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A wife for the king – Episode 6


PAMILERIN was surprised to hear that the King has travelled out of the country, when she got to work the next day. Apparently it was a trip that he needs to make urgently, seeing how he did not give her any inkling about it.

“Anyways it’s not like he needs my permission before he can travel…” She mutters to herself. So why are you getting upset? Her subconscious demanded . “I just thought it is a simple courtesy, being his Secretary, temporary or otherwise” she retorted aloud, glaring at her computer.

She sets about checking her mails, when a mail from Alexander pop up, she clicked the mail open to read, “Good morning, I had to travel out of the country urgently, but will be back soon. I need you to work on the water project file and get in touch with Adebayo, need it to be ready for my approval once I get back. If you need anything ask Adebayo. Take care” .

His mail was very impersonal like him, she thought as she search for the water project file. She has only met Mr Adebayo twice and both occasions were at her father’s house. Though they did not talk at length but she likes him. He has a gentle nature around him, working with him will definitely not be a task for her.

She relaxed has there is no king to make her feel agitated. Connecting her iPod into the system, she soon starts moving her head to the slow jamz as she works. She missed lunch, far engrossed to remember she brought one along, has there were a lot mails and calls coming in.


Pamilerin separates the ones that are urgent from the ones that can wait. She was replacing the phone receiver, when a soft knock, sounded on her door, It was Adebayo.

He did not miss the surprise on her face “good afternoon, Pamilerin. How are you settling in? came to check up on you” giving her a warm smile as he step into the room. She stood up to shake his hands, “Hello sir, thank you am doing just fine” she smiled back has she offered him a sit.

“Please don’t call me Sir, you will make me feel so old” he said, chuckling as he took the seat she offers.

“But I still can’t call you by your name” returning his smile. She guessed the king must have called him to check up on her, but she tries not to let it rub her in a


wrong way, “I was about to even put a call through to you after am done sorting out this mails, but I sort of lost track of time” she explained.

“Please don’t feel bad, you have a lot on your plate as it is, you can reach out to me when you are ready.” Rising to take his leave, he paused at the door, “hope you’ve had lunch?” Glancindg back at her. “From the look on your face you haven’t.

“Ops I forgot, was pretty much swapped.” A bit self conscious.

“Please do, the King will not want you to collaps at work from exhaustion” he teased.

She looked mortified, imagining how it will look like if what he said happens, “no we won’t want that” she replied embarrassed, causing him to grin at her, closing the door after him.

She swallowed the last bite of her food, putting the food flask away and resumed back to workafter. It was past five in the evening by the time she starts rounding off for the day, the gentle knock on her door give her a pause while switching off her system, “yes come inplease”.

She look up to see the man who drove her home last night, “Excuse me miss, I wanted to check if you are ready to go home, so I can drop you” he explained.

She was taken aback, “But surely there is no need to trouble yourself I can find my way home, thank you” she replied politely.

“I’m sorry but his Highness left strict instructions, so you will have to allow me” he replied has he took the bags from her, already leaving without waiting for response, expecting her to followhim.

She followed him, seething inside, even when he is not around he still find way to irritate her.


She is not a damsel in distress that needs to be help or taken care of, I mean where did he get off, thinking he can just make her do things. Almost stamping her feet in fury, but refrained from throwing tantrum.

Relax it’s just a ride home.

She wonders if that’s how the other staffs working for the king were driven home, or it’s just her, but she scoffed at herself with the thought of it being just her, “it not like he even likes me or something”

The Fifteen minutes drive back home was smooth but silent, each lost in their thought. He did not allow her to open the door for herself this time, insisting on doing it. Pamilerin finds it amusing but still allows him to, it must be part of his standing orders, she mused.

She found her father outside strolling in the compound, when she came in.


“Hello baby girl, I thought it must be you when I heard the sound of the car outside, I wonder why you will not take your own car to work, instead of using all this your so called uber” he said, dropping dropping a kiss on her forehead, hugging her to himself.

“No dad it was one of the Kings guards that drove me home, and don’t rememberI told you I want to have some work done on the car?” Walking by his side into the house.

“Oh that’s true , but tell me darling didn’t he drove you home as well yesterday?” He asked, peering down at her.

“Well yes I was driven home yesterday, but its no big deal dad” missing her father’s knowing smile.

Pamilerin completed her nightly routine, discarded clothes for sleep trousers and top. Lying down, thoughts of Alexander crossed her mind, she wonder how long he will spend out of the country. Her mobile phone ringing tone, brought her back to awareness. It was a withheld number, “Hello?” Weariness lace her voice.

“Hello Pamilerin β€” hello are you there?” Alexander mutters gruffly. “hello are you there?” Soundingimpatient.

“Oh am sorry sirβ€” hello your highness, I was not expecting your call” she stumbles on her words, surprised, quickly sitting up straight as if he could see her. “It okay, have not seen your daily report in my mail, what happened?” He demanded, without preamble.

“But Sir..I have sent it, I did before leaving the office?”.

“Well am staring Γ t my mail now and I can’t find it β€”Oh it just came in now. Later then.” ending the call.

“What’s the deal with this man, just because he is the King does that mean he should be this rude, she hissed glaring at her phone. She silently promise herself to stay away from him as much as her work can allow. She need to repair her car as soon as possible, no more freebies, especially not from him.



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