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Epilogue –


A year later




‘Melanie!’ I whine while pouting. ‘Can you please help me zip up my dress, please?’ I ask


‘That dress won’t fit,’ Melanie responds


‘It will fit,’ I reply


She bursts out laughing ‘have you taken a good look at yourself in the mirror? You are double the size than you were when we had these dresses made.’


‘We had them adjusted,’ Yedda responds. ‘Be a darling Melanie and help her out.’ ‘Whatever.’


She moves forward and quickly stands behind me, her fingers grip the zip and she pulls it up. When it is done, she steps aside.


‘Boi are you sure you are not carrying twins? You can’t be this big,’ she teases


I roll my eyes, ‘Melanie is a fighter she has been teasing me ever since I got pregnant. It’s been a year since I got pregnant and I am now expecting my first child, pregnancy has been quiet tough but I can’t wait to meet my little munchkin, Xavier wants another girl, I want a little boy.


Anyway today isn’t about me, toady our Kasuli is getting married and she asked us to be her bridesmaids despite me being heavily pregnant, I am due next month.


I am not gonna be doing any serious dancing just a little something here and there.


‘You look beautiful,’ Yedda says as I take one last look at the mirror.


‘Don’t I look too big?’ I ask


‘You look perfect my darling, you make pregnancy look beautiful,’ she says


‘True that,’ Melanie smiles at me.


‘We are happy you are getting married baby, may God be at the center of your union,’ I say




‘And know we’ve got your back always,’ Melanie adds.


‘Are the cars here? I think we need to get going, that Bishop is sticks to time, he warned us about being late,’ Yedda says.


‘You are right,’ I respond


‘Let me just check if the cars are here,’ Melanie says






This is the day that the lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it. I am supper excited I can’t believe I am getting married today. When Alex asked me to marry him a few months ago, I thought we would wait a little bit but well he didn’t want to wait, so here we are, it’s my wedding day.


‘Are you ready?’ Uncle Ted asks he will be walking me down the aisle I lost both parents some years back.



The bridal song echoes through the church as I link my arms with Uncle Ted, he winks at me before we both walk down the aisle.


As I walk towards my husband to be, I feel the burn of his stare on me, I can’t help but blush. Husband of my youth, I will forever be grateful to God.


Wait I am also thankful to Lulu for getting us arrested, if not for her I wouldn’t have met this wonderful man of mine.




My heart overwhelms with joy when I lock eyes with Yedda as she walks towards me with the most amazing smile on her lips and she looks very beautiful in her elegant mermaid Gown.


When she reaches the altar, she lets go of her uncle’s arm and I take over. As the Bishop starts talking, I whisper, ‘I love you too.’ ‘I love you too,’ she whispers back.


Everyone in the church has their eyes centered on us, I only wish my father where here to witness this day. As the Bishop continues talking, my mind wanders to the first day we met and I can’t help but smile.


My darling Yedda is fierce and courageous that’s one thing I love about her, she is bold enough to go after what she wants I won the jackpot when I fell in love with her.


Finally we say our ‘I do’s’ and the Bishop pronounces us as husband and wife. ‘You may kiss the bride,’ the Bishop announced


I kiss her softly on her lips before we hold hands and walk out of the church. I can’t believe I am married to the woman of my dreams, now I can be with her forever.


It doesn’t matter what obstacles stand in the way of your love, at the end of the day love always wins.


‘Here’s to a wonderful and healthy marriage,’ she says pressing her lips on mine, we share a brief kiss before Melanie pulls her back.


‘Get a room you too,’ she rolls her eyes


Everyone bursts out laughing, that’s Melanie for you.



I take her in my arms and whisper, ‘You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me.’


She smiles. ‘So you are my husband now ai?’ she asks


‘Till death do us apart darling.’


We have the rest of our lives to love each other and make beautiful babies.






One Month Later, Xavier awakens to someone shaking him, he opens his eyes and realizes the bed is soaked, her water just broke and he needs to take her to the hospital.


He jumps out of the bed and quickly gets dressed then he grabs the small suitcase that she packed before he helps her out. Once in the car, he drives as far as he can.


When they get to the hospital, Zaria is rushed towards the maternity wing.


He calls the girls as he waits for the doctors to attend to his wife. The girls get to the hospital an hour later, they are in the company of Alex.


After a few hours and Nemours checks, she is ready to push.


‘Push,’ the doctors encouraged her.


She felt the child coming as the pain increased, crying out she grabbed Melanie’s hand.


‘It hurts a lot,’ she moaned


Melanie gave her a sympathetic look and stroked the back of her hand, Zaria had requested for the presence of the girls to be with her.


‘Be strong and push some more,’ they said


She gave one final push and felt the baby leave her loins. She sighed in relief when she heard the sound of the baby’s cry.


‘It’s a boy,’ the doctor exclaimed.


When they finally placed the baby in her arms, she felt her life take on a new meaning. She looked down at the little boy who had come out of her and tears welled in her eyes.


Afterwards Xavier walked in, when he saw his son, his heart melted with love.


‘Thank you,’ he whispered


‘You are welcome.’




‘This baby looks exactly like me,’ Melanie said staring at little Arthur, this was two months after Zaria had given birth.


‘Why would my child look like you?’ Zaria rolled her eyes


‘Because I am beautiful and because I am his God-mother.’


‘The child looks like me, I am the rightful God-mother,’ Yedda responded


‘Give me back my child before you drop him with your tantrums.’


‘You are fool, why are we even here?’


‘Because you love me and my children,’ she laughed


‘Mummy!’ Xandria screams walking into the room.


‘You are as loud as your auntie Melanie I will kick you out,’ Zaria says


‘Sorry mummy.’


‘You look beautiful.’


‘Thank you, I am leaving now I am gonna see you later.’


‘Have fun and wish Carol a happy birthday.’




She walks out of the room and I stare at my child then at the girls, my life may not be perfect but I am happy, I have these amazing friends, a great husband and two wonderful kids, what more can a woman wish for.


‘I love you fools,’ I say


‘And we love you even more mummy,’ they say in unison.


‘Here’s to strong healthy marriages and friendships.’


My name is Zaria Nel Mumbi, this has been our story.














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