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A wife for the king – Episode 30


Pamilerin heard the door open, and she shut her eyes quickly, pretending to be asleep. She heard him pad silently into the room and a moment later slips in beside her on the bed. Alexander slip his hands around her waist drawing her back close to his bare chest. “Hey baby, are you cold?” kissing her nape, he was surprised to see her clothed in her nightware, when he left her n*ked and asleep before he went into his study to talk with Adebayo about some business matters.

She stirred awake from her pretend sleep, turning around to face him, “did you say something?” Stifling a yawn with her Hans.

“I ask if you are cold, because you wore your night wear”


“A bit, but I’m fine”

“May be I should warm you up” he mutters, his mouth seeking hers, but pamilerin turned her lips away from his, making his lips to land on her cheek. “What’s wrong?” He asked, worried.

“Nothing I’m just tired, need to sleep” she retorts back.

“Oh, well I understand. Good night dearie” pressing a kiss on her fore head. Pamilerin release a quick breath, feigning sleep again, but she was too keyed up to sleep. She turned her back again to him. He only draw her closer into his arms, with his arousal pressed to her round bottom. It took everything within her not to give in to him. His words ringing in her ears.

“He’s a liar and a pretender” she thought silently. It was close to dawn before she finally slept back. She was nudged awake gently by Alexander.

“Darling, good morning” placing a tray filled with breakfast on the bed. “Good morning” she croaks, stretching her limbs, before sitting up. Alexander placed the tray on her laps. “What’s going on? Are you not going to work?”

“I planned to spend the day with you today, besides you said yourself that I need to rest. So it’s me and you today, eat up” pushing a toast bread into her hands. “Really? Interesting but you don’t need to do all these, because I’m not ready for breakfast.” She mutters stiffly. Its obvious to her what he is trying to do, he wants to butter her up, so that when he abandons her it will be easy for him, seeing how much he wants to desperately move on.

Alexander noticed the flicker of hurt and something that feels like disappointment in her eyes, but it was quickly wiped off, he wonders why she was acting weird. “Are you okay baby? You sound weird. I thought you will be happy to know that we are going to spend the day together?”

“Well its good for you, but I have things planned, so if you will excuse me I need to bath and dress up. You can eat your food” placing the tray on the bed before leaving, heading to the bathroom leaving an open mouthed Alexander.


She stiffens when she heard the shower glass slid open, “I will be out in a minute” pamilerin said, glancing over her shoulder at him.

“Its alright we can bath together β€”” “I’m sorry but i prefer to bath alone”

“What’s going on exactly! You are starting to get me worried” he demanded, coming to stand in front of her, towering over her. “Did I do something to offend you?”


“I just want to have my bath in peace, its not too much to ask please your highness” shrugging off his hands. Turning the water dial to medium, rinsing her body.

“This is crazy, you know that right? What could have gone wrong since last night? I thought we are doing fine?” He asked.

“I thought so too, imagine my surprise when I realised it was all lies!” Switching off the shower. Taking out a towel to mop herself jerkily. She walk out of the bathroom, into their room. The towel tied around her armpit. “Just so you know, I don’t care if you are the King, hell will freeze over before I grant you a divorce!

You will have to kill me first, I β€””

“Wait a seconds, divorce? Why will I want to divorce you?β€””

“Don’t act confused or feign ignorance. I heard you last night when you are telling God knows who, that you don’t love me anyways, and you are moving on! Now that you got what you’ve always wanted, I guess I am not useful again” wiping the tears streaming down her cheek angrily. Alexander held her before she could storm into the walk in closet. “Please let me go” emotion choking her words. He did not yield to her plea. Pushing her to sit on the edge of their bed.

“Listen to me baby, I am not planning to move on without you nor am I going to divorce you. Why will I do that when I can’t live without you?” He whispers. “What are you saying?” Eyes red rimmed.

“I’m saying I love youβ€””

“I don’t believe you, you said you don’t β€””

“Sshh I was talking with Adebayo, and I thanked him for bringing you into my life. We spoke at length about my past marriage and I told him that I realised I never love her or care about her like I do for you. I was referring to my late wife, not you baby. You have me my life back, why will i want to leave you?”


Oh I didn’t knowβ€””

“That’s what you get for listening on people’s conversation” he said with a grin.

“I wasn’t I woke up and I couldn’t find you so I went in search of you, I was about to enter your study when I overheard youβ€””

“And you assume the worst. Women!” Laughing at her.

“Stop laughing!” She chuckles, hitting him lightly. “What did you expect me to think when I heard that, but did you really love me?”

“I love you with everything have got, I think I have been in love with you for awhile now, I just didn’t realize it. And I promise to do everything in my power to make you know that everyday.” He whispers crushing his lips on hers.

“I love you more”


“No I love you much more” he mutters between kisses, removing the towel around her body, pushing her back on the bed gently



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