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-Episode Forty Three-






I step out of the car and march towards the door. I push the door open and walk into the house with queasy steps. My hands and dress are covered with blood & i still have the knife I used to stab her in my hands.


‘Trish!’ Maureen screams when she sees me.


I roll my eyes and try to walk past her but she grabs my hand, ‘What?’ I yell


‘What have you done?’ she asks with eyes full of concern. Sometimes I feel this woman cares for me more than my own mother.


‘Maureen please, just let me be,’ I whisper pleadingly.


‘My child,’ she says, ‘Talk to me.’


‘For the love of God, just leave me alone.’


‘Fine,’ she says


I walk to my room, I am glad mum is not home because I am seriously not ready to face her. I get in and lock the door behind me.


I stand in front of the mirror and stare at my reflection, I just stabbed someone, I have no regrets I killed her because she deserves it. Alex is mine.


Stripping off my clothes, I walk into my bathroom. I turn the tap on full and stand under the shower and let the water pound my body. Then I quickly wash the blood off my hands.



I soap every inch of my body from the tips of my toes to my head. I close my eyes and memories of the night flood my mind.


After I stabbed her the first time, she groaned in pain. I quickly removed the knife from the wound and then stabbed her again. Because of the darkness I had no idea where I stabbed her the second time but when she finally rolled off and kept quiet I knew I had done enough.


‘We have to go,’ the man I was with said


‘Do you think she is dead?’ I asked


‘Yes, come on now before someone starts looking for her.’


We jumped through the fence and ran across the street to where my car was parked.


‘She deserves it,’ I tell myself over and over again before I turn off the tap and step out of the shower.


Pulling a towel from the rail, I wrap it around my body and walk to the sink & wash the blood off the knife until it is shiny.


When I get back into my room, I grab a bottle of beer, uncap it and quickly gulp down a deep slug of it.


‘Yes! I killed her,’ I let out a huff of laughter.


An hour later, I am so drunk I can hardly stand straight I fling myself down on my bed and hide my face in my pillow.






As soon as Alex pulls up in front of the hospital, I get out, slam the door and run as fast as I can to the entrance. I try to get my breath when I get to the front.


‘Melanie!’ Cecilia calls as soon as she sees me.


‘I walk up to her.’


‘Where is Yedda? What happened to her?’ I ask breathing heavily.


‘You need to calm down,’ she says


‘I need to see Yedda where is she?’ I ask



Alex walks up to me a minute later, he gives my hand a light squeeze and encourages me to breath. I draw in a sharp breath and let it out slowly.


‘She was stabbed.’


‘Stabbed?’ My heart slams against my chest and tears flood my eyes. ‘Is she dead?’ I ask


‘She is still alive, the doctors are attending to her we are waiting for news.’


‘What happened?’ Alex asks trying to get as much information as he could


‘Both Yedda and I were working late tonight but she left earlier than me. I was surprised to find her car still parked next to mine two hours later when I stepped out of the building.’




‘I immediately alerted the security guard on duty and they launched a search around the premises. She was found lying unconscious in the pool of her own blood.’


‘Did they find the person who stabbed her?’ he asks ‘No,’ she shakes her head.


‘Yedda! Such a sweet soul, who would want to hurt you?’ I ask tears running down my face.


‘It’s gonna be fine,’ Alex says even though I know deep down she doesn’t believe those words, I can see the fear in his eyes he is as scared as I am.


I pull out my phone and dial Zaria’s line again- her line is still off. Where is Zaria when I need her the most?


‘Still off?’ Alex asks




‘Let me make a few phone calls and see if my colleagues can head over to Oscar’s house to check for her.’


‘She went to see Stephen.’


‘Well we can check both sides just to make sure she is safe and sound.’


‘Thank you,’ I whisper


‘You are welcome.’


I watch him walk out as he goes to make that phone call. I sit on the floor and star at the wall thinking of absolutely nothing, my mind is kinda blank.


Alex walks back in a few minutes later and hands me a cup of coffee. ‘Thank you,’ I say taking a sip from it. ‘I have sent someone to check on Zaria.’ ‘Okay.’



We sit quietly in that waiting room for what seems like an eternity, I feel like I am about to run mad. We haven’t gotten any news on both girls.


The tears in my eyes can’t stop pouring and my stomach is constricted into knots, I have a sinking feeling at the pit of my stomach, something bad is about to happen.


Eventually a nurse comes into the waiting room, ‘Yedda Dawson,’ she says


I quickly rise to my feet and walk over to her.


‘And you are?’


‘I am her sister,’ I respond


She gives me a warm weary smile, ‘Your friend is out of surgery and she has stabilized.’


I sigh in relief.


‘She is very fortunate that her wounds weren’t very deep otherwise it could have been fatal if she hadn’t been brought here on time. Luckily the stabs didn’t damage any vital organs but she lost quiet a lot of blood.’


‘Can we see her?’ Alex asks


‘Yes, though she is still unconscious, she might wake up between today and tomorrow.’




The nurse leads us to where she is and she asks us to walk in one at a time. I walk in first.


‘Oh my baby,’ tears start flowing down my cheeks again.



She is lying on a hospital bed hooked up to several machines. Her face looks pale and her eyelids look kinda bluish. Her breathing is slow and the monitor on the other side is beeping bit by bit.


‘I will find the person who did this to you. I swear I will,’ I say before I walk out. I can’t stand to see her in that state, my heart is breaking and as if this isn’t enough Zaria is missing.


‘Mwelesa, let your eyes shine on us, heal my baby and let Zaria come back safe and sound.’


Wiping the tears from my eyes, I walk out of the ward.


‘Are you okay?’ Alex asks when I walk out.


I nod my head.


‘You can go in.’


Before he responds, the phone in his hands vibrate.


‘Excuse me, I have to pick this.’




He quickly walks off.


‘You can go in,’ I tell Cecilia




Alex returns a few minutes later, he has an odd look on his face.


‘I have some bad news,’ he says


‘What could be worse than this?’


‘Both Oscar and Stephen are nowhere to be found, Zaria’s car was found flipped just off the side of the road.’


‘And Zaria?’


‘She is nowhere to be found, her bag and phone were in her car.’


‘Can this get any worse?’ I drop to my knees as my heart breaks for the billionth time this night.




A gambling Heart


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