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Episode one




My name is Zaria Nel. I am 27 years of age and I am a financial analyst. I live with my boyfriend Wesley, he is a 32 and he is a software developer.


I love Wesley to the core, he means a lot to me. Our relationship is by far the best thing that ever happened to me. It’s full of laughter and happiness- we rarely fight. We have a great s£x life and we communicate openly.


I have loved Wesley through his mistakes and successes.


I have celebrated with him through the good and the bad. The times when he was struggling I stood by him and supported him.


Now he is financially stable, he started his own company and he is thriving.


Today is our fifth anniversary and I am supper excited because I know he is going to propose, I honestly can’t wait to be Mrs. Muchindu.




I am standing at the stove fixing breakfast when hard muscled arms come around me and warm breath touches my ear.


‘Happy Fifth anniversary sweetheart,’ he whispers in my ear, the blur of his voice sends a shiver of desire through me.


‘Happy anniversary baby,’ my face beams with pride and joy.


He puts his face on the nape of my neck and kisses me. My head falls onto his shoulder while he kisses all over my neck then I turn toward him and grip the back of his neck, drawing him even closer, my lips capture his in a deep intoxicating kiss.


We are both breathing heavily when he finally ends the kiss.


‘I wish I didn’t have to go for work,’ he says


‘Well we can always call in sick.’


‘That offer is tempting but I will have to pass, I have a lot of work to attend to at the office.


‘Your loss,’ i smirk


‘We will definitely finish this in the evening.’


I set the table and serve him breakfast. I am sitting on the stool making small talk as he eats.


When Wesley finishes his breakfast, we stand up together.


‘I need to go.’


‘Yes,’ I agree looking at the time I also need to get ready for work.


I carry his briefcase and walk him out of the house to his car.


He pulls me in his arms and kisses me thoroughly once more, ‘I will see you in the evening.’


‘Ok, see you.’


‘I love you.’


‘I love you too.’


I watch as he gets into the car, he waves at me before he drives off and I head back inside.


I clear the table and leave the dishes in the sink then i hurriedly walk to the bedroom.


I strip out of my nightdress, walking into the bathroom to get a shower. I leave the bathroom a few minutes later and dry. I dress in my underwear and a blue business suit.


Standing in front of the mirror, I pull my hair into a tight bun. After adding a little make up and putting on my black heels, I am ready for the day ahead.


I walk out of my room into the kitchen and pour myself a cup of coffee. After that I set off to work.


As I drive to work, I listen to the news playing in the back ground.


An hour later, I pull into the car park under the building and head straight to the lift pressing the floor I need to get out.


As I step out of elevator on the 15th floor, I spot my best friend Melanie talking intensively to someone on the phone.


I actually have a two best friends Melanie and Yedda. We have been friends since 7th grade we all went through high school and college together.


Melanie and Yedda live together.


These two are more than friends, they are my sisters. They are my ride or die chicks, they are my support system. What we share is deeper than anything I have ever had. I love my girls to death, you hurt them I murder you and make your death look like an accident.


‘Chule,’ she pecks my cheeks and rocks back to smile at me.


‘I missed you more,’ I smile back at her.



‘Happy Anniversary to you and yours,’ she hands me a tiny box. I open it revealing a pair of pearl earrings.


‘OMG,’ I exclaim, ‘They are so lovely. Thank you.’


‘You are welcome.’


‘I need to rush out right now I will see you later.’


Melanie is the company’s Public Relations Manager. Yedda works is an accountant for the Bank of Zambia.


‘Okay good luck.’


‘Thanks, I will need it.’


I walk away and head straight to my office. I put my bag on top of my table and sit down.


Starting up my computer, I check my emails then I start responding to pressing emails.


A few minutes later, my secretary Violet pecks her head into the doorway and lightly knocks.


‘Coffee?’ she asks


‘No,’ I nod my head, ‘Maybe at ten.’




‘I am reviewing an important document and I don’t wanna be disturbed. I won’t be seeing anyone till lunch time.’


‘Sure,’ she steps out and shuts the door behind her back.


This morning, I am working heavily on a 1 year plan and it requires me to do a lot of data crunching and analysis which is quiet hectic.




Time flies by so fast before I know it’ it’s lunch time. I am tired and exhausted already, my head hurts and I am hungry. Right now I wish I could just go home and rest.


I am still thinking about what I will have for lunch when Melanie bursts into my office with a large box of pizza and some drinks. She sets them on the table.


‘I got lunch on my way back,’ she says


‘Have I told you how much I love you lately?’ I tease


‘Lord, your daughter only loves me when I bring her food show me a signal lord, how will i deal with her,’ she says


We burst out laughing, ‘Ndiwe mbuzi,’ I say


‘Mbuzi iliko bwino mwati ni chule,’ she rolls her eyes and laughs.


‘I am so done with you I seriously need to sell you.’


‘What would you do without me baby?’


‘Ah please.’


‘Jokes aside, let’s eat,’ she says


‘That’s better.’


I pick a slice of pizza and take a victorious bite.


‘So what’s for tonight?’ she asks


‘I don’t know I guess Wesley is taking me out.’


‘Are you ready for the proposal though?’ she asks with a smirk.


I feel a blush creeping up onto my face I just can’t help it. I have waited for this for five years now.


‘Just thinking about it right now is making me emotional. I am more than ready to walk down the aisle.’


‘You deserve it.’


‘Thank you.’


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After lunch I have a meeting with the executive board, we discuss the progress of the ongoing project.


There after I head back to my office and follow up on my emails.


At exactly 16, I turn off the computer and stand from my chair, getting ready to go home.


I walk out of my Office to Melanie’s she is busy typing when I enter her office.


‘Tsup!’ she looks up at me.


‘I am leaving.’


‘I am still around I need to finish typing this proposal.’ ‘I will see you girls tomorrow then.’


‘We shall be waiting and we need all the details plus photos.’ ‘No problem.’


‘Have fun and take care of yourself.’


‘You too.’




I plant a quick kiss on her cheek before I walk out of her office.



At the car park, I climb into my car and turn the key then the engine roars to life, making sure my seat belt is on I roll out of the driveway.




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