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A wife for the king – Episode 26


Yes come in?” Alexander called out, he glance up to see Pamilerin come in. “How are you dear?”

“I want us to talk, or are you busy?” Sitting on the couch.

“Its fine I will get back into it later, let’s talk” joining her. Well this is it Alexander, he thought within himself.

“I want us to tryβ€”i mean to find a solution to this issue with uhm your s*xual β€”” “Believe me I am doing that, I will give anything to be with you like that, my doctor told me I’m okay medically,he said it’s psychological.” cradling her hands in his.

“Then I will help you in anyway I can, I promise.” Pamilerin whispers solemnly. “Thank you” he mutters, drawing her into his embrace. He felt light, as if a huge load was taken off his shoulder . His therapist was right after all, telling her was a good idea.

“Its okay. Now let me allow you focus on work.” Kissing him gently before rising up.

“See you in the evening babe” seeing her to the door, pressing a quick kiss on her lips again.

“Later darling” sashaying out of the room.

Alexander released a quick breathe, taking his seat back. Now he has less issue to worry about, he can now concentrate on finding a solution.


His nephew has started to cause a little uprising, claiming he has rights to the throne and since he is yet to have heirs to the throne, he want to use that against him. But Alexander is sure he will fail in his bid.

Armed with new resolve Pamilerin fired questions into her laptop search engine, the moment she went back to their room. Ways to get a man s*xually aroused 101. She read things that made her face turn red, causing her to squirm. She missed lunch all together, telling them to keep it warm till she is ready for it. Pamilerin was bent on getting solution to the problem that besets her marriage. If she needs to spend all day surfing the net for ways that can help she is ready to do justthat.

Since he told her that its psychological, Pamilerin concluded that she needs to get him relaxed. A calm settings will help him greatly. A subtle s*duction won’t be bad neither, she read in one of her research that it is better not to pressurize him, or force things but just to let things flow with ease. So tonight is going to be all about him.


Pamilerin arranged for a massage table to be brought in, to the adjoining room. It did not take long for everything she needs to be put in place. Turning the roominto a spa of sort. Thankful that she followed her instinct when they were on their honeymoon to shop for scented candles, shower gel, massaging oils and other stuffs. If the maids were curious about what their new queen is doing, they held their curiosity in check. Next she arranged for their dinner to brought up. Setting up a romantic table fortwo.

Stepping back, she viewed the set up with smile on her face. It all look perfect, breathtaking if she must say so herself, and judging from the look on her helpers face it all came out nice. Dismissing the, she quickly shower, selecting a black dress, with a low neckline, showing her smooth fair cleavage.


The body hugging dress barely reach her thighs. She brushed her hair, and applied a light makeup, coating her lips with a shimmering gloss.

Pamilerin reached for her phone, dialling Alexander’s mobile. He answered by the second ring, “hey babe, are you still busy at work?”

“I’m done for the day, will be with you shortly” he responded.

“Good, will be waiting. Hurry home I have a surprise for you.” she whispers. “I will, can’t wait to see your surprise” chuckling softly, ending the call.

She light the candle on the dinner table, putting on a cool music, completing the romantic night settings. The whole thing will knock his socks off. She heard a footstep at the door, then the door was pushed open, ushering Alexander in. He stopped in his tracks as he takes in the table set for two in a corner.

“Wow this is lovely” still gazing at the table, but his jaw practically drops open when he saw her. “Babe what’s going on, do you want to kill me in that outfit of yours?” Holding her at arms length to look his feel.

Pamilerin chuckles at his outburst, “I just thought it will be nice to do something for us, since we’ve got back from our honeymoon” she explained helping him with his ties. “All I want you to do his, relax. Have run a warm bath for you. Freshen up, then we eat” rising on her toes to kiss him, before removing his suit.

“I’m short of words, thank you darling” discarding his remaining cloths, and following her to the bathroom.



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