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Chapter 12


By Authoress Promise








I sat at the bed curled. I don’t understand anything, dad is suppose to pay the ransom by now. Why am I still in captive. What really going on.


I miss home. I’m stuck within this walls like a prisoner. My leg is bind with a dog chain. A bath tub is place in the corner of the bed, were I could be able to reach despite the dog chain. The door chain is a bit long, I could at least move five step in the room , since no bath room here they provide this for me to use and I also have to brush my teeth in it, gross, but I’ve no choice. I’d need to wash properly to look healthy. I always bath in it. I don’t deserve this, I need my freedom.


It was morning time. I could see the ray of morning sun beaming through the window. I knew it was an attic room coz the room looks like the one I had at home.


I got Goosebumps swell over me, when I remember what they had plan to do with me. How they really gonna wipe my memory or will they kill me.


I turn to the door coz I heard the key clicking in the lock. I knew it might be Ivan. He had not come to see me for the past four days. I don’t know why am worried about him coming into the room. Everything some open the door, my heart was curious to see if it was Ivan. But it always someone else coming to the room.


The door closely creak open and I hope it Ivan. But I was disappointed, when I saw it was Aimee. She came with tray of food.


She came in and place the tray of food on the table. She reach to where i place the previous close I wore before and took them.


Now that you’d had you bath, you can now eat ” she said, before existing the room.


Aimee which they call her, look so beautiful and innocent for such a notorious job. Well the one who looks innocent are more dangerous. It hidden in them.


It time for me to think how to escape, but how. I don’t know how to get this dog chain off my leg.








My gang and I sat in our planning room playing cards. We were gambling.


Ivan what about your prisoner, it as been four days and haven’t you askfor ransom. We am are confuse ” Ricardoenquired.


The rest gang nodded.


I inhale deeply.


I don’t need is money, I ask for his entire wealth. This mission is my personal game. I’d want to make that man pay for all he did to my family. I don’t need Is wealth, I want to ruining him completely ” I saidfirmly.


But if you don’t want his wealth then. What order plans do you’ve ” Marina enquired.


I want to keep his daughter. That is the best way for punishing a father and later I am sure. I’ll get his wealth. That am determine” I said, my heart was burning with hatred andrevenge.


we’re with you in this one ” Juansaid.


Yeah, that man needs to pay ” Ricardoadded.






Hey Paul take a seat ” I said, and he rook a seat beside my table. ” Sir why do you call me here ” heinquired.

I want you to do a work for me” I propose. ” What’s that sir ” he ask curiously.

What am about to tell you should remain between us ” I said. Extraordinary everydayfrom

STORY CENTRAL(SC) TELEGRAM GROUP(Join Group) He looks scared.


What’s that sir ” heask.


There is no reason to be scared, it a job. I trust you Paul for this type of job ” I said, trying to calm hisfear.


When his fear ease.


I began.


This is about Albert Eduardo ” Isaid.









. Ivan


I was in my room, trying to sleep. Marina has been trying to seduce me, but I kept pushing her away. But she refuse to stop.


I haven’t gone to Adrianne since four days now. I refuse to go into her room coz I’m getting engross to her beauty or is it something more than that, I don’t know. But I always sneak out in the night to stare at her when she had her beauty rest.


The urge to see her was irresistible. Now the urge as grown worse than before. I won’t have a glance at her now. I try to force eyes close. Gosh, what on goodness name is happen to me. Why is the lady always on my mind.


I toss and turn, thinking about her.


I found myself standing to my feet and heading to the door. I went to her room.


She wasn’t sleeping, she stare at me and I stare at her back. We maintain the stare of at least thirty seconds, maybe.


I came in coz the tears in her eyes draw me in.


I just stand beside her staring at her motionlessly. I was tempted to cuddle her to my arms. To stop those tears from flowing. My heart ache as she look at me with those watery eyes. I couldn’t take it any more.


I sat beside her and cuddle her. My body cherish the feeling of having her in my arms.


She raise her face up to me. Our face was just a centimeter away. My blood boiled within me.


Without thinking, I took her lips in mine. I found out are hungry I was for those lips. I deepen it and the more I taste it, the more hungry I was. Gosh damn, her lips are good, tasty and moist.




I can’t believe this Ivan……….is……




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