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A wife for the king – Episode 8


PAMILERIN pound on the keyboard, fingers flying in irritation. She can’t explain why she was getting so much worked up, or may be she does but trying so hard to not think about it. She wonders if Lewis is still with the King. A smile teased the corner of her mouth, when she thought of him. He is more comfortable and friendly to talk with, she likes his gentle nature. It is nothing romantic or anything like that, but she knows he is someone she can trust . She is sure he will keep his promise to her.

She intentionally ask Lewis not to let Alexander know, that she is aware he is around, she plan to be in her office without seeing him, if he needs anything from her, let him call her, if not she intend to ignore him. That way it will teach him a lesson on simple courtesy. “I mean just because he is royal and all that— well royal my ass” she hissed and continue pounding away on the keyboard . The intercom on her table ring out, with one hand she reached for it, releasing a quick breath before answering it. “Hello Your Highness”


“See me in my office” was all he said before dropping the call. She wonder why he is always grumpy, as she readjust her cloth before heading towards his office. Alexander pushed away from his desk and saunters to the glass window area over looking the garden, gazing out. For days he’d worked his way through his responsibilities, trying to ignore the nagging itch at the back of his mind—the itch that was pamilerin.


Now she is ignoring him? Who did she think she is? He knew , she is aware that he is back from his trip and still she is pretends as if she didn’t know, he smiled at her stubbornness. He heard the soft knock “come in” he called out with his back still turned to her.

“Your highness” She said, to his turned back, waiting for him to acknowledge her. Pamilerin use the moment to really look at him, his grey suit moulds his tall frame like a GQ model any woman will be lucky to have him, not that she is looking for a man. Definitely not this one, She no more wanted another man in her life than she wanted to fly over the moon. Especially not this man. Impressive, too powerful, too much. A slight shiver feathered the length of her spine. Way too much on a personal level. Why not call it as it was? This man exuded a magnetic s*xuality that verged close to the primitive. The sensual promise was there, almost a tangible entity, and for one wild moment she wondered what it would be like to be ravished beneath his hands, his mouth…dear God, his possession. The scar on his face only added to his personality, as he turned in herdirection.

His eyes narrowed a little as he took in the bandage gown, hugging her curves, the low heels, the upswept hair, and his fingers itched to loosen the clip holding the elegantly contrived knot in place.

“How are you?” Crossing the room back to his seat. Masking his emotion. “Very well your highness, how was your trip?” She replied.

“It was successful. So for how long are you planning to ignore me exactly?” Alexander demanded, sounding anything but casual. Locking his gaze with her, enjoying her discomfort. Its obvious she was not expecting him to be direct about it.

“I didn’t know you are back—”

“Liar” He noticed how she stuck out her chin, and straightened her back. “Fine, I heard. I presume you did not want me to know Sir.”

“It’s nothing personal, that being said, don’t ignore me ever again. ”

She almost scoffed at him, Pamilerin could not help but think Alexander is too arrogant for his own good.



With due respect your highness I may be your temporary secretary and all but I think its only right for me to know when you are not going to be around, so I will know what to say when you have appointments and manage your schedule better , like you said it’s nothing personal” its like her mouth has a mind of it own. She is sure he will fire her after this, taking a step back when he left his seat and walk towards where she was standing, crowding her. She is not short by any standard, at 5’7 but he is 6ft and he towered over her. She moved back to allow herself some room to breathe, but it only cause him to advance closer to her the more, until she was cornered.

“Where do you get off speaking to me like that uh?” Glowering at her. Pamilerin’s heart suddenly racing a mile per minute, but she hold his gaze. She will not be bullied. Something moved in her eyes, then was quickly gone.

Alexander’ gaze narrowed as he glimpsed the fine hold she had on her emotions, and how unaware she was that he could so easily read them. She may be puttingon a brave front, but inside she is a nervous wreck. A par of him was impress, it shows she has a backbone, a good quality for a queen, but nevertheless he will not allow her to get away with her action. He will tame her. An instinct born of ancient time, rose withinhim.

“I think you need to be taught some manners on how to address your King” he said with a growl, causing her to shiver.


“I don’t think—” His lips crushed hers before she could voice out any objection. Tbc

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