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A wife for the king – Episode 12


THE NEXT MORNING finds Pamilerin brooding over a cup of tea, stirring it and nipping at her bread slowly.

“Is everything alright darling?” Pamilerin’s father asked, joining her at the dining. “Yea I’m fine dad, just a bit occupied with my thought, nothing I can’t handle.” Giving him a weak smile.

David knew she will open up to him when she is ready, for now he will let her be, no use pressuring her. “Alright dear, eat then and stop staring into space, youdon’t want to be late for work” sipping histea.

“I’m even done” draining her tea cup . A check at her wrist watch shows, she still have forty minutes left. She cleared the table, dropping the tea cup and saucer in the kitchen. “I’m leaving now Dad” grabbing her bag from the sofa where she leftit earlier.


“Take care love, bye” David called out from the dining area, adjacent to the living room.

Pamilerin was grafeful that, the road was traffic-free. She maneuver her way into the driveway, waving at one of the security at the entrance. The car came to a stop, in her favorite spot. She carried her belongings and dash into the building, hurrying along the corridor into her office. Pamilerin promptly goes about setting up for the day


. Since She has start working at the palace, Pamilerin has made sure that, she is on time in getting to work, the last thing she needs right now is to appear incompetent, temporary Secretary or not.

Speaking of temporary secretary, she decided to ask Alexander about the consulting firm that is in charge of recruitments. A replacement needs to be found for her soon, that is the only way out of this whole situation. Thirty minute later she heard movement outside her door, A sure sign that the King is around. It won’t be long now when her intercom will buzz. It rang two minute later.

“Here we go” Pamilerin mutters stepping out of her office with a notepad.

He was on his mobile when she came in, signaling for her to seat. No matter how many times she has seen him, it still feels like the first time for her. Her heart flutters, pulse raising, she waits for him to finish with his call, admiring him in his pinstripes blue suit, with a crisp white shirt peeking from inside at her. She sneaks a peek at him beneath her eyelashes, fascinated with the way his brow deepens in concentration at whatever the person on the other end of the line was telling him. “Yea, sorry for making you wait. You look beautiful— as usual this morning” he said, dropping his phone on the table.

“Thank you, your highness” She darted her eyes to him, and found him staring intently at her with amusement, she quickly looked away not prepared to be caught trying to do the same. The laughter he was trying to hold in check just burst out.

“Is everything alright my King?” She asked , completely taken aback by his laughter.

“Everything is perfect, you amuse me some times Pamilerin with your attitude ” “I’m not sure I did anything to warrant amusement, my King”

“Well you should have seen your face a moment ago, just relax” , he replied. “Anyway, so far have you being enjoying working for your new boss, hope he is not too hard on you” .


Pamilerin wonder if it was a trick question, she opened her mouth to answer and closed it again, but later decided to answer , “Well since you are asking, my boss is a little bit stuck up but apart from that I guess he is alright ” , she removed an imaginary flint from her cloth not looking at him. She raised her eyes up a little at him and find him smiling at her.

“Hnmm stuck up right? I think I will have a word with him about relaxing more often.” Chuckling.


Now that we have established that I’m not a bad boss, uptight a little may be. Let’s talk about us”

This is the moment she has been preparing for, it ends here. “Yes please I think we should”

“Come let’s sit over there, where we will be more comfortable” walking to the sofa. Pamilerin would have preferred the way they were, with the table in between them. It helps in putting some distance between them. Now with him so close to her on the sofa, all the well rehearsed plan in her head seems to be fading off bit by bit.

“I will let you go first” recycling on the sofa, very much at ease unlike Pamilerin. “I think it will be best for me to put an end to things before it gets out of hand, that is why I want you to find my replacement quickly because I don’t think I can continue working for you under this circumstance between us” All the while she was talking, she avoids meeting his gaze.

“The answer is no” he said softly, his words direct odd with the glint in his eyes. “Look at me—i know you are not a coward so you will not run away, and I will not let you—”

“But your highness —”

“But nothing, you can deny all you want until you go blue in the face, it will not change the fact that you are attracted to me. I know for a fact that if I should touch you now, your pulse will start to race. If its not racing already, why deny yourself?” He whispers. “All I’m asking for, is to get to know you, and in turn you get to know me, we will see where it goes from there” he gently lift her chin tomet his gaze. “Our lunch date is still very much on, will pick up when its one o’clock” Alexander said, without giving her room todisagree.



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