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Chapter 18 🏾


By Authoress promise




I stand still immense in my thought, trying to picture if what am seeing is just a dream or some kinda of vision, whatsoever.


“Oscar is alive ” I queried with a drop jaw.


A man came to open the back seat door, he’d hopped into the back, still bemused as a statue, it didn’t dawn on me that they were about to drive away. The car jarred me from my immense thought, I ran after the car, but the car was much far from me, i couldn’t meet up with the pace. I was still running when it dawn on me that i had a car with me.


I’d scurried to the car an hopped in. I chase the car like a mad driver. The sight of the car was just a few kilometer away.


Thanks goodness I memorize the car number plate in my head, 61_10 TMD.


But the whole road was busy cars moving here and there. It got mix with the other cars, i can’t see the car anymore.


Damn it ” I cussed hitting my steerwheel.


I heavy a sigh, at least i took note of the car number plate.




You mean you’d him, your elder brother ” Juan marveledperplexedly.


Yeah, Juan I did, my sight wasn’t playing any trick on me, I know what I sawand am bemused about it and at the same time am happy, I thought he was dead”I sigh deeply.


Juan and i was alone in the dinning table, the others must’ve gone out whatsoever. A wine glass was in Juan’s hand and the wine bottle was on the table. He sip the wine as we spoke.


How is it possible, he’s alive. You said it yourself that he was dead. How isit possible ” Juanquerid.


I don’t know, that what I thought, but i never found their bodies Maybe both of them didn’t die , I really have to find Osacr first ” I saidsoberly.


“What are you gonna do now, are you gonna bring the crooked Albert down or find your brother ” he stated.


Of course, I’ll do the both ” Isaid.


Just be careful buddy, this man is dangerous” Juan said. I scoffed.

He should be careful instead coz he doesn’t know what coming for him. Ammore dangerous ” Ishrug.


ha ha, I trust you buddy, the devil days are numbered ” he said and we both laugh.


Why don’t you kidnap her father like you did to her, rather than going to meet with him, that might bring the cops ” Juan suggestedthoughtfully.


That sounds like a good idea, why hasn’t that come to my mindanyway.






Dad was gonna have a party, he calls it the billionaire party. How absurd.


I was in at the backyard near the pool, mum warned me not be out in the opening, especially when am alone, but there is no need to be worried coz Ivan won’t abduct me am helping him.


I left the pool and went to the small palapa hut near the pool.


I sat down think of how to make my dad confess. Immense In my thought, i couldn’t hear Lorna my friend calling me. Until she hit the ground with her feet making me jarred back to reality.


Girl, Are you okay, I’ve calling you and you were in deep thoughts ” she said taking her seat in the otherchair.


She didn’t wait for my reply beforinc speaking.


Why girl, you didn’t inform me about your abduction ” shemumbled.


What’s she talking about, i thought she knew. Oh I forget, she left for New Zealand the day before i was abducted.But why didn’t anyone inform her.


No one inform you ” I ask with a forrow eyebrow.


I was inform just yesterday night by your brother, I met him on my way and decided to give him a ride, he told me everything and I was glad that youescaped. I try calling your line yesterday, but it wasn’t connecting ” she pointedout.


Girl you got to tell me everything, I need details, itch by itch ” she squatter and made me giggled. The’ itch by itch ‘got megiggling.


What funny ” she furrowed her browconfusedly.


it not that it funny, it just that itch by itch that got me giggling ” Ichuckled.


Girl you found this funny, i don’t. Seriously speaking i only got to know mybest friend was abducted just yesterday and as been at their mercy for days ” she frowned.


am so sorry girl, it just my thing, laughing at what’s not funny, you do knowthat already ” Ishrug.


Spare me those and spill out the details, I know there is more to the abduction than meet the eye ” she said withseriousness.


I told the same story that i told my dad and mum. I felt bad for doing so, but I’ve to be extremely careful. Yeah i can confined in my friend, she is trustworthy but Ivan remind me that this should remain between the both of us.


“Thank God, you got away from those hoodlums. Too bad you can’t recognize them ” She shook her head plainly.


I went there with dad and the cops, but they were not there. They’re still search that area if they can find some clue ” Isaid.


Yeah, they should. So that those thugs will pay for abducting you and if not they will mgo out there abducting more people ” Lorna stated and Isighed.


Criminals are been condemn, but what made them criminals the people or the society. In this case my dad was the one who made Ivan a criminal, he is worst than the criminal himself.


Sometimes, people are the reason why this criminal are here and sometimes. It the handiwork of the society ” Ishrug.


Yeah, but don’t tell me you’re a philosopher. Anyway it doesn’t justifythem going around abducting their fellow human ” shesaid.


Yeah, you might be right ” Ishrug.






I sat on my chair in my office at the company, thinking about how Adrianne was released.


I don’t know why I got the strangest feeling that Adrianne is working for Ivan. Ivan Mario will stop at nothing to get me down. He might be using my daughter in some sort of ways.


I watch a movie yesterday, when a man’s son and another young man conspired together to bring the man’s son father down. That was when the strange feeling start. What of if Adrianne and that Salvador’s son are conspiring together to destroy me, is it possible.


I was immense in my thought, poring harder, Squeezing my jaw, I do that when am trying to picture out something. It possible, maybe Ivan told my daughter everything about me and Adrianne decided to work with him, Adrianne is useless anyway.


What i need to do is simple clear my doubt, by monitoring her movement. That only way I’ll

be certain.




After sighing a confidential document, I sprung up from my chair. I’m close forthe day.




I got home and met Adrianne phone ringing on one of the sofa. This is my chance. Let me hear this conversation


I’d look around and found no one. I went to the sofa and collect the phone. I blink rapidly, I’m right, it Ivan. He’stheone callingher.

I answered the call immediately. “Hello Adrianne ” hesaid.

I got a new plan ” headded.


My ears were alert to hear the plan he had.

I wanna kidnap your dad ” he spill thebeans.. My face wentwhite.



OMG Adrianne why do you’ve to live your phone there… Ki ki Albert.





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