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A wife for the king – Episode 11


A definite decision needs to be made and it has to be soon. Alexander prowl around in his room deep in thought. The masters suite painted with an off white colour, house a stainless a steel four-poster bed with an upholstered headboard that was custom made, with green pattern bedding, a sofa was placed at the footof the bed with two glass stool in front, floor was covered with a gray Persianrug.

The masters suite has it own adjoining bathroom, painted white, with waterworks sink fitting.

He did not want to appear overly eager with Pamilerin now that things are going according to plan . He is sure that, she will soon be eating right out of his palm. He plan to court her, and sweep her off her feet. He already had it figured out, one month for courting her, the next month he will put his ring in her finger. He will give her a month to get use to the idea of them being together and after that, the wedding will take place.

Alexander is certain his decision will get the chiefs off his back, including his nephew who thought he can steal what belongs to him. At the thought of his nephew, he mutters a silent oath. The last time Alexander saw him was six months ago. But he heard he is now in town, Alexander knew he has started sniffing around, waiting. He sighed and sat down on the edge of the bed, his gaze landed on the small picture frame sitting on the bedside mantle.


His wife, Isabella was a beautiful woman, he realized that the fire and intense attraction he felt with Pamilerin was not the same he had with his wife, in a way he felt guilty for thinking like that, but he shrugs it off .

Alexander switch off his bed lamp and lay down, his thought in motion. It is going to be a long night.

He was not the only one that could not sleep. Pamilerin tossed around for what seems like the umpteenth time. The conversation she had with Alexander kept her awake. She still finds it odd that he wants to get to know her, not that she is belittling herself in anyway, but still everything seems too good to be true. A King, not just any ordinary man. She accepts that she is very much attracted to him and can’t deny how warm and fuzzy she feels inside anytime he touches her. She may not be experienced as such, but she is definitely not naive, it bothers her a bit about how compose and unruffled he was on the two occassion they’ve made out.



While she was all excited and ar*use clinging to him. It still feels her with embarrassment how easy it was for him to affect her in such way.

May be I’m indeed naive about men.

There is no way she can hide what’s happening β€”about to happen from her parents, especially now that Alexander has asked her out on a date.

A date with the King, but she is not sure she is ready. Her privacy will be trampled on, the moment the media caught a whiff of any budding relationship with him. In the end She will be the one affected the most. “I must be silly to have even entertain the thought of him and me together in the first place. It will never work. He is just looking for a fling” she thought to herself. “Besides what could come out of dating him, when it’s obvious it will lead nowhere”

“But he told you he wants to get to know you, and he will wait” another part of her whispers.

“How can a grown man, that s*xual, just want to know me? I was not born yesterday” speaking out loud. “It’s obvious he is up to something, and I will not be ruled by my desires. I will do my job, once he gets a new Secretary I will leave” with her resolve now more stronger than ever, Pamilerin closed her eyes. In the morning she will let him know of her decision.



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