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Chapter 20


By Authoress Promise




The phone slip from my hand, as I clenched my fist with clenched jaw also.Today I will show him am no more that fifteen year scared cat kid, am like a fierce tiger and I’ll prove him that. Is either he dies here or I die here as long as we bothdie.


So I’ve final got to meet the Ivan, the one who propose several threat to me. Welcome to De_Virginia garden, the same garden that I eliminate your older brothers. Today I’ll send you to your brothers, since last time you escape death ” he gloat, those face shows no sigh of remorse, it only shows the pic of vile man with evilsmirk.



I stare at him wryly. The fact he gloat about everything enrage me. I just wanna strangle him. What a gawking man.




Ivan stop talking, though phone call was still on. I could here a man speakingto Ivan. I knew my dad is therealready.


“Holy shit, I got to be there ” I cringe. What of if dad am Ivan. The thought of loosing Ivan, make my hearttremble.


I took note of what he was saying, and thank my lucky stars that he mention the garden name. De _Virginia garden near the causeway. But it not a luck, Ivan is in danger.


I collected my car keys from the lamp table and scurry to the door, shuffle my feet, I got to the doorway and sudden an idea got stuck in my head.


What of if this is the only chance, I need to go along, with a video camera “I thought.


I’d rush to my drawer where I kept a video camera. I took it and rushed to my wardrobe, select a small hand bag and tuck the camera into it and Julia’s phone too. I scurry back to the door and down the stairs, went to my car, after inserting it to the doorknob, I hopping quickly. I switch on the ignition, start the car and zoom off.






You bastard, how dare you gloat ” I spat outfiercely.


“I’m gonna kill you Ivan. The wealth are mine, not after eleven years, so so called son will come and claim it ” he retorted with a croak contempt.



I stare at him with feeling of strangling him right this moment etch over me.


Well, Ivan it’s time to go and join your lovely family ” he smile back , tuck his hand at the corner of his suit, aiming a gun atme.


So you think, I came unprepared” I fired, bring out my pistol from the corner too and aim it outhim


I scoff at the startled glance he gave me.


You must be a fool thinking I’ll come here unalarmed, sorry Albert, Ivan isnot stupid as you think ” I added with asmirk.


we’re both gonna die here, if you fire the trigger, I will do the same ” Isworn.




What a fool, he thinks am alone. I had texted two of my thugs to come to this place. But why are the fools not here yet. I still maintain, my aim at his head, so that he won’t take me unaware. I can’t afford to mess up. He still did the same.


I’m gonna shoot you now, I don’t even care if i die at the process,at least Ihave fully the burning eleven years revenge” he splutter thosewords.


At least you will die also ” I shrug. Hoping only him will diehere.


Just then , he was about pressing the trigger as well as me. When my men emerging, racing forward.


Sir, we’re behind you ” the chorus as I could hear them running forward.,without looking back, coz am not stupid to dothat.


Is best you put that gun down ” I mock as my men aim their gun athim.






I arrived at the garden and alighted , hurriedly rush to the garden with my bag in my hand. I rushed to the place and saw dad, two men and Ivan. My dad and those men who I suspect to be thugs were backing me. Ivan saw me, he was aiming a gun at me dad. I hide behind a small grass that looks a small maize puzzle, tip toe to the front and hide the camera where it can have a proper view of them.


I think I need to inform the cops also, they give Ivan a shot. I panicked as the thought of loosing Ivan crept my mind, But I don’t even know the FBI number, it is in my phone, but not in Julia’s coz I just search for it and no FBI’s number . But thank God, at least I’ve Lorna’s number in my head, she can help me contact the FBI.


Lorna please is me Adrianne, contact the FBI for me. A murderer is about to be committed. The location is De_Virginia garden at causeway. Please don’t call back text me, hurry please Lorna” I typed the message with suchspeed.


The message went successfully. I peep out and saw them still aiming a gun at each other.


“God please save Ivan” I prayed trembling.




She stuck a camera there, I’ve to bring out the topic, thank goodness they didn’t notice Adrianne. I still aim the gun at his head. He was shuck that I didn’t put the gun down after seeing his men.


You crooked man, you killed my father Salvador Mario your old boss, after deceitfully collection is wealth, and my mum have to die of panic heart attack, you killed my brothers in this same garden. You’re so crooked, you committed a homicide and your suppose to be behind bars for your hideous act ” I lash out grimly.


Oops, so sorry dear, I needed your family wealth. That why I did what I’ve to. Killing your father and your brothers was the only way I can get the wealth “he smirk.


He just confess to his crime. I wish Adrianne, will just go with the camera,but eyes look like she’s worried about me. And am sure she won’t like to liveme.




The phone vibrated silently on my hand. I knew it was Lorna.


Holy shit girl, I just contact the FBI and they’re on their way. But whoa what us going on. What trouble are you in now. Don’t worry am coming there with theFBI ” the text reads.


I was happy not fully happy, hope Ivan won’t be hurt before they came.


Boys fire at this lunatic” dad order. Ivan diverted his aim to each of the, buttwo was just too many for himalone.

I gasped as I saw the other one firing the trigger. He shot Ivan. ” No ooooooooo ” I yelled out and ran out to meet Ivan.





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