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-Episode Fifty three-




”No other love in the world is like the love of a father for his little girl.”




Mr. Nel


I drive as fast as I can to the address that Zaria sent me, my heart is pounding it is pounding so fast. I can’t wait to see my baby. Zaria is my entire life, she is my little star life would be meaningless without her in it.


‘I think it’s that gate over there,’ Precious says


I push the accelerator then come to a screeching stop in front of the gate then I jump out of the car and push the gate open & walk towards the front door, Precious is walking closely behind me.


When I get there I knock on the door waiting for it to open, it takes a while but the door finally opens, revealing an older woman in a long black dress. ‘What can I help you with?’ she asks


‘I am here for my daughter, her name is Zaria.’


She opens the door wide enough for us to walk in then she shuts it instantly then she leads us to the living room.


‘I will go and get her please feel at home,’ she says before she walks towards the stairs.


‘This is a beautiful place,’ Precious says




As we anxiously wait, I look to my right and see Zaria coming. I freeze for a moment as all the weight on my chest gets lifted and for the first time in weeks I feel happiness flood through my body.


Suddenly I lurch across the room and practically tackle her, ‘Oh my baby, I thought I lost you. I thought I lost you,’ I murmur into the damp nape of her neck.


She hugs me back, ‘I am fine daddy! I am fine.’


I hold her tightly as if my life depends on it, the moment is filled with emotions mostly scared and happy ones all roll into one. My daughter is alive, this the happiest day of my life.


She steps back,’ I perfectly fine! I am fine daddy,’ she smiles at me


I can hardly believe she my baby is standing in front of me at this moment.


‘I thought you were dead,’ my voice cracks with emotions


‘I didn’t die,’ she laughs


I pull her to me and hug her some more and softly say, ‘I thought you’d never come back to me, I can’t believe you are standing in front of me.’


I sniff and blink away the tears that are about to fall.


‘Daddy I am perfectly fine, I missed you,’ Zaria says before she reaches out and pulls me into a desperate hug. Then she pulls back and wipes the tears from my face, I didn’t even realise I had tears streaming down my cheeks.


‘Oh daddy, I can’t believe you are crying,’ she says


‘I thought I had lost my little girl,’ she pulls away from me and then I notice a man and a young girl standing next to each other.


‘Daddy this is Xandria,’ she points to the girl ‘and this is Xavier, he is the one who picked me from the woods and nursed me till I got better.’


I extend my hand with a heart full of gratitude,’ Thank you so much Xavier, may God bless for what you have done, how can I repay you?’


He shakes my hand and smiles, ‘You don’t have to repay me, I did what any sane person could have done.’


‘Thank you.’


‘You are welcome.’


‘We are glad to have you back Zaria,’ Precious says before they tightly hug each other.


We spend the next few minutes talking Zaria narrates what went on that day and how that stupid Oscar tried to get her to agree to marry him. That man will pay, he pressed the wrong button. I will make sure he never gets out of jail- no one messes with my baby and lives to tell the tale.






‘Thank you so much Xavier for everything you have done for me, I will never forget this kind gesture.’


We are standing next to my father’s car, ready to head back home. My eyes filling with tears at the thought of home and my girls, I really can’t wait to see them.



Dad told me about what happened to Yedda, I am glad she is getting better. I wonder how Melanie has been coping with this kind of pressure.


‘You are welcome Zaria, it was fun having you around,’ he smiles


I turn to look at Xandria and she has tears running down her face, staring at her gives me second thoughts about leaving, I don’t want to let her go but this isn’t my place, I have to go back home- back to my life.


‘Please stay,’ she whispers when I wrap my hands around her


‘I promise to come back for you darling,’ I console her as the tears start continuously pour from her eyes.


‘I don’t want you to go.’


‘I love you, don’t ever forget that,’ I whisper. ‘And I will miss you.’


‘I will miss you too Zaria, the past few days I have been with you have been awesome, you made me feel the warmth of having a mother. I will never forget you.’


Her words bring tears to my heart and I hug her tight. ‘Oh my darling. You will always be in my heart.’


She holds on to me tightly as if her life depends on it and I have a hard time letting go of her. When I finally pull away from her, I run towards Xavier and he wraps his hands around me.


‘Thank you so much for everything






I am holding on to her tightly, I never thought it would be this hard to let her go. I have had a wonderful time with her and we have become so close in a short span.


‘I will miss you,’ I whisper softly in her ears ‘I will miss you too.’


I wish I could tell her how special she is to me, I haven’t felt this connected to someone for years. Somewhere for a moment, I feel like I am falling for her but I can’t say it out loud.


‘I have to go,’ she says


I give her a tight hug and kiss her on her forehead before I pull back from her.








I get into the car and he closes the door for me. As the car drives off, I wave a last goodbye, tears roll down my eyes and my heart aches, it feels like I am leaving a part of me behind.


Precious turns and holds my hand giving it a gentle squeeze, ‘You will be fine.’ I shake my head and wipe the tears from my eyes. Life must go on.


We get to the hospital a few hours later, I want to see Yedda and dad wants me to get checked up- just to make sure everything is perfectly fine with me.






“Any news on Zaria?’ Yedda asks


I shake my head, ‘No.’


‘That fool must rot in jail he must pay for what he did to Zaria.’


‘The fact that her body hasn’t been found gives me hope that she could still be alive,’ I say


‘She is alive, I know she is.’


The sound of the door opening stops me from saying something new I turn my head towards it. Dad walks in followed by Precious then finally Zaria walks in behind them.


‘Surprise!’ she screams


I stand up and stare at her from head to toe, unable to believe she is the one I am looking at.


‘It’s me,’ she says



‘Zaria!’ I scream, I am afraid to touch her, what if I am just dreaming and she disappears after I touch her.


‘Earth to Melanie,’ she clicks her fingers in my face.


‘You are alive?’ Yedda asks before finally breaking down in tears.


‘Yes,’ Zaria says.




Tears begin to fall down my face and she hugs me tightly, I hold on to her.


‘Thank you Jesus.’




A gambling Heart


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