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A wife for the king – Episode 19


The Reception followed immediately after they left the church. The event planner really out done herself, everything was well arranged. Alexander had arranged for their honeymoon trip, It was a surprise destination that he refused to share with Pamilerin. The newley wedded couple left the rest of the party, in the evening to where the private plane was waiting for them.

It was just them, their security detail, and the cabin crew. They were ushered in to the plane, into their first class section, where champagne is already awaiting them, in a bucket filled with ice. Pamilerin took a sit opposite Alexander, both buckling their sit belt in preparation for the take off. The voice of the Captain fills the cabin, giving them the flight details, and the projected landing time. Pamilerin could not believe her ears when the Captain announced that their destination is Mauritius. “Seriously?” Her eyes widens “Mauritius?”

“Yes, I know you will like the place” Alexander told her, smiling at.

“Oh my, its one of my dream places to vacation, this is amazing thank you” she mutters.

“It’s alright” his eyes boring into her’s. “I glad I could fulfill some of your dream” “You have surpassed my dreams” she points out, returning his heated stare, pamilerin was certain that her desire is evident in her eyes. She has been literarily dying to kiss him, their is no reason why she can’t make the first move she thought within herself, her wedding bands wink on her finger. “This give her right to do just that”, with determination in place, She wait for the plane to balance and for the seats belt to come off, It was like he took the thought right out of her head, more or less, or her desire was very evident in her eyes. Either way, she finds herself sprawled on his lap.

“Have been meaning to do this since the last time” he murmured, before his lips descends on hers. His left hand roam and c*ress her body while the other held her head in place. Pamilerin felt putty in his hands, this is where she wants to be, in his arms.

“I have being dying to kiss you too” punctuating her words with kisses. Her chest pressing against his.

“Your Highness —oh excuse me” the hostess whispers, quickly backing out with the refreshment she brought.


Pamilerin groaned in embarrassment, “oh I feel so embarrassed, right now” her face heating up.

“Don’t be, besides we are newly weds. So we are allowed to be all over each other” he told her, pressing one last kiss on her before releasing her. Pamilerin smiled and reclined on the seat, before long she doze off.

Pamilerin felt a bit worn out but well rested, by the time they finally made it to their destination. It was a beautiful sight. The beach was not far from their Cabin. Its a space they have just for their selves, far from the prying eyes of the press.

After the two bodyguards have done a quick swipe and check of the cabin, they were allowed to enter.

“Wow this is beautiful, just like in the movies” pamilerin whispered in awe of the plac.

Their room has a direct view to the beach, causing her to sigh with appreciation. The bedroom was prepared prior to their arrival, its a chapter out of a romance novel. Scented candles, flower petals on the floor and bed, wine by the four poster bed.

“This is amazing!”

“I’m glad you like it. Why don’t you go ahead and freshen up” Alexander said, removing his cufflinks from his shirt after dispensing with his jacket. “Everything you need is in the bathroom, and have asked them to do cloth shopping for you, i am sure you will likethem.”

“Wow!” Opening the walk-in closet to find them filled with arrays of designer cloths, shoes and bags, “but are these not too much? I mean how many days are we spending here—”


You are my wife and queen now, I want you to have everything.” He declares, shrugging off his Shirt, leaving him in his trousers.

“I don’t think I can wear them all in the—” her throat seems to close of as she glanced at him, taking in his naked chest, “few weeks we will spend here” she finished, voice choked with emotions. She has never seen him half naked before, and he looks deadly in this state.

What was she thinking, how can she handle such a virile man as he is, he obviously work out to get all that muscles and abs. She thought.

Pamilerin eyes flickered up to connect with his gaze, and realized he was watching her watch him.

“Er I will just go and freshen up like you suggested” she croaks, planning to escape into the adjoining bathroom.


“Are you sure you won’t need help with that gown you are wearing?” Referring to the black sequins gown she wore for the reception. He crossed the room, closing the space between them. “Let me help you” his voice now sounding husky, to her ears. Drawing the zip all the way down, his cool hands displayed on her now bare back. It fell with a whoosh sound before Pamilerin could reach for it, leaving her in the lacy black bra and matching pant.

“You are so beautiful” he whispered but the words came out low and husky, intimate. He kissed the pulse that beat wildly in her throat, his lips lingering with er*tic effect against the soft skin, so that Pamilerin shivered against him, her back pressed to his hard chest.

Alexander gently turned her around to face him, his head lowers to claim her lips. At first his lips were controlled and seeking, but the wildfire intensity of her response must have set him on fire too, because his mouth becomes demanding and the kiss became more intent, with a sole purpose to possess her. Pamilerin shuddered at the intensity and desire his touch awakened in her.

His arms tightened around her, her br*ast crushed to his chest, causing her groan her helpless surrender. Carnal impulses rioted through every cell in her body, clouding her mind and thoughts. Alexander unclasps her bra, stepping back to take her in. Her skin looking flushed, Pamilerin made an attempt to cover herself, but he gently draw her hands down. “Let me see you.” She wanted him with a desperate vulnerability that terrified her. I should tell him have never done this before, she thought. For an instant a rush of adrenalin stimulated him into complete arousal, recklessly whetting his appetite for her into a sensual clamour that made nonsense of all his forebodings. But before he could grasps what was happening it was gone, leaving him deflated, and angry. How can he be aroused one minute and the next nothing.

“I think you should go ahead with your bath” he said, stepping back from her. His expression closed off Leaving her confused.

“I er—alright” she murmured dashing into the bathroom, flustered and embarrassed. Wondering why he was suddenly angry, Self doubt kicks-in.




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