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Episode Seven




Two Days Later




I stifle a yawn as I walk into the house it has been an incredibly long day at work and all I want to do is go to sleep. I kick off my shoes as soon as I enter my bedroom then I change into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and return to the living room to tidy up, I didn’t clean in the morning because I woke up late.


After cleaning up, I begin to prepare supper. After I finish cooking, I set the table and decide to wait for Wes to come so we can eat together.


I walk into the living room and sit down on the couch then I turn on the television with the remote and decide to watch ‘You.’


When it finally comes to an end, I glance at my clock which is hanging near the television, it is almost 22 and Wes hasn’t come home yet. ‘Where is he?’ He should have been here a long time ago. I stand up and walk to the kitchen to get myself some water.


As I walk back into the living room, the door opens and Wes walks into the living room.


‘Hey babe,’ I walk over to him.




I kiss him softly on the lips and wrap my arms around him, I missed him and I don’t want us to continue fighting.


He lightly kisses me back and pulls out of my embrace. I frown like really? Where is the passion that usually burns between us when we kiss? What the hell is going on with him?


‘Where have you been?’ I ask


‘Out with the boys,’ he responds.


‘Dinner is ready I was waiting for you so we can eat together.’


‘I am not hungry,’ he says and walks over to our room, his face expressionless, I grow even more concerned.


I follow him to the bedroom, ‘Are you okay?’




‘You are acting so cold towards me.’


‘I am just tired.’


He strips and wraps a towel round his body.


‘I love you,’ I say hoping he will respond this time around but all I hear in response is the closing of the bathroom door.


‘Lord, am I losing him?’ i wonder


I head back to the living room and clear the table before I place everything back in the kitchen, I have lost my appetite.


After I turn off the lights, I walk the stairs to the bedroom, I feel sad and full of despair. What if Wes has found someone else? As soon as I enter the room, I see his phone lying on the bed. ‘Should I get it and go through it like the girls suggested? I am tempted to pick up the phone.


‘No,’ my inner voice says and I listen to it, I am not the kind of woman that snoops around.


I pick his clothes and place them in the washing basket then I put his shoes on a shoe rack.


His phone rings as soon as I finish changing into my night dress, I pick it up and answer.


‘Hello,’ I say


No response.


‘Wesley’s phone hello,’ I say again.


There is still no response but I can hear breathing on the other end of the line.


‘What are you doing on my phone?’ he startles me as he walks out of the bathroom then he grabs the phone from my hand before I can even answer him.


He stares at the phone then back at me.


He shakes his head and walks out of the bedroom.


I wonder why he acted that way because that’s not the first time I have answered his phone when he is in the bathroom and he never reacts like this.


Wes walks back into the bedroom about thirty minutes later.


‘Who was that on your phone?’ I ask


‘Oh now you wanna monitor my calls?’


‘It’s just strange that the person kept quiet when I answered the phone.’


‘They didn’t want to talk you. You have your phone don’t you?’ she responds harshly


‘Are you okay?’


He clicks his tongue, ‘What do you think?’


I shake my head and crawl into the bed then I slid under the covers. I don’t know what’s going on but I intend on finding out soon, I can’t have Wes treat me like rubbish in this house.


I fall asleep amidst my thoughts and when I open my eyes it’s morning. I stretch lazily before my hand reaches out and finds the side of his bed empty- it is after six in the morning.


I roll out of bed and grab my robe, I search the entire house for Wes but he is nowhere to be seen, seems he left without saying bye but why?


Hurt, I head back upstairs so I can get ready for work. I take a quick shower and step out of the bathroom wrapping a towel around myself.


I walk to my closet and pull out some clothes and quickly get dressed, I need to finish an important report and hand it over to my boss before he leaves for his trip later in the day.




The rest of the day drags on for me I can’t seem to pay attention my mind is constantly on Wes and what’s happening to him.


My absent mindedness shows even in my work today.


‘Zaria!’ my boss walks into my office.


I look up at her. ‘Yes madam.’


‘Are you okay?’




‘Your report has too many errors this is unlike you, you need to redo it, I think I will look at it when I get back from my trip.’




‘If you need someone to talk to, you know I am always here right? I am not only your boss but I am your mother too when you need guidance.’


I nod my head and smile at her, this woman is heaven sent. She is friends with my father and so she always tries to look out for me.


I start going through the report and I feel ashamed of myself, how could I send something this bad? I need to stop thinking about Wes so I can focus.



I try by all means not to think about Wes but I just can’t and to make the matters worse I can’t seem to ignore the sinking feeling at the pit of my stomach- something bad is about to happen, I can feel it.




Finally it’s lunch break I grab my bag and walk out of the office bumping into Melanie in the process.


‘Where are you rushing too?’ she asks




‘Okay, let’s go then,’ she says


‘I am going for lunch with Wes,’ I respond




‘Ya. I will see you in a bit babe,’ I rush off before she can ask me anymore questions.


When I finally get to the parking lot, I get into my car and drive to his work place I just want us to have lunch together and maybe talk.


It takes me thirty minutes to get there and when I do I walk straight to his office, the door is slightly open so I push it and walk in. He is sitting at his desk typing on his computer.


I clear my throat so he can notice me. He looks up at me, a surprised look on his face.


‘What are you doing here?’ he asks


‘I am fine thanks, how are you?’ I pull a chair behind and sit down.


‘I asked you question.’


‘I am here to see you, you left without saying bye, you haven’t texted all day.’


‘I have been busy,’ he says.


‘It’s lunch time I was hoping we could have lunch together.’


Before he can respond, the door opens and a beautiful woman walks in.




A gambling Heart



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