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A wife for the king – Episode 13



IT WAS NOON BEFORE SHE KNOWS IT, Pamilerin was a bit flustered about lunch but she put her reservation aside. Besides what could a lunch date take away from her, she will just see how it goes. He came for her exactly 1pm, softly knocking on her door before pushing the door of her office open.

“Are you ready?” Alexander asked, from the door way stepping into the room, looking regal in his suit.


“Uh—yes sure, let me just close down” she said. She wished she had at least get the chance to touch up on her make up, switching off her system, grabbing her hand bag, she crossed the room to join him . “I’m ready— so where are we going?” She asked casually, following him out, glancing self-consciously at the security details following them.

“Its a surprise, guess you will have to wait” his eyes full of humour. The black Lexus car, pulled into the drive way, and the back door was pulled open for them. She love the smell of the leather seat, supple yet firm, cushioning her bottom. He move in with her at the back seat, crowding her. “Relax” he whispered when he noticed how tensed up she was, “we are not going far, I arranged for our lunch date to be in the royal garden. I’m sure you will like it, that way you get to also see the west wing


My home” taking her hands in his.

Pamilerin was surprised, but at the same time happy that she will not be subjected to the prying eyes of people at the restaurant. It will be in the privacy of his palace, which is much better. Though she still wonder what the staffs will think of her, when they see her with the King, having lunch together.

The setting was breath taking and perfect. The garden added a touch of calmness to the arrangement, making her to feel much more relaxed. Their lunch table was set on a porch, with afternoon breeze gently blowing, beautiful flower scent around them.

“I love this place, thank you for bringing me here” pamilerin said, sitting down across him.

“I should be the one saying thank you, for accepting to go out with me” Alexander replied with a chuckle.

They were waited on, as their food was served. She enjoyed the meal—jollof rice and chicken with plantain, her favourite dish.


It was like he knows it her favourite menu, but that will be impossible, right?. She sip her juice declining the offer of wine, since she is still going back to work.

“I mean my boss will not like it if I get drunk” she told him with a smirk on her face.

“We won’t want him to get mad and fire you” playing her game, his eyes twinkling at her. They both chuckled at their silliness and it was fun for pamilerin to see him so relax and casual around her. If the staffs thinks anything seeing them together, they sure did a good job of keeping their view to their selves. Pamilerin finds herself having fun, gisting him about her university days, and in turn Alexander fill her in on some funny incidence —blunders that has happened in the past when he first became king, causing her to laugh so hard.

“I can’t believe that happened to you” she said, wiping her lips with the napkin, still giggling.

“But it did, believe me it was not funny then, but now anytime I look back I laugh myself” wistful smile on his face. He had never had so much funny like this before, it reminds him of what he is missing.

The lunch date ends, with Alexander wringing out another date from Pamilerin. Why end something this good, when they both enjoy each others company.

Pamilerin had to agree with him, after all she has to eat lunch, she may as well have it with him.

He kissed her on the cheek when they stop at her door, before proceeding to his. She murmurs her gratitude for the lunch date, but as usual and typical of him, he insists he is the grateful.

Pamilerin couldnt do much again after lunch, but she forced herself to type out the letter he asked her to, and mailed it to the ministry of works concerning one the community project. It was evening pretty quickly and she was grateful the day at work is over. Her head was not at work again, it was still with Alexander, relieving their dinner date all over, she seems to be liking her boss and King.



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