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Chapter 16


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But sir what about your older brother Leonardo, Maybe there is any chance that he might be alive ” Paulenquired.


I shoot my head sorrowfully.


No Paul, my brother Leonardo really died his body was found right there in the seashore where I was found a three days after my recovery. This body was disoriented and it was hard to identity him. I’d told the farmer about my brother Leo and hope without much conviction that he’s alive. But my hope was shattered when they found Mr Mark told me that they found a body in the sea, I should come to identity if the body belongs to my brother, I did, even his body was decompose, his favorite wrist watch was with him and his golden brown hair and the clothes he wore made a proper evidence to prove he was my brother” I explain, a tear went away from my eye. I cleaned it up with myfinger.


Sir you’ve been into too much, I’m glad to help you, that Albert Eduardodeserve to be in jail. Criminals like him don’t deserve to be counted among thecitizen.

How’ll a man do such thing to his fellow brothers” Paul said with a frown.


He’ll surely end in jail and I will be sure if he spend is entirely life behind that walls that isn’t even enough for what he did to me, death is a better option.He’ll pay for his crooked ways ” I declare solemnly.


And for you other brother, I have a strong feeling that he’s alive, he mustbe somewhere ” Paulthought.


Maybe yes or no, but I hope is alive ” I sober without muchconviction. ” Where are you Ivan ” I lamented inmind.



A grin cover my mouth and I tuck my hands into my pocket jeans and stare at her grinningly.


The stupefaction that was follow after she saw me grinning made me chuckled softly.


Is best you don’t fire the trigger, for your own good ” I warned grinningly. ” Let me go or else I’ll fire the trigger ” Sheyelled.

You’ll harm yourself instead ” Isaid.


Look at the pistol, it aiming at you , busted ” I said, she glance at thepistol.


I removed my hands quickly from the pockets and snatch it from her before she could notice.


I aim the pistol at her instead and she shriek.


This how you aim a pistol ” I said, not wanting to harm her in anyway, how can I do that when I’ve fall head heels forher.


I caught her by the waist and pull her closer to me. ” Don’t start what you can’t finish ” I grin.

Our faces was just a centimeter away from each other. I look at those grayish enchanting her eyes of her, they were calling my soul. I look at her lip and before I knew it, she match my feet and made for a run.


I wince and ran after her.



Gosh, I shouldn’t have let her come here. How much can she run. I’m a better racer. I grin as I ran after her.


I caught her by the arms as she tried to flew into the woods.


Let me go, am not your slave, I don’t wanna stay with you and your hideous gang. Y’all are criminals and deserve to be in jail ” She sputtered , making me infuriated.


I drag her hair closer to me with fierce in my eyes.


She’d wince but I don’t care. ‘Criminal, her dad is the real criminal here.


Your dad is the one who made my life miserable, derive me from the rightof having a happy family” I spat outardently.


I squeeze her hair so hard and she whimpered. ” please you’re hurting me ” she cried.

I release her from my painful and she wailed.


You want evidence right, I will give it you. After I record the conversation between you and your dad and then you’ll believe me ” I said more calmly, coz of the intensewailing.


The passion rekindle again and before I could think any further. I drag her by the waist and took her lips into mine.



When he redrew his mouth, I felt it should never end. He turn his head catching my startled gaze.


I don’t why you keep doing that, this is the second time” I said, I really want him to do it again, don’t knowwhy.


Well this is all your fault, I had falling in love with you even if I don’t want to” he sputtered his last sentence with grittedteeth.


I was shock and bewilder as i stare at him with blank expression . He loves me. But how.




Oh gosh, why did I have to tell her. I totally lost control of myself. It already out there is no need in hiding it anyways.


You love me ” she ask insurprise.


Yes I do, isn’t obvious. The way I cared for you why you fainted , the first kissI gave you when you cried and now ” I saidcalmly.


She just blink her eyes rapidly. I sighed.

It doesn’t matter if you feel the same for me. Who’ll love a criminal like me. ButI don’t care about all this. All I want his to bring your dad that. I won’t allow any feelings I have for make me weak ” I stated, not too much if I can’t controlmyself.


Is time to go ” I added, before she couldreply.


She didn’t move. I carried her in a bridal style and took her to the car. I place her in. I took the dog tape and glue her two hands together, cover her eyes and mouth. Somehow I feel very bad for doing this to her, but I’ve to choice, all I want his revenge and not love. I won’t let the silly love come between my revenge.


I scurried to the other side of the car. I got in switch on the ignition and drove off.


I went back to the mansion and took her back to the attic room. I’d remove the dog tape from her hand, eyes and mouth after chain her back with the dog chain.


Did my dad really did that to you and your family ” she enquiredagain.


The question is suppose to make me annoyed, but I didn’t replied angrily, but calmly coz she kept giving me those enchanting eyes of hers.


Yes, and I will present evidence for you ” Ipromised.


I glance at her for some seconds before existing the room.




I really hope my dad didn’t do it, I really hope they must be some kind of misunderstanding here. My dad isn’t that bad, even if he loves money. Though I doubt. Even If Ivan told me his past stories, I don’t believe, maybe it might be a mix up or something.


I can’t be the daughter of a murder.






I drove to where the garden where the crooked man killed my brother. The painful memories ran through me.


In anger I took the phone and called him.


Hello Mr Albert ” I said as he picked thecall. ” Let meet face to face ” hesaid.

We meet soon. I’ll arrange very soon ” Ipromise.


Ha ha ha ha, you’re scared of me right ” he laughedwickedly.



I grinned.


Not scared, but am a very deadly snake. I’ll get you unaware, you never can tell” I said with a sly.


You bastard, I want to meet face to face with you. If you’re a real man, acceptthe open challenge and arrange our meeting as soon as purpose” heyelled.


That really trigger the vexes in me.


Don’t worry, Mr billionaire, we’re gonna meet very soon. After all I need you to pay for killing my father and my brothers ” I spatout.


Am more dangerous than you’re. I’ll take you unaware like I did in the past with your father and brothers, y’all were not aware of what I had install for your entire household. Am the real devil here and can play the coin very well. Just waitingfor an open challenge, coward come out of this hide and seek game” hesaid.


The last statement made me mad than before. How dare he.


As for my daughter you can keep her. I never cared. What made you think I would’ve give you my wealth in exchange of that useless daughter of mine. If it that you want to use in threaten me for any new game you’ve cook up, am sorryit won’t work for me ” he blurtedout.


What a sarcastic, he don’t care about his daughter. I was shock and bewilder. Even his blood don’t matter to him.


He deserve nothing more than death.


I ended the call. I got into my car and zoom home. I had record all the conversation.




Adrianne I was shock and heart broken when I play the recording for her. And then she bust out those tears. Uncontrollable ones that made my heart melted.


I cuddle her to my chest and she wept. She wept of long and stopped.


I arched a brow and saw she had a blank expression. I feel sorry for her.

I want to help you in bring my father down” she blurted out soberly. my eyes widen in surprise. Does she meanit.



Albert yourownblood. who else is feeling sorry forAdrianne.

Just wait Albert Eduardo, I will join Ivan and Adrianne to fight you lol.






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