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Chapter 17 🏾


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I felt my heart ripping apart when Ivan played the call conversation. Apart for been a murder, he didn’t care if anything bad happens to me.


Dad don’t care about me, is family don’t mean anything to him, he loves only his ego and fame. Why do God have to give me such a evil man as a father, in all my life I had tried to please him, but I never knew i was trying pleasing a wicked man.


As for my daughter you can keep her. I never cared. What made you think I would’ve give you my wealth in exchange of that useless daughter of mine” those words echo in my mind, making my heart sank with pain andanxiety.


“I want to help you win this fight, your family deserve justice” I said soberly. ” But only in one condition” I requestedplainly.

What condition ” he askcuriously.


I want to do this stuff the right way, we do live among laws. My dad we end in jail, I promise you this. The law we punish him ” I said, and a moment of silence was followed.


We’d both stole glances at each other, i think I’m starting to get attracted to him, maybe. All those caring stuff he did for me came poking in my mind, normally a criminal like him would’ve not care for the person he capture, some would’ve s£xually assault me at thefirst day, Ivan is a nice guy even if he’s a criminal, so sad and painful that my dad turn him into whom he’s now, maybe is gang also have stories to tell, life must’ve made them miserable too, Aimee look too innocent for such a notoriousjob.


I believe Ivan when he said he loves me, it well written all over him. He’s quite a handsome dude, staring at him now, I’m taking a note of his cuteness. He had a oval face, glowing skin, the skin are light brown, a well shape and pointed nose, is light dark hair, the pitch lips . But despite the little scar that graze is left temple,he still look flawless, and not to mention the nice couple of biceps he had. Those biceps made him muscular.


Ivan was the first to break the long silence.


Law, Law, we can’t rely on the law. The law as been corrupt by therich……


I cut him short.


the law will sue my dad,soon after we getting a solid evidence” Iassured


But his face shows that he wasn’t convince.


Please Ivan, if you love me, you’ll do it ” I said, cupping hisface.


He’d caresse my hand softly, his palm felt warm , he arched is blue eyes at me. I felt a tangling sensation running down my spine, I shiver with anticipation.


Do you love me ” he ask hopefully, looking straight into myeyes.


I just stare at him, not knowing what to say, do I really have a soft spot for him. I don’t know, am not sure.


He made a grin forlornly.




I made a forlorn grin, maybe my feelings for her will not be reciprocated.Even if her dad ruined my life, am sure she as dream of a good guy who has a decent job. well all this doesn’t matter to me anyway, am use to been woeful.


She was still staring at me without saying a word.


Is okay, if you don’t feel the same. Am use to this kinda of heart pain ” I shrug, feelingdejected.


But all I know is that i have falling in love with you ” I added. She gave me a look full of pity, I hate to bepitted.

So how do you get with this justice of a thing” I said, diverting her mind to the maindiscussion.


the call conversation with my dad can’t be a solid proof, a man once brought a call conversation as a proof in a court, but after everything it was proving that he stole the person voice print. Not no if he was telling the truth or he was wrong, all am saying that may not be a solid evidence. We need a video of my dad confession ” Ipored.



I’m gonna realease you for this plan to work right ” he said. “Really”she said almost shouting out ofjoy.

She gave him a tight hug.


Thanks Ivan, I’ll shall bring justice to your dad and brothers ” she trilled. I smiled. This is all I ever want to free her fromhostage.





Ma’am ma’am ” Julia called, banging my door repeatedly. Julia was a maid in the house.


My heart jump into my mouth, I wonder what was going on. I’d scurried to open the door, I met a excited Julia


“Ma’am is ma’am Adrianne, I spotted her outside the housing. She’s coming ” she spill the beans.


I was beamed with excitement, my leg out faster than my mind. I ran to see my daughter.

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Lo and behold it was really are , She was standing there with tears in her eyes.


Mum ” she called and rushed to hug me. I already had my hands spread for an embracement.


Adrianne ” I cried, those tears were tears ofjoy.


“Adrianne honey where have you been, I had miss you a lot sweety ” I sniff, cupping her face with my palms and kiss her forehead.


I hope this isn’t a dream, last time my daughter came to me it was a dream. I was so happy only to wake up and realize it was just a dream.




I heard noises coming out from my mansion as my driver went to park the car in the garage.


I alighted with eagerness to see what was going on inside. I open the door and it saw Adrianne and Maureen hugging. I glance at themsurprisedly.

Albert your daughter is back, she escaped ” Maureen said emotionally. “How is it possible ” Iask.

“You don’t want me here ” Adrianne said in surprise.


no.. No is not that , am much happy that you escape from that hoodlum. I was only surprise on how you’d escape from the hoodlum ” I stutter, leaning closer to her and embraceher.


How do you escape from that hoodlum ” ienquired.




Dad you can fool anyone not me. I know you’re crooked. You’ve to pay for all your vile deeds. How i wish you were a good man thing we never have to turn out in this way.


How do you escape from that hoodlum ” heenquired


i was expecting that. I thank my stars I had a cook up stories to tell.


Well I’ve been trying to escape when I was capture, but I couldn’t find theperfect time, I was kept in a warehouse. It all happen that one ofthem…….


One of them, they’re bunch of those hoodlums” he cut in. ” Yeah, you don’t expect one to lead a kidnap plan ” Isaid.

“One of them was on the watch, the rest as gone somewhere else. I know this was my chance, I got to take it. I screamed and pretended to be dead. He came and check me up, he was so foolish to loose the ropes they bind me with. I kick his manhood , he groan and plunge to the floor. I ran as fast as my leg could even carry, I’d manage to get to the street where I hauled a cab and came here right away. The cabman was a generous type, he didn’t request for payment, he took me here free coz I explained all my ordeals for him” I said.


So, the warehouse am sure you can recognize it ” he saidplainly.


I was expect that as well


It of no use, they got many hideout and am sure after I had escape they will move to another place. And too bad I can’t recognize them, they always put on black masks” Ilied.


So how do you know that one was a man ” heask.


dad are you for real, Who won’t recognize a man’s body without seeing his face ” I replied. Hoping he won’t ask more difficult question that I can’tanswer.


but still, we still have to go that place, maybe the cops we find some usefulstuff to trace them, they won’t go unpunish for denying you from your freedom of movement ” mumsaid.


Yeah, you’re right Maureen” dadreplied.


Now I have to take them if they wish to go to a abandon warehouse. Thank goodness I know of one.


Mum took me upstairs to have a nice warm bath. At much time she prepared my favorite, chowder and some sweetmeat.




so you just let her go ” Juan ask with total shock andbewilderment.


I sat at the planning table with all my gangs. They’re find it hard to believe I let her go.


“Yeah I did, she is gonna help me with this mission ” I explain.


Whoa, you kidding, do you really trust her, this is risky. Are you sure she won’t call the cops and we will be busted by them ” Ricardosaid.


Hum, why won’t he release her the witch as bewitch him. He’s under a spell ” Marinamumbled.


I frowned.


She isn’t a witch, trust me in this one. I know what am doing guys. It okay ifyou guys don’t feel safe here, you can always to the other hideout ” I saidplainly.


Marina hummed.


All this is because you are under are spell. Ivan you ain’t like this, you can’t be this foolish, she as turn you into a fool ” Marinauttered.


I got furious at her statement, I need to remind her that am her boss.


“Marina, I should remind you that am still your boss, you’ve no right… whatsoever to call me a fool as you’re indirecting implying that. Never you try that again or else I’ll show you that i still have that beast in me” I warned hoarsely


She roll her eyes off and Ricardo scoffed as always.









Paul congratulations our plan as been successful ” I grinned atPaul. I was with Paul in myoffice.

“Yeah, sir the cunning man got what he deserve, he’ll be mourning his lost ” Paul said.


“Well, too bad for Mr Albert, he can’t trace you or the other staff coz y’all were in disguise. Poor Albert this will be a start to ruin you. More are coming ” I smirked.


The plan I had as been successfully apprehended , I and Albert invest money on the fake company and the look on Albert face yesterday made me satsify and trigger me to do more. Albert Edaurdo every soon you’ll go bankrupt . I promise you that.






I lay on my bed thinking about the huge millions I had lost yesterday. I was dealing with fraudsters. I swear if I’d catch those ingrate, they will lick their miserable ass. I and Alexis reported the situation to the inspector , i doubt if the cops can bring them to book, they’re incompetent, they couldn’t even find mydaughter.


Oh my millions are gone. I somehow blame Alexis for this, he introduce me tothat fraudsters without even doing a proper check up on that company. I somehow feel he planned this, but it not possible, is money was involvetoo.


Well at least I still have his company for backups.







I went to a big supermarket, where I could get supplies that aren’t found in the mini supermarket.


After shopping for what i need. I emerging from the supermarket. I went to where i park my car and dropped them in the car boot. I’d close the car boot and then my eyes caught a man walking to his car.


My eyes bulge out , i was dumbfounded and mute as I stare with unbelievable eye ball. No it can’t be, is it.


Oscar ” Imuttered.



Whoa, whoa, Ivan found his brother.





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