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A wife for the king – Episode 10


IT’S BEEN A WEEK after the kiss incidence, with Alexander behaving as if it never happened, for him it’s business as usual. The case is not the same for Pamilerin, being around him makes her feel things she did not want to feel, it’s like he is sucking the air around her, anytime he is close. This days he seems to be needing her to do a lot of things for him, and it usually involve being close to him. There was a time he asked her to forward a document she was working on to him, which she did, but he insisted he could not find it on his computer. Telling her to come over and check it on his system, she felt a bit taken back when he offered his seat to her, hovering around her while she search his computer. His after shave


teasing her nostrils, causing frission of awareness to pass through her. She had to resend it to him, but not before he had torment her senses.

Now he has called her again, for the umpteenth time, into his office. She smooth down her black pencil dress taking in a deep breath before heading to his office, pamilerin found his door partly opened, with voices coming from inside, she eased the door opened gently not to barge in, she smile when Lewis came into view, with Alexander at his side.

“Hello Lewis” offering him a smile, he was on his way out.

“Hello Pamilerin, looking lovely as ever— your Highness” dipping low with a bow, as he left his office.

“Your highness you called?

” You two looks chummy, now you are calling him Lewis, do you know that its few close friends that he allows to call him by his first name?” He questioned, standing straight and tall with his hands in his pocket. He cross the room to his book shelve, leaning on it.

“He asked me to, your highness, we are friends”

“Indeed, you seems to be friends with half of my staffs now, I guess I’m the only one you don’t want to be friends with uh?” Giving her a pointed look.

Pamilerin barely managed to contain her surprise, “I don’t know how to respond to that, your Highness” her hands fluttered in the air like a wind-blown butterfly. “I mean—”

“What you don’t think a King is also human uh?”

Pamilerin turned to glance at him, that was her mistake, she did not know when he left his rest place to stand behind her. Her breath came out in a rush as heat flared between them. Alexandra put his hand on her wrist, he felt the leap of her pulse beneath his fingers.

“Please don’t Your highness” she stutters. “Don’t what?” He mutters.

“Don’t touch me”

“Why is that?” He stroked her inner wrist with his thumb. “Do I affect you that much?” Still running his thumb gently down to her palm and up her inner elbow, Pamilerin was frozen in place, her pulse hammering, heart fluttering.

“I think its time for me to stop denying what’s between us”

“There’s nothing between us” she nearly choke on her words, “I thought you called me here for work purpose, your highness” trying to pull free.

“Alexander” he whispered.

“What?” Confusion lacing her voice.


“My name say it? I want to hear you say it” not letting go. “I can’t —stop doing as if we are lovers, please I don’t —” “I beg to differ”

“Could you just stop”

“Make me” He could see the indecision in her eyes, the desire as well as the doubt. All she needed was a tiniest bit of incentive, the merest push to tumble her into temptation, and he was more than willing to give it. “Stop over thinking this” he murmured as he dropped his head so his lips were just a breath away from hers. He could hear her breath, uneven and ragged, “what are you afraid of!” His lips nearly brushing hers.

“Alexander” she whispered, and he kissed her. Her arms came up around his shoulders, and she revelled in the sheer size and power of him. His tongue probes and seek, she could do nothing but surrender to the onslaught of desire bombarding her body and brain. Past caring that they are in his office, she clings to him. He gently pull back after kissing her thoroughly, taking away any doubt from her mind. She was still reeling from the after effect of it, by the way she was gazing at him with want and desire, It feels him with pride that, he did that to her. Desire course through his body, he felt a stirring and he realized he was semi-aroused.

Could it be?

He decided not to celebrate victory yet until he has seen his doctor. For nowhe will hold on to what he has, from all indication Pamilerin is not repulsed byhis scar like he thought, this time he is very sure, she is attracted tohim.

“What does this mean?” She ask, meeting his gaze, confusion written in her eyes. “It means I want you, and you want me too” he replied. Stirring her to the off white sofa beside the bookshelf. He gently sat down beside her. Her fingers trembled within Alexander grasp. “Relax”

“I can’t! One minute you are acting all cold and bossy, the next you are kissing me. What do you want from me?” Getting agitated.

“Well for now I want to get to know you, and we see how it goes from there” “Really?”

“Really” amusement lacing his voice.

“Fine, but just so you know, I’m not going to sleep with you, King or not” she declares.

“I can wait” he said with arrogance, but deep inside he hope that there will be a remedy to his problem soon.



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