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-Episode Fifty Five






‘That feeling of regret when time passes and you realise you’ve let the wrong person go.’




I am angry- so angry that I could kill someone right this minute I thought Zach was my friend. He broke the brother code by going after my girl. Wait do I even have the right to call her my girl after everything I did to her? I want Zaria back. I made the biggest mistake of my life when I let her go.


A knock sounds at the door startling me I walk towards the door and open it. My sister and Lulu are standing on my door step I kicked Lulu out of my house when I got out of police custody.


‘What are you doing here?’ I ask


My sister looks at me, ‘What happened to you?’


I know I am a mess Zach did a number on my face but I will get back at him when he least expects it.


‘I got into a fight.’


‘Because of Zaria?’ Lulu asks


I shoot her an evil stare and then shake my head the mare sight of this woman disgusts me.


‘What are you doing here?’


‘We need to talk,’ my sister says before she pushes past me into the house, pulling Lulu’s hand.


‘You have 5 minutes,’ I say


‘What’s this nonsense about you calling off the wedding?’ she asks


‘I don’t want to marry her anymore.’


‘You see,’ lulu says, ‘your brother has completely changed, he beats me up, he yells at me,’ she says before tears slowly start streaming down her face.


‘Drama Queen!’ I exclaim clapping my hands together, ‘You deserve an Oscar,’ I laugh


‘What the hell is wrong with you?’ My sister yells, ‘Why are you being so insensitive to your fiancé?’


‘What fiancé?’ I roll my eyes


‘What did I ever do to you?’ Lulu cries harder, I can see through her. This is just an act and I will not fall for it, I made a mistake leaving Zaria for her, I don’t see myself marrying someone this childish.


‘You need to stop being childish Wes Lulu here is your wife to be. The wedding day has already been set, you can’t just call off everything.’


‘Watch me.’


‘Please!’ Lulu pleads, ‘Don’t do this to me,’ she gets down on her knees




‘Did she tell you she got me locked up?’ I ask my sister


‘You hurt her.’




‘Let Zaria go.’


‘Your fight minutes are over. Leave!’ I gesture towards the door.


‘I am leaving,’ my sister stands up, ‘but she is staying here with you.’




‘She is and forget about this nonsense of calling off the wedding, you don’t want to have me as an enemy.


And with that she marches out of the house.


I look at Lulu and my heart aches with anger, I could literary kill her this minute but she is not worth it. I hurriedly head for my room I need to take a bath so I can calm down.






‘How are you feeling?’ he asks


‘I am getting better, I seriously can’t wait to leave this place,’ I respond


He smiles slightly and brushes the hair out of my face with one gentle hand, ‘I miss spending time with you away from the hospital.’


‘Me too, this place sucks.’


‘Have I told you lately how much I love you?’ he asks intently looking at me


‘Well, I think you did some five minutes ago.’


He laughs, ‘I love you Yedda I can’t wait to make you my wife. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.’


My heart skips a beat and I smile brightly.


‘You complete me Yedda, I never knew a safe place until I looked into your eyes,’ he says


‘Wait! Are you proposing?’ I ask


He bursts out laughing, ‘Babe, you are dramatic.’


‘Am i?’


‘Yes, you think I would propose to you in a hospital?’


‘Well, you are unpredictable.’


‘Babe, have you taken a good look at yourself? Look at your hair,’ he laughs I frown, ‘Are you saying I look ugly?’


He laughs, ‘you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen you my lady are second to none.’


His words warm my heart this is the kind of love they write about in books, I feel content.


‘I love you so much Alex.’


‘And I love you even more I can’t believe I almost lost you.’ ‘You are never gonna loose me, I am here for keeps,’ I smile


He smiles back at me before he bends his head forward, he presses his mouth on mine kissing me wildly. I am lost in the frenzy of kisses when the door swings open- Zaria and Melanie walk in.


‘Get a room,’ Melanie loudly says and Alex instantly pulls away from me. I laugh out loud, ‘Learn to knock.’


‘In a hospital room? Is this your bedroom ai?’ ‘We just got carried away,’ Alex says ‘I can see that,’ Melanie says


I roll my eyes, ‘Go to hell.’


‘Fine,’ she raises her hands up in the air.


‘I think I better get going,’ Alex says


‘So soon?’ I pout


‘I will come and spend the night here with you.’


Melanie and Zaria exchange glances, ‘You want to spend the night here?’ Zaria asks




‘I am still too young to be an auntie,’ Melanie says


‘Shut up,’ I respond


Alex quickly kisses me again before he hurries out of the room.


‘I love you.’


‘I love you too,’ he responds firmly closing the door behind his back.


‘You girls are dramatic,’ I say


‘And you are?’


‘Cool and humble.’


They burst out laughing, ‘Tell that to Alex’s mum.’ I shake my head,’ you two are mad.’


‘Birds of the same feather flock together,’ they say in unison before they sit down. ‘What’s new?’ I ask


‘Zaria is going on a date,’ Melanie says


‘Tell me about it.’


‘With the new guy.’






‘He asked you out?’


‘It’s just dinner,’ she says


‘And that’s how most romantic relationships start.’ ‘Leave me alone please.’


‘And also, Zach and Wesley had a fight today they almost killed each other if not for me.’


I laugh, ‘Every guy is running after you? What’s your secret?’


‘I don’t even want to be with anyone right now, I just want to have a few moments of peace.’


‘But who would you choose between Zach and the new guy?’ I ask Zaria



She bites her lower lip for a minute obviously thinking about her answer, ‘I don’t know,’ she says


‘I would say go for Xavier,’ Melanie says


I shake my head, ‘We don’t know anything about this new guy, yes he picked her up and took care of her but that doesn’t mean they should end up together. I am still putting my money on Zach,’ I say


‘I love Zach,’ Melanie begins ‘but he comes with so much baggage & being Wesley’s friend I just feel he won’t be the right one for her.’


‘Let’s remove Wesley from this equation, he is in the past. Zach has been there for our girl, he deserves her.’


‘I can’t wait to see Xavier I feel he is the right man for our girl.’


They go on and on arguing about who is best for me, they are acting as if I am not even there.


‘Enough!’ I yell and they instantly shut up.


‘What if I say I want both me,’ she asks


My eyes widen in shock, ‘I would say you are being dramatic.’


Melanie laughs, ‘We are not going that road honey, just say yes to Xavier.’


‘I am not saying yes to anyone.’


‘Say yes to Zach,’ I say


‘Xavier,’ Melanie says


‘Zach! Zach! Zach!’


‘Oh lord, can the two of you shut up already.’




‘I will think about what I want and when I decide I will tell you.’


‘Fair enough.’




A gambling Heart


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