’s me Albert Eduardo ” he answered. Rage simmered in myvein.

You son of the devil, how dare you abduct the woman I love and despitebeing

your blood, how could you ” I yelled huskily.


He gave a wicked laugh, triggering the rage in me. All I felt now was how to kill him.



I’ll kill you, if anything happens to her, got that ” I sworn icily. ” Oh son of Salvador Mario, I like to see you try” he chuckled. I wasseething.

If you one way going to inform the cops, I’m telling you, you’re making a grave mistake ” hesaid.


Don’t worry they will give you a death sentence this time around ” Igritted.


That won’t happen, don’t even dare inform the cops, I hope you haven’t. I’veeyes in the station. If you inform any cop I’ll know and I have someone following you around. So now you better cooperate with me or else your dear lover will not see another day ” he said sinisterly.


I made the car come to an halt.


You madman, she’s your blood, don’t you’ve any thread of fatherly affection for your own blood ” Igritted.


Oh don’t give me that, Adrianne as been a useless child. Didn’t she have any affection when she conspired with you and your brother to have me thrownbehind bars. I can’t value a betrayer of a daughter ” hesaid.


“The only betrayer is you. You’d betray the Mario’s, killed my father, and my brother Leonardo and thank goodness Oscar survive ” I said.


I’ll kill you, I’ll make shall you die bastard ” I tosshuskily.


Now listen to me, I want you to prepare transfers paper of the wealth you’ve taken back to me, when you’re done with that then I’ll tell you the location tocome to” he said.


How dare you ” Iyelled.


it pay back time, you always threaten me,when you got Adrianne. Whoa your Adrianne is here now, don’t worry I’ll send videos of her, just prepare what Isaid and don’t you dare inform the cops. I’veeyesthere ” he said and end thecall.


Damn” I cussed, hitting the steeringwheel.


Take it easy Ivan, we will sure find Adrianne and also bring her evil dad down” Lorna soothing.


Not going to be easy” Icuss.


I need to drop you home ” I added. ” Won’t will go to the cop” sheask.

I explain everything thing that Albert demanded. ” God that man is so evil ” she declared.

Yeah, but keep this to yourself I’ll sort things out, right now how tosave Adrianne is more important ” I said and shenodded.




After dropping Lorna back at her house. I went to the Adrianne’s family attorney to prepare a transfer wealth document.


After a some minutes the transfer paper was ready. He handled them over to me. ” Should I give him a call ” I thought as I got into my car.

Just as I got into the car, my phone rang. I pick it up. ” Hey Ivan ” he said.

I’ve done your f**king job, can you tell me where you’re with Adrianne ” Isaid.


Well good, now meet me in Ian’s molest hospital” he said. ” Hope you know there ” heinquired.

Yes bastard I know, that abandon hospital, so is that your hideout ” the ragewas still simmering in me, I’m trying to suppressit.


No, but that where I move Adrianne to and that where I want everything to be done. I’ll send a video of her to you and don’t play games with me remember, am watching you ” he stated and end thecall.


Few minutes later, he send a video of Adrianne of someone aiming a gun at the corner of her head.


Am coming Adrianne, I’ll get you out of this mess ” I said tensely. I was now worried for Adrianne.


I switch on the ignition and drove off to the location he told me.





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