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-Episode Fifty- two




I wake up feeling sick, my head is throbbing and I feel gross. I am covered in sweat and my throat hurts. Xavier walks in a few minutes later with some tea and bread.


‘How are you feeling?’ he asks


‘My throat is scratchy and my head feels like someone is trying to saw a hole through it.’


‘I got you some tea,’ he says, ‘It will help you feel better.’ ‘Thanks,’ I say before taking the cup of tea.



I take a sip of my tea,’ I think I have overstayed my welcome, I need to call back home they must really be worried about me.’


‘You know you can stay here for as long as you want.’ I nod.


‘I will be heading to the town to get you the medicine that the doctor prescribed. You can call your father when I get back.’


‘Thank you.’


I finish drinking my tea and fall asleep again.


About an hour later, I open my eyes to Xandria staring at me. I yawn and sit up.


‘Hey, you are back from school?’






‘Nana says you are sick again,’ she says with a face full of concern.


‘I just had a headache.’


‘How are you feeling now?’


‘A whole lot better,’ I smile


‘That is awesome.’


‘How was school?’ I ask






‘My best friend didn’t come to school today, she is sick. School is always boring when she is absent.’


‘You have a best friend?’


‘Yes, her name is Lucia.’


‘Beautiful name.’


‘Do you have a best friend too?’ she asks



I smile and nod my head, ‘I actually have two best friends, their names are Yedda and Melanie,’ I say




‘They are more than my best friends, they are my sisters and I love them a lot.’


‘Are they as beautiful as you are? Do they have long hair like yours? Are they white like you?’


I laugh, ‘I am not white, I am coloured and yes they are as beautiful as I am maybe even more.’


‘I hope I meet them someday.’


‘You will.’


‘Do you feel like taking a walk with me?’


‘I wouldn’t mind.’


‘Let me just change my uniform and then we will be good to go,’ she rushes out of the room.


She is such a good kid, spending time with her makes me wish I had my own child, I hope it’s not too late for me to find someone that can love me for me, I want to have my own man and start a family.




I walk into the house and find Lulu sleeping on my bed she looks peaceful in her sleep. I walk towards the bed and shake her vigorously. She snaps her eyes open a few minutes later.


‘What?’ she says angrily


‘How dare you report me to the police?’ I scream at her


‘You assaulted me.’


‘Oh please you look just fine.’


‘I am not Zaria I will not allow you to mistreat me.’


I raise my hand to in a bid to slap her but she holds it, ‘You want to slap me again?’


‘Don’t involve Zaria in your nonsense.’


‘Zaria this, Zaria that? Won’t we have peace in this house? I hope she is dead,’ she screams


‘You are leaving?’


‘Leaving?’ she shots me a deadly stare


‘You are leaving my house, right now.’


She laughs, ‘I am not going anywhere.’


I grab her bag and start packing her stuff while she quietly watches, this woman is not even my wife yet and she is behaving like a lunatic, I can’t take this anymore, in fact I am so done with her.


‘I am tire of you Lulu, you need to leave. You have no manners whatsoever I wonder what I saw in you.’


‘I am not going anywhere,’ she pounces on me and starts hitting me, I push her off me, she stumbles and lands butt down on the floor. I march out of the room with her small suitcase.


‘You fool! Idiot! You excuse of a man,’ I hear her yelling from the bedroom.


I throw her suitcase outside and head back into the house for her. I grab her arm dragging her out of the house.


‘Stop it, you’re hurting me,’ she hisses


‘I asked you to leave but you wouldn’t listen, so I am kicking you out by force.


‘Leave me alone,’ she screams again trying to free herself from my hand but I hold her tightly.


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‘You will marry me whether you like it or not.’


‘Over my dead body.’


‘We shall see.’



The door is wide open, I push her out and she falls, at that same time the gate opens and two police men march into the compound.


Lulu begins to roll on the verandah while screaming loudly.


‘My baby! My baby! You have killed my baby!’


I look at the police men who walking towards us then back at Lulu this time around tears are even rolling down her face.


‘What’s going on here?’ the policemen ask ‘Nothing.’


‘This doesn’t look like nothing,’ one of them says before he kneels down next to Lulu, ‘Are you okay?’ he asks


‘He hit me again,’ she said in between sobs




‘Lord this is bullshit,’ I say


The other policeman walks over to me, ‘You are under arrest for assaulting your wife to be, you have the right to remain silent or anything you say could be used against you in the court of law.’


‘Officer this is a mistake.’


‘This is no mistake we caught you in the act, shut up.’


‘Step aside please.


I realize arguing with them won’t solve anything so I step aside and he locks my hand together above my head before clasping them in the confines of the handcuffs.


‘Should I call an ambulance for you madam?’ he asks Lulu


She shakes her head, ‘I will call my sister and she will drive me to the hospital.’


‘Are you gonna be safe.’







They drag me out of my compound into the van which is parked in front of my gate.




I am sitting next to Precious on the couch we are anxiously waiting for an important call from the police. My phone rings a few minutes later and I instantly grab it and answer without checking who is calling.


‘Daddy!’ she says


‘Zaria!’ I shout out almost immediately,’ Baby is that you?’




‘Oh my lord, Zaria,’ I say unable to believe she is the one on the other side of the line.


‘Where are you? What did they do to you? I need to see you.’


‘I am fine daddy, a Good Samaritan picked me and I have been recovering since then.’


‘Tell me where you are and I will come and get you.’ ‘I will text you my location.’


My heart is overwhelmed with joy I can’t believe I just talked to my daughter. A few minutes later, I receive her text and I instantly stand up.


‘I am going to get my daughter,’ I say


‘I am coming with you,’ Precious says


Grabbing my car keys we hurriedly march out of the house. I can’t wait to see my baby.




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