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Chapter 5


by Authoress Promise




I slowly open my eyes, my head was spinning and I held it with my hand. I arched a brow and discover I was in a strange . I laid on a medium size bed. So I sat on my butt to scan everywhere. My hands were bind together to the back by some chain and my feet were bind with a dog chain against and the other edge were tried to the beneath the bed, the stand of thebed.


Where am I ” I ask myself aloud, feelingfrighten.


I gasped as I started recalling what had happen to me. It obvious am in hostage and who we dare do this to me. I don’t have enemies.




Ivan and the rest came back with the lady. The mission was successful. Ivan decided to place her in the attic room since it’s the only available room. He had her hand and legs bind.


We’re here in our planning table discussing. I was await Ivan to say the next line of action, probably asking for ransom.


So how much are you planning on taking from her parents ” I inquired,curiously. ” Am not disclosing anything to you ” hereplied.

Gosh, this damn guy, what have I done to him. I frowned.


And you guys either ” he said facing the others. I was surprised the otherstoo. We look at each other insurprised.


But Ivan why don’t you wanna tell us ” Juan and Ricardo ask the sametime.


I appreciate you Juan and Aimee, but this mission was my idea, I wannahandle this alone ” he says.




I was surprised and confused as the others. Why does he wanna keep the whole thing to himself. What does he have in mind?.


And he wanna hide it from me his best friend. ” What wrong in telling us ” I shrug.

It best known to me, I don’t wanna disclose anything ” he said, stood up and walk out ofus.


Weird ” Diego muttershockingly.


Yeah, indeed ” I replied, staring at Ivan until he disappear from thestairs.




That is best known to me, I have a reason of keeping this away from them. I wanna do this on my own.


I went to her room and open the door, I met her cuddling herself together, she feels scared.


She slowly turn her head towards my direction and shriek.


Who’re you ” she yelled sobbingly. I move closer to her, she kept leaping back, moving just her buttbackwards.


Why do you’ve me in you custody. What wrong have I done ” Sheask.


I was short tempered, I hate someone asking me too much question. I frowned. ” Too much question ” I yelled, and she was taking aback.

“Please what do you want from me, have done nothing wrong “She cried. I rolled my eyes away.


Stop this whinny of a thing is pissing me up” I warned sternly. But didn’t stop. I was mad now.


I sat beside her and drag her by her hair close to my face. Her face was just a centimeter away.


I look at her eyes, she had gray eyes they were so enchanting. She have a very beautiful smooth face. Her lips were red and her eyes were small, her nose was when created, her curl golden brown hair was amazing . Gosh, she is indeed beautiful. Why am I just noticing her now, I have seen her pic before, so why am I falling head hills to her beauty now, as if I just notice her. But I felt my heart pound, I felt some sensation over me, but couldn’t tell what it was.


Her whining jolted me back to reality. I clear the foolish thought away and remove her hair from my grip. I stood up to my feet immediately.


“Please release me ” She beg sobbingly.


“Ne… ” I was about saying never when I was caught short by her whining.


“Please, please!!!!!!!, I hate it here. I really wanna go away please ” She cried very loud.


Wait, why am I sudden feeling pitying her.


I couldn’t take her whining anymore, I made my way outside and slammed the door.


I arched a brow and saw my rest gang approaching. I went to them and stop coz I know they have question already showing in their inquisitive face.


“You went into the room, without covering your face ” Juan eyes widen in shock. I rolled my eyes.

I know what am doing ” Iretorted.


But she as seen your face, when you ask for the ransom money and let her go, she will describe your face to the cops ” Ricardoprotest.


I sighed.


Or are you planning to kill her after collecting the our bargain” Marinainquired. Ifrowned.

Not our bargain, mine ” I snapped, furrowing my brow.


Bro don’t be selfish, this plan was carried at by me and Aimee too ” Juan blurted out, remindingme.


If any money needs to be pay, I will share it among y’all, but what I am gonna do, is best known to me. As for entering her room uncovered, you can do the same if you wish. I will kill or make her loose her memory, by giving injecting a antianxiety drug on her. ” I saidplainly.


They all were confused, when I made my last statement . ” What’s antianxiety ” Ricardo questioned.

Gosh, do they’ve to question me now, but if I don’t answer them they will keep on giving me inquisitive questions.


“Antianxiety drugs causes memory loss due to the sedative effect that they have on certain parts of the brain ” I explained.


They nodded in satisfaction. I was more glad now that they are satisfy.


I made to move and they inquired where I was off to, and I told them I will tell the time comes. Sure they’re confused, but I want this to be mine alone. I told Aimee to give her some food when am gone, I gave her the keys of the handcuff, and tell them to be careful with her.


I was going to Albert’s home.I quickly remember that I left the parcel I was gonna give the Abducted daughter’s father. Yes I was gonna give him a parcel, he will receive what I want and the detail was in it. I went to my room to get the parcel.




Gosh, are they planning to kill him or make me loose my mermory after takingthe ransom. I just heard what they were planning. God please save me from this hands of this devils, I prayedsilently.


I slept on the bed, shedding tears.




I drove to Albert’s residence and pack at a very hidden spot, I put the parcel in the corner of the gate. I make sure no one was watching before I did that.


I went to my car and sat and gave Albert’s a call of course I found is number at social media.




I was in a parlor watching the conference party video they were airing at the news I did some days ago. I smiled at it, full with pride that everyone was congratulating me.


Just then, I got a call, I pick my handset from the table and look carefully at the number, it was an unknown number. Strange, but I wave it off, by saying maybe is one of my client.


I answers the call and a strange voice spoke.


Hello, Mr Alberto, just want to say a parcel is waiting for you outside your gate, go get it” the strange voicespoke.


What insolence, who are you ” I yelled, offended with the manner ofapproach.



Okay, if you want to me. I got your precious daughter in my hostage ” He replied and my eyes widen in shock. I was strucklimb.


Wh… What ” Istammered.


First get the parcel. There is a parcel at your gate, go there and get it, and you will know what Iwant.


In fright, I drop the phone.


Gerald ” I called with a yelling tone. Gerald came immediately andbow,

Go to the gate and check outside, if u will see any parcel, bring it to me “I command.


He bow and left.


I pace back and fro, until i saw my wife descend the stairs. She came closer to me and when I was about telling her what was going on, Gerald arrived with the parcel in his hand.


I took the parcel from me and unwrapped it.


I open it and stare it for a moment was shock on what I saw.


Wh.. what the hell ” that the word that manage to escape mymouth.


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