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Chapter 19


By Authoress promise




So I was right all along, my daughter and this bastard is conspiring against me, they even wanna kidnap me ” I said inwardly andstern.


Hello, Hello, Adrianne are you there ” he said.


I immediately end the call. I’d really have to find him and bring him kill him. I smirked.

Huh, Ivan, thank goodness you said it all. Am coming for you. All I need to do is to text him ” Imutter.


I went into my room with the phone, just as I sat down the phone rang again.


I’d ended it again. I crack my brain on what to write to him. I smile as an idea poke into my mind.


“I can’t talk yet coz I’m with dad, when I’m away from him, we’re gonna talk.Sorry for keeping you waiting. Anyway can we meet and talk better. You know plotting a plan over the phone can be dangerous ” I texthim.


I waited with anticipation, and after a minute the phone beeped. I’d open the text and read it.


Okay, meet me at De_Virginia’s garden, if you don’t know the location,it’sin causeway ” that’s the content of histext.


I gloated with a vile grin as I recalled the past..


That was the garden I eliminate Salvador’s sons. I thought I’ve finally get ride of the Mario’s, but now one of them is in my clutch. No not now, not after eleven years, no way.


We’re gonna meet for sure. Busted encounter, you will be shock. ” Okay, I’ll be right there as soon as I can” I texted back.

Yeah, be careful anyway ” he replied and Ismirk.


Oh Ivan, you’d need to be careful this time around is you that should caution. Sorry Ivan, I’m gonna send you to meet your entire family today in the land of the dead. I will show you that messing with a tiger is like digging your early grave ” I gloat, full with pride and determination to kill him. The fact that he’s alive and making theart, piss me off, how dare the bastard of a son. Son of a bitch, I’ll get you , you will lick your motherfuking ass. What made him think he can abductme. And that useless daughter of mine, well I don’t need to worry about that coz I will deal with her,when am done withbastard.


Infuriated, I went to my drawer and collect a gun. It was a silencer gun. I tuck it in my trouser, I adjust my suit and walk majestically at of my room with no smile on my face, putting a face that was about to kill.




I didn’t go with a driver, I’d drove alone. The fool won’t expect what is coming to him. He will be busted by me.






Somehow, I felt stupid for bursting at the whole plan to her just like that, without she speaking. I would’ve wait till she spoke, I don’t know what came over me. But it was careless act.


I tuck my pistol at corner of my trousers as always and went to my car. I drove to the garden.


My mind was thinking of nothing but revenge, but my heart is thinking only for Adrianne. Well, I love her, but that doesn’t matter now, I’m only concern about my revenge. Don’t have time to clutch to love, but you see my silly heart won’t give me rest of mind.


I sighed softly.






hello daddy, guess what ” Nora said with a lit upface.


What’s that sweety, you know papa isn’t good at guessing ” I said curiously to know what she wanna tellme.


Nora is my daughter, she’s just four. I’ve a son too and his name is Leonardo, he just one. I named him after my elder brother, if I’ve a son again, I’ll name him Ivan. My wife name is Brenda. She owns a big beauty palour and a Amusement park in England. I love her and she loves me a lot. She’s a very good andintelligent woman. I met her five years after I went to England. It was a long story, but anyway what important now that we’re together.


I and my daughter were video calling. Nora always video call me at night before she sleeps, after coming back from school. They is no day she won’t video call me.


Daddy ” shepouted.


What baby ” I mutterfatherly.


Dad mum bought meakitty, can I keep it ” shepouted.


Baby, you’re too young to keep pet, and why didn’t your mum, inform me about this ” Isaid.


I told mum not to, but mum said she will surely tell you. So I decided to tell you now, can I keep it ” she requested, showing those her puppy eyes, I can’tresist.


Okay, but as long as your mum will guide you how to care for a cat ” Iagreed. ” Yippee ” she shouted excitedly and Ismiled.

So were is the cat” I demanded. ” Yeah, just a minute ” shesaid.

The screen got blank for some minute and she came after a minute, steadying the phone and showing me her little kitty.


Don’t derive all the love to just the kitty. Always give your full attention to your brother Leo”I said with asmile.


I’ll have in mind. Leonardo is my brother, I will love him more than anyanimal in the world” shesaid.


Whoa, she spoke like a adult. But it expected, she’s smart.






I got home after visiting Fernando. I totally forgot my phone. When I realize that I had forgotten my phone. I quickly came home. Gosh, why was I so careless, what of if dad, had gone through my phone or Ivan had called.


I met dad’s driver roaming in the compound. Wait dad’s back. My heart went into my mouth about the phone I left in the sofa. What of if……



No way Adrainne, stop thinking negative.


Hey Mike”I called dad’s driver. He stopped and I went closer to him. ” Where is my dad, is he in ” Iask.

No, he isn’t, he just left not quite long ” hereplied.


Why didn’t he took you along” I inquired,blundering.


I don’t know, Ma’am. But he told me hr had to be somewhere ” Heshrug.


Okay never mind ” I replied and went in. Hope is not what am thinking.Dad never go anywhere without is driver. Something so fishyhere.


I went to the sofa and I couldn’t find the phone.


Is my subconsciousness real, or it is quite coincidental, no no way. It not a coincidence. Dad didn’t go with his driver and my phone is gone from whereI place it. O gosh Ihope……..


I got to warn Ivan, and which open will I use” Ipanicked. Just then i spot Julia coming out of thekitchen.

Hey Julia ” Icalled.


She came to me.


What can I do for you ma’am ” shereplied.


Give me your phone for awhile ” I said, and she stare at me with stupefaction. ” I can’t find my phone. I need to make and urgent call ” Isaid.

Okay, ma’am” She said and heardupstairs.



After two minutes of pacing back and fro. She finally brought the phone and handle it over me.


She just stood there. Maybe waiting for me to finish the call, but I can’t talk to Ivan in her front.


can you excuse me for awhile. The call is quite coincidental ” I said. ” Oops, sorry Ma’am” she apologize and wentaway.

I wrote is number in my diary. I always made it a habit to write different people’s number in my diary. In case my phone get lost.


I went to retrieve my diary from the drawer. I flip through the page and select Ivan’s number. Dial it and gave him a call.


I hope he picks. Yeah, he picked the call, and k was overwhelmed with happiness, but it faded away quickly. When I remember I was about warning him the danger that was lurking. I believe dad went to him.






My phone rang and I answered it, while I await in the garden. I was surprise to see an unknown number call me.


Hello ” isaid.


It me, Adrianne ” the person replied. Knowing that it was Adrianne, my heart lit. I’ve been dying to hear thosevoice.


Am waiting, are you on your way” Isaid.


“Why, am I suppose to come to where ” she mutter, making me confused.


I don’t understand, we texted each other and I directed you to come here ” Isaid with a furrowbrow.


Ivan, it must be my dad, I didn’t texted you. Just go away from that place. ” she said.


I arched a brow, just then I heard him. The devil. ” Hello Ivan ” a voice called from behind me.

I turn and saw the man who destroy and killed my entire family smirking.



OMG, Ivan. This is bad oo.




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