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A wife for the king – Episode 4


She has already made up her mind that she didn’t fancy his arrogance and she will not allow herself to be intimidated, even if he is the king, and if not because she hates going back on her promise, she would have turn back there and then, but Pamilerin rein in her irritation, following behind him into his office.

He gestured towards one of the black swivel chairs facing his own seat with the huge table in between, this time she tried not to get carried away with the beautiful art work that graced the wall, in his office. A book shelf stand occupies one end of the room, with a flower vase placed beside the foot.

Alexander had done a staring of his own, right before she came into his office, when she was kept waiting at the garden area. She is beautiful, he concedes to himself reluctantly, that is if you like the chubby cherubic look, he likes his women tall, but that does not mean he did not admire her curves . The black pencil gown she wore hug her luscious curves, she compliments it with a low black heels.

He has never been one to be bothered about his facial scar, when there are other more painful things to think about, so he wonders why it affects him, that she finds it offensive.

“Let’s get started, as to why you are here.” He said with a gruff, taking his seat. It was sheer force of will not to give him a piece of her mind, after all it not like she came here to beg for a job, it was a favour she was doing, But years of

discipline cause her to reply him politely.” I’m Oluwapamilerin Henshaw, and I am here like you must know, to fill in temporarily for the open secretary position.” She explained, staring at his bent head, going through something on his computer. He took another minute before he directed his intense gaze back at her. “Well based on the recommendation you have, Its alright for you to start work immediately”.

Pamilerin almost scoffed at him because she knew it’s not like their are any other qualified candidates lined up at the moment, and she is the one doing him a favor not the other way round, but who is she to put his royal arrogant majesty in place. “Alright Sir, just let me know what you expect from me so I can deliver it properly”. Putting on a fake smile.


He draw out a document where her job description is stated, and also explained in full details what he wants, and the amount that she will be earning, she almost drop


her jaw for it a figure that is unbelievable, she wanted to ask him if it not too much of a pay, but decides against it after all he is the king, he can afford it.

“Okay your Majesty , will start work on the details, if there is nothing youneed sir at the moment can I familiarize myself with my work space?” She asked. “No there is nothing at the momentβ€” by the way, it is your highness not majesty” he said with amusement.

“Oh am sorry , am not really conversant with the royal ways” she replied with mortification.

“It’s okay I know, I am sure you will get the hang of it with time.


In the main time I will call one of my staffs to show you around, and also to your office, so you won’t lose your way” dialling on the intercom to call the person.

Pamilerin is sure he is enjoining watching her squirm in embarrassment.

He watched her leave, his instincts tells him, she will deliver on the job, even if he feels as if he is making a mistake by giving her the job. She looked younger than twenty seven, he mused, and if he must admit it to himself, she is really beautiful,

“May be getting to know her will be fun after all” he said with a wicked grin as he place a call through to Adebayo on his mobile, he picked it at the second ring. “My king! How are you? ” Adebayo’s voice fills the otherend.

“I’m very well , I want to let you know that the lady you recommended has resumed”

“Oh that’s good your highness, I hope you like her”. He asked chuckling.

“Well time will tell my friend.That aside how is the water project coming…” He asked as they switched to another matter.


Pamilerin, waited for the gentleman showing her around, to leave before spinning around in her chair with glee, “well…well he really does have a good taste” she mutters basking in the ambience of her office. She start up her brand new laptop and fired series of questions into the search engine that will give her more knowledge about her new job.


She knew she can not afford to disappoint her father even if she is doing this as a favour, Pamilerin has already decided to excel in her temporary position, nothing gets done by using half way measures. Her gut feeling tells her the King will be a tough man to work for, Again she wonders if it is the accident that made him to be this difficult or he is just like that.


The google search she did on him, says he is Thirty-eight. “He will look a whole lot younger if he learn to smile more” she thought to herself.

She went through her job description and the other documents she has being given as well. Pamilerin knew the job will entails sitting down in one place for a while, hard but not impossible as she continue with her perusal, stretching to work out the tight kinks on her neck and back area after some hours.

She glanced at the digital clock on her table and sighed, she has spent three hours with the documents she is sorting out and also familiarizing herself with. Pamilerin decides to stretch her leg a bit, leaving her seat, pacing around in her office, hoping to stretch her legs as well. She came to a halt when she heard a knock and Alexander came in.

“Your highness”

“Hello, I hope you are settling down well in your new office, just came in to check on you” noticing she is a bit flustered.

“Yes Sir”,

“If there is anything you will need to make your work more comfortable do inform me, I will leave you to get back to your work now, please excuse me” sauntering out of her office.

She rolled her eyes at his retreating back. It must be the royalty thing, he can’t help being all macho and arrogant, Pamilerin mutters to herself, the fact that he is handsome too must be an addition. Even with the scar and all she is aware that he affects her in a way she can’t put her finger on.

Pamilerin checked her slim black wristwatch strap to her wrist, and wonder where the time has run to, she quickly packed her belongings into her carry on bag, and stepped out in a rush, it won’t do to appear over zealous. In her haste she ran straight into Alexander’s entourage, they were escorting him out of the office area. She tries to stap back, hide in a shadowed corner, but he had already seen her, he signal to one of his body guards whispered something into his ears , before he enters into his waiting car.

The bodyguard came over to where she was, “Hi Miss Henshaw, his highness has instructed me to take you home, this way please” gesturing towards another car, a jeep that was pulling up into the drive wy, helping her into the waiting car. She enters, accepting that it is of no use declining the offe without sounding rude.


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