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A wife for the king – Episode 27



Alexander mopped himself dry, sauntering to the closet with a towel riding on his lean waist. He chose a black T-shirt with a navy blue pant, padding shoeless like pamilerin to where the dinner table is set. He found himself relaxing and enjoying every bit of the moment.

“No one has ever done this kind of thing for me before. Thank you, it means a lot to me” he told her taken his sit across her, while she dish out his meal for him. It was his favourite food, jollof rice, plantain with chicken. Pamilerin has discovered that he prefers chicken to beef, so she is learning to like it too. He insisted on pouring the wine for them, telling her to sit as well.

“Thank you” he said again, sipping his wine. After the meal.

“You deserve it darling, besides you have been working none stop since we got back. And you also need to be taken care of for a change. I also think we needed these bonding time together after the whole argument we had. I just want you to know I will do anything, and everything in my power to make our marriage work. I love you and i know we will overcome this issue, you are my king, my husband and I trust you” she finished, gazing at him.

Alexander was speechless, pamilerin kept surprising him. His chest swell with pride, thankful for having her in his life. Miracle do exists after all, despite knowing what she does, she is still here, fighting it out. One can’t help but fall in love with her.

“What I’m in love? Am I in love? Is this how it feels to love? This pride, joy peace that fills his heart?” He questions himself, silently.

Pamilerin notice the flicker of different expression crossing his face in his silence, and took it as for him, being in deep thought. “Babe, come I have something else prepared for you” she mutters, bringing him out of his reverie.

“Oh sorry, I was thinking about what you said, I must say you left me speechless


“Its alright darling, now come let me show you something else have planned for us” standing up, holding out her hand to him.

“O yea? I’m curious to know what else you’ve got planned for us. This night just kept getting better” he chuckled, following her. His curiosity was peeked when, she opened the door of the adjoining bedroom, that was meant for her. “Honey are we sleeping here?”

“You will see” she whispers with mischief, before flicking the light on, bathing the room in it glow. He paused, when he noticed the massage table set up in a corner,


it was like they have convert the space into a spa room. He looked around in wonder. Eyes wide, as he take it all in.

“Babe, you really outdone yourself, how did you manage to pull all these off,?” “Well I had help, darling. Now enough chit chat, remove your cloth, and wrap a towel because your wife right here is going to be your masseuse tonight” gesturing to herself.

“What a very hot masseuse, I guess if I’m getting undressed, you should too,” raising his eye brow in mock leer.

“I intend to, your highness” her eyes twinkling, getting into the playful banter between them. “Please help me with my zip, Sir?” Turning her back to him. “Gladly” running the zip of the little black dress down “there you go, I don’t want my wife to catch me, fondling the masseuse” winking at her.

“I understand, I promise it will be our little secret your highness” stepping out of the dress, leaving her in the sheer black underwear.

“But I have to admit that you look hot and tempting. I wonder how I will keep my hands to myself” his eyes ablaze with heat, as he discards his cloths too, remaining his black briefs.


Please lie down on the table your highness, and don’t try to touch me, because I don’t want your wife to skin me alive” pamilerin declares, chuckling despite how hard she tries not to fall out of character.

“Fine, then i will keep my hands to myself, but have never seen a masseuse dressed in little or nothing like you, ” he said with a mock glare, before climbing the table. Pamilerin, light the scented candles, then proceeds to pour oil on his muscled back. Kneading his neck, relieving him of the tension there. Soon he his mo*ning in relief. “Oh God, right there baby—yes that’s it. I don’t know where you learn how to do this, but I must say you are good—yes” A stirring coursing through him.

Pamilerin smiles, her hands running over his back. “Your highness its time to do your front.” Waiting for him to turn around, to continue massaging him. She moved to his head area, to get easy access to knead his shoulder. Her br*ast soon, starts to brush his face. She move out of his reach before he can touch her, causing him to grin wickedly at her.

“You are such a tease”

“Your highness, I don’t know what you are saying, I’m here to do my job” battling her eye lashes at him, noticing the rise in his pants. Pamilerin kept her excitement in check, her hands wandering to his flat tight tummy area, he tensed a bit,looking at her. Desire blazing in his eyes, she felt the heat of his stare deep in hergut.


Goosebumps covers her body, making her ni*ples to tighten. The bra seems to be too tight all of a sudden for her.


Are you okay?” Alexander asked innocently, “you look tensed, could it be that the masseuse is getting all hot and bothered like I am”

“May be” she whispered, before her hands disappeared into his boxers to cup him. It was a bold move on her part, but thankfully all the research and videos she has seen, has prepared her.

Alexander hissed with desire almost jumping out of the table. He is being s*duced by his wife, and he is loving it. The moment her warm hands connect with his b*lls, it was like a shot went through him, rising him up from his long slumber.

If pamilerin thought she is prepared, then she was wrong. Nothing could have prepared her for seeing how Alexander his, when he is fully and well aroused. The next thing she knows he reared up from the table. He kissed her hard then, without finesse, a fiery kiss that let her know more than any words could explain how much he wanted her, then tumbled her backwards onto the four poster bed, removing her pant, and snapping her bra open with a flicker of his hands, so that she lay fully exposed to his heated gaze. ‘I don’t think i can be gentle with youlike you deserve, being your first. Please understand “. His voice coming out husky, thicken withpassion.

“Its alright, I know you won’t hurt me,’ she whispered, adoring him with her gaze, her lashes drooping to fan her cheeks. He tore off the black brief, revealing his muscled elegance, as he came down beside her. Skin on skin, he bent his head and claim her lips, before claiming her ashis.



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