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A wife for the king – Episode 18


The royal wedding day dawn like any other day, but for Pamilerin it’s the day her fairy tale story starts. She was too keyed up to sleep, despite Tricia’s protest that she should. Her friend arrived into the country two days ago, amidst the excitement. It was awesome to have her around at this time. Some of her other friends showed up as well for her wedding and they all stayed together at the booked hotel for Pamilerin, her friends and bridal trains.

After tossing and turning she gave up on trying to sleep, the time revealed it was past four in the morning . Tricia was the only one that slept in her room with her. Pamilerin opens her phone, glancing through it, the news of their wedding was all over already, she smiled at the pre-wedding pictures they took. In few hours her life will change.

By 6:00am the team of make up artists, stylists arrived into her room and go about setting up while she freshen up. They started pampering and preening her up for the wedding, while another team were in charge of fitting her bridal train up. Her hair, nails, facials were done by the professionals, her hotel room was full of activities, people running around to get things done all for her.


If she teared up a bit after her wedding gown fitting, Pamilerin almost ruined her makeup with tears when they were done.

“Oh my God! Girlfriend you are so beautiful, Alexander is going to be panting after you when he sees you” Tricia squeals with excitement, behind her. Pamilerin eyes misted at her friends words, smiling at her.


She felt beautiful not just outside but inside as well.

“Thank you Tricia, I am glad you are here for me” hugging her.

“Awwn let’s not ruin our makeup, so your team will not kill me” she whispered conspiratorily, giggling a little.

Pamilerin’s entourage arrived at the Palace chapel where the wedding will hold, twenty minutes before time. But she stayed inside her limo, until its time for her to come out. The paparazzi were busy snapping away outside, trying to catch a glimpse of her first. Pamilerin felt overwhelmed, it is really happening? Getting married to a King?, To a man she has come to love even without realizing it.

“But what if everything was just a dream, I’m going to wake up from soon?” She mutters to herself, doubt setting in, not realizing she has spoken aloud.

“Hey breathe, this is real. You are getting married to the love of your life because I know you love him, and I’m sure he loves you too” Tricia whispers beside her. “Thank you, you are right. I’m sure he loves me,β€” he is just having a hard time saying it.” Muttering the last part to herself.

But neither did you tell him you love him too, her subconscious pointed out to her. Any doubt flew right out of the window the minute the processional hymn start and her father led her into the church where Alexander was waiting calmly for her. She practically was floating to him, he stares at her with intensity and she could not look away or take her eyes off him for a minute, though he could not see her eyes well under the veil but she felt he can see right through her.

“You are a true vision in white” he whispers for her ear only when she was handed over to him.

“So are you β€” I mean you look incredible” she stutterers. She suddenly feels unsure of herself around him. He grinned at her blunder, before facing the minister. They exchange their “I do’s”, and when he was asked to kiss her, Alexander eyes glimmers at hers, finally seeing her with the veil off her face. ” you are indeed beautiful ” he mutters close to her lips, before claiming them. She clutched to him, smiling.





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