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Chapter 25 β„’


Authoress Promise




“What!!! You wanna abduct your own blood ” Pablo exclaimed shockingly. I sighed.



Or is it another Adrianne ” he ask to beoversure.


stop it already, which other Adrianne part from my daughter you know ” I said, frowningirritatedly.


He was mute for some moment and staring deep into my eye balls.


I can’t trust you, if you can abduct your own blood, then is no predictingwhat you can do to me, just your mere friend ” hequerid.


Adrianne is completely useless, she helped my enemy to bring me down, thatyou know. I will only abduct her and not kill her. Anyway if she dies, I can still produce more offspring” Isaid.


With who if I may ask” Pablo chuckled sipping thewine.


Wow, that chuckle means he as accept what my plan. I almost thought he will not help me out. I can’t do this alone.


With some other woman, I guess ” Isaid.


He stare at me and laugh out loud and then sip his wine.


Which woman will want a bag of old bones, when they are strong healthy young bones” hegibe.


Hey, that’s not funny ” Istern.


With money they will come to me, have you forgotten that women love money and they can do anything for money. So many will crowd around me. I will just pay one to get pregnant for me and when money speak, she’ll have no choicethan to agree to my demands. That will only happen when I first abduct Adrianne and after I get Ivan to transfer all the wealth back to me and then have him killed ” I said.


And your daughter ” heinquired.



O gosh, he’s impossible.


Okay, fine, you win, I won’t kill her. I’ll make her loose part of her mermorise forever ” I said, rolling my eyesoff.


Do you’ve any suggestion on how to abduct your daughter ” he ask. I squeeze my jaw and scrub the back of myneck.

You know, I don’t have any experience in abducting someone. So can you give me any tips ” I shook myhead.


Abducting is not a problem, I know couple of people who’ll abduct yourdaughter for you, after paying off the affordable prize. ” hesaid.


Affordable prize here is the thing, I don’t have any money in me, everything was giving back to those sons of a bitch” I said with infuriate envelopingme.


I squeeze the glass as I remember how I have to sigh the transfer property document back to those Mario’s.


Easy on that glass, those are one of my favorite collections ” he warned. I drop the glass on the table, before I’ll get a cut in myhand.

He chuckled and I wonder what was funny.


You see, I will take care of the prize ” heshrug.


Oh men what will I’ve been without coping across. You’re really a friend ” I smiled.


No, no, don’t give me that, you’ll have to pay me even in interest , when youget the wealth back “he said with agrin.


Of course, I’ll even make you the owner of my business, but that will bein another country coz the whole of mexico knows my story ” Isaid.


Yeah that right ” I said, and it seems an idea came poking in my mind. ” I think I got a easy smooth plan to abduct Adrianne ” Isaid.

What’s that ” he ask. ” I’ll tell you”



Do you think this plan will go smoothly. What if Ivan come along with her ” He ask.


Well it will be more easy, at least will abduct both, all I need to do is to callhis brother Oscar and tell him, I got both of them in hostage ” I said andlaugh.


But you said, it yourself that this guys was a criminal, will it be easy toabduct both of them” heask.


Your thugs will be much, so how can one man handle so many thug ” Ishrug. ” Whoa, you’re good and wise ” heremarked.

I laughed and he joined me.


aplausos( cheers) ” he brought is wine glassforward.


aplausos para hacer que esos bastardos paguen ( Cheers to make those bastards pay ) ” i replied, brought mine forwardtoo.


We’d laughed again.








It as been a week, since dad escape from jail. Wonder where he’s and what he could be planning. I hope the cops caught him very soon. Ivan as one me not to go out without informing anyone, and I shouldn’t make use of shortcuts. I always inform everyone before living the house.


Ivan as recently taking over dad’s business. He now dress like a business man. Whoa, the first day I saw him on suit, he look very decent, seeing him now, people will hardly believe he was once a criminal. Ivan was a lovely man, he loves me so much and as given me strictly rules, in my movement, like indicate earlier. The way he cuddle me, and plant kisses on me, made me love him the more, the way we stole glances at eacother, while eating. I can’t find another lover than him. Well it seems love as conquers the hard cold side of him, he’s hardly cold, he was just pretending to be one.


I was cooking with mum in the kitchen. Ivan was in his room going through some document. I know he’s inexperienced in business tactics, but I and his brother will put him through.


Can you stop this silly blushing thing of yours , your man is in the room and not far from you. You can go to him anytime you want and when is time for cooking cook. “mum said, almostyelling.


She jolt me back from the sweet thought of Ivan and I moment together. Like seriously, was my blushing obvious.

Am not blushing, neither am I thinking about him ” I denied focusing on the food I waspreparing.


We were making burrito with minced meat filling and some rice. We were perparing lunch.





Ivan, mum I and Fernando who was now living with us sat on the table eating the food.


Ivan and I stole glances at each other. Fernando coughed.

Do you need water Fern ” mum ask. ” No” he replied and chuckled.

Why are you chuckling, what amuses you ” she askconfusedly.


Don’t you see mum, they always glancing at each other, and Adrianne end up blushing ” hesaid.


That not true, can’t you mind your buinesss” I frowned. Heshrug.

Yeah, I’ll. Before you have my neck chopped off ” he said and Ichuckled.


Can we eat now ” Ivan said, he looks embrass. catching is embrassment, I’d chuckled.






Can you come to visit me ” Lorna as over thephone.


Hope no going out for shopping and whatever outing stuff, dad is on the loose “I said, remindingher.


No, today is Saturday, just come over to my place and then we can still catchup in my home. Please come over ” sheinsisted.



Okay, Alright ” Iagreed.




Are you really going out now, you know it dangerous” Ivan remindedme. I roll my eyesoff.

We won’t go anywhere, we can’t live in fear coz of dad. But at least for a week now nothing as happened ” Isaid.


He still look not convince .


I kiss him on the lip and he agreed.


okay” he agreed and I gave him a hug and then kiss himagain.




Girl am here ” i said and hugher.


She was in the palour and she had a weird smile like who was trying difficult to smile. I sense fear in her eyes.


Are you alright ” I inquired anxiously. ” A… am fine ” shestuttered.

Okay, that convince me, all wasn’twell.


Freeze ” someone shouted from behind as I heard the door knob creaking. I turned and yelps, totally taking offguard.

There before me was four thugs and one of them had knife in Lorna’s mother throat.




Adrianne not again.





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