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A wife for the king – Episode 28


Alexander was like a dog to a bone, he couldn’t let go of her. At first he thought it was a fluke when he became aroused enough to claim his wife. So he they make love over and again, until they got a wing of it. The first time may have been rushed, but the following times, Alexander took his time arousing her body to passion. He was thorough like a man on a mission, the room look like a warfare occurred in it. At a point in the middle of the night, the couple finds their selves on the couch, rug, including the shower,they can’t get enough of each other.


Alexander smiled with pride at her sleeping form, imagining how tired she must be. The rhythmic sound of breathing was like melody to his ears. He had roused her again at dawn to make love with her, before finally allowing her to rest. He wish he could stay in bed with her but there are pressing matter he needs to attend to, giving her a lingering glance, he moved nearer to the bed, all his muscles contracting at the vision of her lovely face, her n*ked curvy body hidden under the cover cloth, he found himself tracing her lips with his finger. Pamilerin stirred a little in her sleep, causing him to almost decide against going. With a new resolve he left the room, dressed in grey suit. He is ready for the day. He instruct the head maid not allow anyone to disturb pamilerin, until she calls for them, as he saunters to his waiting car, that will take him to work. Its going to be a great day. He can’t wait to finish with everything he had lined up for the day and rush back to his wife. Alexander’s thought wanders back to how his wife look this morning while asleep, before he knew it, he already had a boner. He swore silently, adjusting himself, it won’t do for his subjects to see him like this, quickly thinking of something else to calm the brewing rangingarousal.



Pamilerin toss around on the bed as she drift awake. Sunlight streamed through the window casting a glow into the room. Her body aches all over, like something or someone walk all over her, but it was a good kind of ache she welcomes. Heat covers her face when she remembers how Alexander handles her, playing her like a piano all through the night till dawn. He was like a man possessed, she glanced around for any sight of him and find none. Listening to hear movement in the bathroom, but nothing. She guessed he must have gone to work, a bit disappointed that he is not around, but she understands how things are—he has a kingdom to run. A look at the table clock by her bedside caused her to rear up, into a sitting position. “This is impossible! It can’t be 12pm already. The clock must be spoilt” she exclaimed.

She left the bed without a stitch of cloth on, dashing to their master bedroom. She snag on a silky rob, tying the robe around, she confirms that it was indeed past twelve. Pamilerin went back into the adjoining room to clear out their strewn cloths on the rug, trying to rearrange the room a little, leaving the rest for the maids to clean. She run a warm bath for herself the moment she went back to their room. Pamilerin soak herself in the bathtub for a while, feeling her sore muscles relax, and rejuvenate before she reluctantly step out when she heard her phone blaring out.


Her phone was on the third ring before she reached it, hapzardly towelling herself dry. Her eyes lights up when she saw Alexander’s name. “Hello darling” she mutters, sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Baby where have you been? Have called you twice earlier, was getting worried— ”

“I’m sorry I was having my bath, just stepped out—”

“Oh, so you are all wet and dripping uh?” He asked softly, but pamilerin did not miss the double meaning to his question, causing her to shiver in anticipation. “It seems we are about to get naughty, I don’t think your wife will like that” she teased him.

“I don’t know what you mean, it was just an innocent question, apparently your mind is dirty.” He said with a chuckle, “called to check how you are doing baby, will try to round off here on time”


Alright love, kisses to you. Bye” dropping the phone on the bed, grinning from ear to ear. She has never felt happier, all thanks to her mother. Her advice came at the right time when she needed it most. Pamilerin misses her parents, and decides to pay them a quick visit. She choose a royal blue dress with a falling neckline to wear, slipping on a low heel shoes to complete the look. A light makeup was all she applied, before stepping out of the room with her hang bag. She brought out her phone to inform Alexander of her decision to visit her parents. She sent him a message not wanting to disturb him, certain he will reach out to her the minute he sees her message.

“Your Majesty.” One of the maid that pamilerin has now come to like, met her along the way curtseyed.

“Hello Nancy” giving her a warm smile.

“My queen are you not going to eat before you step out?”

“I will do that when I get back” sashaying out. Her Car was waiting at the entrance, having called to inform her bodyguard turn driver earlier to get the car ready.

Pamilerin prefers to go out without calling attention to herself. But the only way Alexander will allow her to go out is if she takes her bodyguard along with her anywhere she goes.

Her parents were pleasantly surprised to see her. Her mother could not stop asking her twenty questions as usual, while her father simply wait for her to finish.

“Let the young girl relax a bit, before you kill her with all your questions” David said, grinning at his wife.


“That’s not fair darling, you always make it look as if I’m the only one that’s interested in knowing what our daughter is up to, when in reality you are the chief matchmaker” she declares indignantly.

“What us mum saying about matchmaking?” Pamilerin ask, her curiosity peeked as she sat opposite her father in the living room.

“Don’t mind your mother—”

“Dad? What are you hiding? You know I will not let you rest until you spill it out” “Fine, let’s just say, your coming to work for the King was not a coincidence like I made you believe. But everything worked out well” grinning at her. “Until your mother opened her mouth” sending a glare her way.

“Dad! I can’t believe you, you this cunny old man. But I could not be angry with you because i love Alexander, so thank you. Mother thank you for your advice as well, I love you both” she finished.

“Awwn my baby, come here” her mother stretched her arms to hug her.

She spent quality time with them before leaving, promising to check on them soon. It was late in the evening by the time she left her parents, and got home.



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