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A wife for the king – Episode 21


The yellowish glow of the sun ray streak through the blinds, casting a faint glow across the room. Alexander watch the gentle rhythmic rise and fall of his new wife’s chest. A faint smile cross his face, she look so peaceful and calm in her sleep. Looking a bit wanton even under the cover cloth, Pamilerin perhaps felt his intense gaze on her, as her eyes flicks open slowly. A bit disoriented, but light of acknowledgement dawns on her at the sight of Alexander, breaking into a shy smile.

“Good morning husband” she mutters, voice still husky from sleep, she breath in his, spicy sandal wood aftershave . He had freshen up already, donning on a Blue polo shirt that hugs his muscles, with a Off white chino’s short, completing the attire with a suede brown Loafer on his feet.

“A beautiful morning to you too—my queen” he mutters gruffly. He leaned over her, pressing a soft kiss on her lips.

“No have not brush my teeth, I will have morning breath from all the wine I took last night” she groans in embarrassment, trying to dodge her mouth from his seeking lips.

“Let me be the judge of that—besides I have brushed so my breath will help yours” he said with a chuckle, holding her flaying hands up her head.


“Fine you ask for it” she declares in mock indignation. She welcomes his seek lips on hers, clasping his head closer to hers


She was starting to get carried away, thoughts of how he had brought her to a shattering climax with just his hands fills her mind, she wonders how it will be when they finally make love and consume their marriage in every sense of the word. Since he did not claim her completely last night, may be this morning will be different, but he draws back.

“I guess you are right you need to brush” he said, his eyes twinkling with amusement.

Pamilerin at first thought he was serious, but when she saw that he was teasing her, she threw a pillow at him. “You are just a tease— you seem to be enjoying yourself pretty well” she clap back, giggling.

“Fine whatever you say, I didn’t want you to feel bad that’s why I prolonged the kiss. You can call it charity—”

“What! Charity my foot, let me get you, I will show you charity” she declares, sitting up with the sheet tucked under her armpits.

“I will leave you to bath—and wash your mouth, before you injure me” ducking his head from yet another pillow she threw. “I will be back” Chuckling, as he saunters out of the room.

Pamilerin smiles at his retreating form. She loves this side of him, playful and carefree, though she had to admit that the other part of him too his hot. The Alpha male side of him. Her face grew hot with embarrassment at the look of the room, rumpled bed, strewn pillows on the floor. It looks like they were at it all night.

Though she wish that were the case. The housekeeper has her work cut out for her, she wonders how the place will now look like when they eventually consumate their marriage.

“It will be off the roof—smoking hot stuff, judging by what he did last night” she mutters to herself, as she left the bed to freshen up. If she can blush, her face will be red by now at the graphic thoughts that feels her head.

Pamilerin was a little confused on what to wear, seeing so many choice of cloths in her closet. She finally choose a yellow flowery patterned mid length gown, falling like a twirl around her knee, a bit snug in the br**st area before flaring down from the waist down. It has a short cap sleeve, showing off her smooth fair skin. She applied a light makeup, putting on a rose coloured lip gloss, causing her lips to look lustrous.


She was brushing her hair when Alexander came in. “Your Highness” eyes gleaming with mischief.

“Hello beautiful” standing behind her. “Let’s go have breakfast, after I have something planned for us” holding her shoulders.

“Alright I’m done here” smiling at him.

Their breakfast was set on the terrace of the cabin, Sandwich, juice, fruits neatly cut, with a yellow flower besides. Two white cane chair on each side of the table, he draw out the chair for her, before sitting.

Ever the gentleman, she thought. “Darling this is beautiful, thank you” “I’m happy you like it, because I did it all by myself”

“Seriously? Oh baby this is wonderful, I love you” she whispered, pamilerin noticed he stiffens a bit the moment she mentioned the L–word. She has being dying to tell him how she feels, and even if he does not say it to her first, she told herself many times that he compensates for it by his action.


She didn’t know it will hurt her like this, especially when he did not say it back, but rather stiffened up. Pamilerin console herself that men sometimes find it hard to express their self. “Thank you, I can’t wait to see what you’ve planned for us next” quickly covering the awkward silence.

“Yea sure, lets eat”

They soon find something else to feel the silence, and things return back to normal, with pamilerin asking him how he learned how to cook and how he managed to set the table quickly for them. He teased pamilerin continuously, about the blunder she committed when she addressed him wrong the first time they met.

The two finished their breakfast, leaving the table to start with the plan Alexander has in store for them. The bodyguards following at a discrete distance, giving the two love birds the privacy they need. The two decided to first browse through the island, getting to know their environment. Their next point of call was the market place, where beautiful souvenirs were displayed. He bought her a bracelet, clipping it on her wrist right there, pamilerin could not seem to know what to buy for a man that has it all. But she finds something finally by sheer luck in an antic jewelry shop, a ring. Beautifully carved, with a blood red stone on it.

She quickly paid for it, insisting it her treat for him. “See- it fits perfectly” slipping the ring on his finger.

“Thank you, I love it” he whispers, kissing her.

“You welcome, now let’s go for lunch, I’m starving” she declares. “Yes my lady” grinning down at her.




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