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A wife for the king – Episode 16


ALEXANDER waited for her to face him, before he continues, “Though itdepends on the way you see it” he explained, seeing the confusion in hereyes.

“What’s the issue?” She could not fathom anything off her mind.

“I know we agreed to wait for some months before we get married, but I’m afraid that can’t be, because the council of chiefs has given me an ultimatum of setting a wedding date and its just a month notice—”

“What! A month to get married? But that’s too short—i mean I’m still getting used to being engaged to you. Now marriage this soon?” She said, eyes widens like a deer caught in the headlight. This is moving too fast, she can’t seem to find her feet.

“That is why I said it depends on the way you see it. I may be the King but they are my council of chiefs which means they too have rights in making decision,


especially when it comes to my marital status. If I don’t comply, they have the right to organize a selection process for potential women that will be my Queen and I must chose out of the women” he said, locking his gaze with hers dead on. “But—but that’s crazy!”

“I know, but its not that bad dear. We will get married sooner or later—” “But this is sooner” she protests.

“I thought we want each other? What’s the big deal in getting married in a months time, besides you don’t have to do anything other than to make yourself available darling” drawing her into his arms, pressing a kiss on her head, soothingly.


“It’s just too soon” she murmurs, resolve getting weaker by the minute as he kissed her nape, moving to her earlobe, his lips seek out hers, kissing her lustrous lips, silencing any protest that she may want to voice out. “Hnmm—wait, I can’t think clearly when you do that—”

“You over think things dearie, besides do you want me to chose another woman over you?” seeking out her lips again.

“Fine i guess we are getting married sooner than later then, will have to tell my parents of the change” she mutters, surrendering to his kisses and c*ress.

“Good, do that and arrangement will start as soon as possible” pressing a quick kiss on her lips, before rising, going back to his seat. “You can go home early today, the driver will drop you.” Any form of desire he showered a moment ago gone. He is back to his formidable self again.

“Alright then” she conceded. Pamilerin is not sure she can do much again anyway, his announcement and kisses has left her a bit disoriented, something that seems to happen often, while he still goes about his business like nothing happened. She wonders how he stays in control while she is left wanting more. “I will allow you to work”

Alexander gave her a wide smile, watching her retreating form. He made a call on his mobile the minute she left his office. “Hello it is done, make the arrangement” he said without preamble.

“It will be done your highness” the voice replied.

Alexander sighs, rubbing his eyes with the heel of his palm. What he told pamilerin was not entirely the truth. He just said it to move their wedding plans closer, so that nobody will suspect anything. He can not allow his chiefs to startthe selection process, because pamilerin will not be able to participate in it, which means he will be choosing another woman that may eventually end up givinghim


trouble when it comes to satisfying her s*xually. But with Pamilerin it easy to tame and control her s*xual urges.

He will do everything to retain his inheritance, no one will take it from him just because his s£xual prowess is in doubt at the moment. So if he has to resort to trickery to have what he wants he will do it, besides the doctors have assured him that since he has start to feel some stirring in his genitals, it is possible for him to be fully himself again. But till then he will manage his situation.




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