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Chapter 23


By Authoress Promise




I hereby sentence you to twelve months imprisonment with hard labour ” the judge declared finally, and I arched a surprisedbrow.


I just got twelve months, I thought maybe ten to twenty years.


Court close ” the judge said, standing up, and everyone started living the court room, except Adrianne, and my gangs, Oscar probably went out with theattorney.


Two cops came to take me away, Adrianne rushed to hug me and tears ooze down her cheek, she cried loudly. I felt sorry for her, her tears made me weak. Albert Eduardo was taking away also, he never stop giving me evil smirk. Old fool, despite been sentence for sixty years, he as no remorse, what do I expect from the devil himself.


Please be strong Adrianne, it just twelve months” I pointed out. I arched a brow and my gang just stood in one spot, they couldn’t come closer tome.


Juan was just staring with an unreadable expression his face was blunt. Ricardo just stood there shaking his head. Aimee while cuddling Marco allowed her tearsto follow freely. Marco sad face was visible and lastly Marina she stare at me and when my eyes met hers, she just walk away. This is really hard time for them. But I hope they find something else doing, am not planning on becoming their leader anymore when am out ofjail.


But twelve month is a year, a year behind bars is so hard for me to take” Adrianne cried outwoefully.


Wait, why is it hard for her to take, does she share the feelings I share. Is shein love with me. I can’t ask her this question right now, not here . I don’t think she should loveme.


The two cops nudge me to come along with them. I disengage from Adrianne. I gaze at her teary eyes , she was wailing and I felt hurt.

Why howling in pain, Adrianne am not staying in jail forever, I will be outsoon. You can always come to visit ” I said, holding my achingheart.


Sorry Ivan Mario, is time to go ” the two copschorus.


Ma’am, please we’ve to take him ” the two cops said to her and pull me along with them.


I kept looking back at Adrianne who just stood there wailing, until the cops took me out of her sight.


I met Oscar on the way to the cops van. He just hug me and told me to be courageous






Adrianne came to visit me in prison. I was lead by a cop to the room where I would meet her, I wish I could just have her in my arms even if it just awhile.


She had her back turn to me, when I entered the room. She’d turn, and good damn she was indeed looking beautiful, more than before. She looks elegant. She let her hair fall to the front, all this time I saw her, her hair was packed in a bun, now she let them down freely, she had more red colour to her lips and the tank top and jeans trousers she wore match her perfectly flawless nature.


Gosh her sweet scent of her lady’s perfume intoxicated me and made shiver with anticipation. Is she here to seduce me, no Adrianne is not that type if woman, she can’t seduce me like Marina.


Adrianne lean closer and gave me a hug.


I’ve something to say to you Ivan” she whispered in my ear. She disengage and cupped my face to herpalms.

“Ivan you’ve always been nice and caring to me. You love me and I do love you too ” she drop the bombshell.


I suspected that, but I wanted it not the be true. She deserve a better guy. ” Yes, Ivan I love you, I do ” She said and pecked me lightly on mycheek.

Adrianne you deserve a more decent guy, a guy who’s worth your love not me ” I said and shefrowned.


I can’t find a nice and caring guy like you, even in the next world, I wish to have you. So what happen to your self esteem they are getting low. I love you and I’ll wait for you and that’s final ” She said, standing herground.


I flick a smile. The visit time was over and the cop came to announce.


She lean closer to me and peck me on the cheek twice, then hug me once more.




Juan you came here, and you Aimee and Marco ” I said in a whisper, at least not to be heard by anyone the wall they say asears.


Juan , Aimee and Marco came to visit two days later. I don’t want any of them visiting me. Since I lied I was into this alone. I don’t want them to be involve.


You want to suffer alone ” Juan retorted with a frown. ” Not nice ” Marco shook his head

keep your voices down ” I warnedwhisperingly.


How do y’all came to visit, am sure they will start been suspicious” Isaid.


Simple we told them we’re your old classmates, we saw you on TV and came here” Aimee said.


And you think they won’t be suspicious, even after telling them that ” I blurted out.


Whatever, at least you won’t suffer this alone ” Juanretorted.


They all love me. But I’ve to inform them that am not going back to be their leader anymore.


I don’t want to be your leader anymore. And Please quit the gang job, I will make sure to tell my brother to give each of you a job ” I announcesadly.


Oscar had came to me earlier to inform me that bastard as transfer everything back to the Mario’s.


They were just a second of silent.


Okay, we’ll inform the others ” Juan and Marco said and Aimee justsmiled.


I was happy that they were easy going to quit.


It’s you who keep us together, if you decided to quit, we’re also gonna quit and by the way if that will please you we all gonna do it coz you save us from going to jail ” Marco said and Ismile.






It’s time to go Ivan ” the inspector came personally to tell me. ” Yeah” Irespond.

I almost forget that today was the day when I will be free.


He unlock the cell lock and I slowly walk out. I can now be with Adrianne, my brother and the others.


The inspector hit my back playfully.


Your brother and your friends are outside waiting to welcome you ” hesaid.


The inspector and I had be close friends in the prison and sometimes even as a prisoner, he invite me to drink coffee with him in his office. Who will confided is trust on criminal. I don’t know, but he trust me not to do anything evil.


I emerging outside and met Oscar, the six team and my beloved Adrianne. Adrianne came to hug me immediately I step out.


Marina didn’t make faces, she just smiled. She as changed I’m sure about it. They all lean closer to give me each their hugs.




Surprise ” everyoneshouted.


There was a party in Adrianne’s home and alot of me came to surprise me. I wasn’t inform about this party, guess is a surprise party.


I receive a peck from Adrianne.


Sweety, it a surprise party ” she whispered in myear.


Am so having you after this party ” I whispered back in her ears, with keen interest visible in mytone.


Yes baby ” shewhispered.


She took me by the arms to dance, when start the music.


Oscar,and the rest were here too, they followed behind, it seems they knew about this surprise party.


We all started dancing to the Music. ‘Shape of you ‘was the song echoing in the atmosphere.




My family was in the party too. My wife and kids. They’ve been in Mexico for eight months now. I took them to visit Ivan couple of times while Adrianne was in prison. So they’re not familiar with him.


I stood with them, when I receive a call, and then excuse myself to a quiet place at the back of the stairs to answered it there, since the place was noisy. I was surprised to see the person calling.



The phone slip from my hand with shock on my face. ” No, no it can’t be” I gasped.






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