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A wife for the king – Episode 9


He did not intend to kiss her but seeing how she stuck out her stubborn chin at him, aroused something in him—something he had not felt in a while. The first thing that cross her mind when his lips crushed hers was—primitive, highly sensual, and infinitely dangerous. Pamilerin did not see it coming, despite fantasizing about it few minutes ago. It’s true about what they say, about being careful of what you wish for. she clutched his suit for balance. Her breath cameout in a rush as heat flared betweenthem.


A desire and driving need to posses her clawed through him, making a mockery of him, of the control he thought he had. The kiss may have started in a bid to put her in her place, but right now it has taken a course of it own. A m*an escape from her, bringing Alexander back to reality. He was visibly shaken too, not only because of the kiss, but by the fact that, he felt something. He did not want to give himself false hope, but it is worth the short of trying, to see if something is truly there. One thing he is sure of now is that, Pamilerin is attracted to him.

He cleared his throat and stepped back from her. “Considered that, your first lesson” he said without battling an eye lid, any trace of the desire she thought, she saw earlier gone. “I called you here in the first place, to let you know that you will be closing late today, because I want you around to take minute of the meeting I have this evening”. Sauntering to his seat.

” uhm—sure” using all her control not to reach for her Lips, to confirm that what just happened was not her imagination. “I will just get the conference room ready Sir, excuse me” dashing out of his office.

“Did the King just kissed me?” She whispers to herself, in the sanctuary of her office. Finally tracing her lips with her hand, a bit swollen and tender, evidence of how he had crush his lips on hers. “I can’t believe he did that—i can’t even believe I let him! just to punish me, which kind of arrogant jerk is that.” Seething inside. But you have to admit that he is a good kisser, and you liked it.

“God what am I going to do with all these” she mutters with a groan, pressing the heels of her left hand on her left eyes. “I can’t even resign! It will be like a coward way out, have to pretend like it does not bother me, and play it cool, like he is doing” muttering to herself.

She made the necessary arrangement, for the meeting as Alexandra directed. Waitingin her office for when the meeting will start, it was already past five in the evening before the dignitaries he was expecting starts arriving, she ushered them in to the meeting room, and later inform the king about their arrival. She took the minute of the meeting, and by the time they finished it was already past eight in the night.

Pamilerin waited dutifully, until all the dignitaries left, before bading Alexandra good night.

“Good night Sir” has she carried her bag , prepared to leave.

“Wait, how are you getting home , it is late, I will call one of drivers to drop you home” he told her.

“Oh it’s alright , I drove my car to work today so I can find my way home, thank you Sir”


“Then leave your car here it is late already” he replied , with finality, summoning the man, that Pamilerin already know as her designated chauffeur.

“Your highness I will need my car tomorrow, to get to work” Trying to let him see reason.

“Don’t worry it will get to you”.

The man is stubborn as a mule, she may be strong willed, but she knows when she has met her match. Pamilerin did not want a repeat performance of what happened earlier. He is a dangerous man, she knows that for certain. ” Good night your Highness” she mutters stiffly, following the driver.

Pamilerin is certain now that she has bitten more than she can chew the moment she accepted to work at the Palace. It is getting obvious with her parents behavior that something is fishy, but she can’t place her finger on it. They are acting weird, like something is up their sleeveless. She had decided not to mention anything about the kiss to her exasperating mother, no need to fan the flames.

She switched off her bedside lamp, but sleep eludes her. Its like someone was playing the kiss all over for her to see on screen over and again. “God!I don’t even like the arrogant man” she mutters to herself in the dark. Pamilerin cannot say specifically why Alexandra always rub off her in a crazy kind of way, it not like he had done anything mortally threatening to her, other than being his arrogant self.

Thinking about him now, when she was meant to be resting is a serious sign that he affects her in a way no other man has, not that she’s had many.




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