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-Episode Fifty Four






A week later


It feels good to be back home I missed my girls a lot even though a part of me feels like I should have stayed with Xavier, seeing Xandria cry like that broke my heart in pieces. I wish i didn’t leave her behind. Yedda is getting better the doctor said they could discharge her this week. I haven’t gone back to work because I am still not feeling to fit to be in a crowded environment. I am still getting the headaches and dizzy spells but the doctor assured me that they should be gone soon.


I have just stepped out of the bathroom when my phone begins to ring. I pick the phone from the table and put it to my ear.


‘Hello,’ I answer


‘Zaria!’ the familiar voice on the other end of the line happily says


‘Hey my darling.’


‘I miss you.’


‘And I miss you even more,’ I truthfully say


‘When are you coming to see daddy and i?’




‘Please come back here, daddy has been miserable without you.’ My heart skips a bit.


‘I think he likes you. He hasn’t been himself since you left please come back so I can see him smile again.’


‘Xandria!’ I hear his voice on the other side before I could respond. ‘Sorry,’ she says


‘Give me that phone,’ he says


I chuckle, these two remind me of dad and I, we were always fighting like Tom and Jerry even though we were inseparable.


‘Zaria!’ he breaths


‘Hey you.’


‘Apologies for what Xandria said, she is just being a little childish.’ I laugh




‘Are you sure she is being childish or the truth hurts?’ I tease ‘Oh please.’


I laugh, ‘How are you?’


‘I am okay, you?’


‘I am fine.’


‘Good to know.’


An awkward silence settles between us, I can hear him breathing on the other end of the line.


‘So,’ we say at the same time.


‘Go first,’ he says


‘Nah you go first.’




He clears his throat, ‘I will be in town tomorrow would you mind having dinner with me?’


I cough did he just ask me out? Is this like a date or we will just be having dinner as friends?


‘Zaria!’ he startles me from my reverie


‘Dinner is okay with me.’


‘Great, please text me your location and I will pick you up at 7.’


‘I can find my own way,’ I say


‘I wanna be the one to pick you up from home.’




‘See you.’


‘See you.’


I hung the phone up and put it back on the table, moving my hands to my waist I remove my towel and use it to pat dry my dripping wet skin on my arms and legs.


Then I walk out to my closet and pull out some clothes. I quickly get dressed and walk out of the room. Melanie is preparing breakfast we are heading to the hospital to see Yedda.


‘You look good,’ she says


‘Thank you.’


I am about to sit on the couch when a knock sounds on the door, I walk towards it and open it. Standing on my doorstep is Zach, he looks fresh as ever.




‘Hey you.’


We stand there and just stare at each other before he finally pulls me into his arms and hugs me tightly catching me by surprise.


‘I thought I lost you,’ he whispers


‘I am okay.’


‘I was so worried Zaria.’


‘Hey, I am fine now,’ I roll my eyes pulling back from him.


‘Can we talk?’ he asks


‘You wanna come in?’


‘Nah, we can just stand over there and talk.’


‘Cool,’ I close the door behind my back and follow him.


He reaches for my hand and holds it in his, ‘Zaria, I don’t want to beat around the bush anymore. I am not playing around, I love you, I wanna be with you,’ he says while intently looking at me.


I seriously don’t even know how I feel about what he is saying, this is all confusing.


‘I wanna be with you, give us a chance.’


‘And what happens to Sabrina?’


‘She was a mistake her and I are no longer together.’


‘Right now, the last thing on my mind is a relationship.’


‘Please,’ he pleads


‘Zach i____”


His lips cut off the rest of my sentence I melt into his kiss feeling a warm tingle as his tongue tangle with my own.


‘What the f**k?’ A familiar voice screams.


And just like that the kiss is over, we detach from each other and Zach steps back.


‘Zach? Zaria? What is going on here?’ he asks slowly walking towards us, the anger is evident in his voice.


‘What are you doing here Wesley?’


‘I asked you a question,’ he says


‘I don’t think I owe you any explanation,’ I respond almost immediately.



He looks at Zach, ‘You are supposed to be my best friend, why are you kissing my woman?’


‘She is not your woman,’ he says


‘I am not your woman Wesley, your woman is Lulu.’


‘I am sorry my man,’ Zach begins ‘But Zaria is the woman I am in love with, I have always loved her.’


‘What the f**k?’ he says his face twisting in rage and hatred.


‘I am sorry.’


‘How dare you betray me like that? Were you guys f**king even before we broke up?’


‘Oh lord,’ I shake my head, ‘Zach I think we should talk some other time and Wes I think you have over -stayed your welcome.’


‘I will see you later,’ Zach says


He leans in to peck my forehead when Wes grabs him from behind. As soon as Zach turns to face him, Wesley punches him in the face and just like that a fight ensues between them.


What sort of drama is this now?




‘How could you be this reckless?’ I ask Andrew


‘That man offered me a lot of money to sell you out if he gave me that money I would have used it to buy your freedom out of jail.’


‘You are stupid I shouldn’t have listened to you in the first place.’


‘How should I have known that he would have me followed?’ he asks


‘See where your love of money has landed us.’


‘This is your mess and not mine, I didn’t tell you to kill that girl.’


‘She is alive remember?’


‘And her father has vowed to take us down.’


‘We need to plead guilty when the case goes to court.’


‘And then?’


‘That will lower our sentence,’ he says


I shake my head I don’t think am ready for that.


‘Just think about it Oscar we have no choice.’




I have been in this filthy cell for a week and it feels like an eternity, this place is gross I wonder how people survive life behind bars. I must get out of here or I will die.




A gambling Heart

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