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A wife for the king – Episode 24


Your highness, I know this is a delicate matter and I understand your fears and concern, but at this stage I think its only fair for you to tell your wife—”

“That is absolutely out of the question!” Alexander growled at his therapist. “Please hear me out my King, nothing is wrong with you medically like thedoctors has certified, that’s why I am here. As your therapist I strongly believe if your wife knows, it will first ease the burden of keeping such big secret from your shoulder . Secondly, you will both find ways that sooth you s£xually and it will in turn help you” heexplained.

Alexander sigh heavily, “What if it didn’t work out as planned? What if she leaves me and people get to know?”


“My King, you told me she loves you, and from what i can infer after meeting your wife I’m sure she will fight for this marriage, but you have to start trusting again, let the past go and genuinely work on your marriage. Lets try it” he admonished. “Fine I will, thank you for coming” Alexander conceded.

“Enjoy the rest of your day your highness” seeing himself out of the study room where they usually have their session.

Alexander knew its not right for him to hide something that big from pamilerin, but his hands were tied. He kept asking himself, “what if she leaves me?” But after reasoning with his therapist he has decided to let her know.


The truth is the way out now. He left his study room and went in search of his wife, certain that he will find her in the library, she loves reading. Something he didn’t know before, she has being spending her time, arranging and organizing the place, making it look much better than before.

He found her tucked away in the far end behind the book shelves, kneeling down, surrounded with boxes, packed with books. She looks like a teenager with the way her hair was packed up, face free of makeup.

“My queen seems to be busy this days” he remarked, leaning against the book shelf.

“Oh your highness, I was not expecting to see you here, how long have you been standing there” caught off guard.

“Its alright I just walkedin.


What’s in all thoseboxes?”

“New books I ordered for, I hope its alright?” She scrambled up, dusting her dress. “Sure, have fun. Its refreshing to see someone else apart from me interested in books”

“Guess your late wife does not like books?” She asked, placing a book up in the empty space she had created.

“No she doesn’t, we hardly have many things in common, but I’m not here to talk about my late wife” closing the distance between them. Blocking her movement, her back pressed to the shelf, as he caged her in. Hands placed on both side of her head.

“What did you want to talk about then” her voice suddenly coming out husky. Alexander has always manage to unnerve her. He will raise up emotions and desires within her and at the end, leaving her wanting more. Now he is doing it again, it like he has her button in his hands. He has stayed away from her since


days ago when they argued about her moving into his bedroom and his weariness in making love to her. She was also furious with him, and she kept to herself . pretending to be asleep anytime he retires for bed at night.

“About us, i know you have questions and I’m willing to answer them.” His lips hovering close to hers.

“Alright then, but this is not the appropriate place. Let’s go to our room, then we will talk” holding his gaze.

“Good, let’s go. You will finish here later” stepping back. Tbc

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