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A wife for the king – Episode 14


The two had another lunch date, then another, before she knows it, pamilerin finds herself looking forward to spending time with him. He did not make any move to kiss her again, giving her the space she asked for, Pamilerin had to admit that she


misses it. Their work relationship also gets better, and she finds herself thinking often about him than she should, but pamilerin can’t seem to help herself.

When Alexander ask her out on a dinner date she accepted without thinking twice about it. She just want to spend time with him . She feels like a love struck teenager around him. Pamilerin is sure by now that the other staffs knows there is something going on between them. Adebayo teased her about it, but he seems to be happy, making her to feelself-conscious.

She chose a black flowing chiffon corset gown, that show case her delicate skin, with a slit by the side that reach her knee. She confined jewelry to a slender gold necklace with matching ear-studs and bracelets and sandal heels completed the outfit. Minimum make-up, with emphasis on her eyes, lining it with black eyeliner giving them a bold look. She opted to leave her weave on hair loose in soft feminine style around her.

Pamilerin was coating her lips with a peach coloured gloss when her mother came into her room. “Wow you look so lovely my dear” gazing at her with eyes full of love.

“Thanks mum, I am glad you think so


. I have a date tonight and I really want to look good” she explained, a bit nervous. “You look fabulous dear, so who is the lucky man?”

“Er—Its Alexander but you know him as the King” pamilerin quickly finish turning to the mirror to check her reflection. Hiding her grin, she is certain her mum was trying so hard not to ask her twenty question.

“Oh the King and you? Interesting. I’m sure it means nothing, right?”

“Right mum, its just a friendly dinner. So don’t get any funny ideas.” Taking her clutch purse from the bed.

“Of course not” following her outside, when they heard her father called out to her. “Your ride is here Pamilerin. I didn’t know you have a date” David said.

“Yes I do that, but I won’t stay out long” hugging him “later Dad” stepping out to join the driver that came to carry her.

David waited to be sure they have driven away before turning to his wife with a grin “you see how easy things are going darling! And I don’t even have to do anything other than to wait and watch. Perhaps our daughter will finally settle down soon after all” he said with a chuckle.

If pamilerin thought their lunch dates are awesome, then this dinner date was beyond what she can describe. It was a candle light dinner, with three course meal. Alexander looking s£xy and dashing in his black tie suit. He released a quick


breath when he saw her stepping out from the car. A true vision, he could not help but stare.

“You are breathtaking” he whispers, one hand lingered at the base of her spine, leading her to the garden where the table was set. Pamilerin could barely controlled a faint shivering sensation as his thumb brushed a gentle pattern over her exposed back.

It was the best night of her life, having dinner under the stars. She gaze at him under the curtain of her lashes, drawn to the way the light flicker and reflect on his features. It no use pretending she did not feel anything for him, because she did and the thought still scares her.

He glimpse the sudden sadness that darkens her eyes, then it was gone.


. “What’s the matter don’t you like the food?”

“I do, it’s nothing your Highness” raising her wine glass to her lips. “Are you still worried? I mean you still have reservations about us?”

“Truthfully yes, where is this going? You are the King and I can’t ignore that fact” she whispers.


Alexander nod to the person waiting on them to leave them, before grasping her hands with his “I want you and know that this is not a joking matter for me. So relax” giving her an assuring smile.

It was late by the time their dinner date ends and Alexander reluctantly let her go. It was getting more difficult to do these days.

“I will see you on Monday” he whispers, bending towards her a bit, his breath fanning her face.

“Okay” she mutters back, wishing he will just kiss her already. She could see it in his eyes that he wants to, but can’t fathom why he is holding back. Could it be that he was waiting for her to make the first move? She thought. She gaze at him, deciding to go for it. Raising herself on her toes a bit, she gently pressed her lips to his warm lips, drawing back a little to read his eyes. What she saw convinced her to try again but this time she put more pressure into it. He returned the pressureand kissed her intensely, his left hand, c*ress her spine holding her in place, while the other thread through herhair.

She clung to him and mo*ned her protest when he break away “Your ride is waiting, and its late dear. Will call you once you get home” pressing a quick kiss on her forehead then lips before helping her to the car. “Good night” he whispers, before turning away.





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